1. Marlo just sat at that table and tried to plead kids are off limits right after going in on Ralph for the adoption thing. He ain’t right but neither is she.

  2. Being a plus one on this show would be a dream come true. Free food, drinks, vacation, and a front row seat to the drama without needing to participate.

  3. Kandi and Todd tag-teamed Marlo and she definitely deserved it. I feel like Kandi is the only one who tries to have genuine conversations with Marlo when it comes to her nephews. Coming at Kandi was the wrong choice.

  4. Agree - Kandi was honest and straightforward and pretty non-judgemental in how she tried to talk about the nephew situation, in that she talked about it from the kids' perspective and how Marlo's actions could make them feel. Marlo is a selfish asshole.

  5. What happened to our equal opportunity Bone Collector? The person who was on everybody’s side and therefor on nobody’s side. 2022 Sheree is going out of her way to be wrong.

  6. Sheree has terrible taste in alliances. She always manages to pick the wrong team. Over the years, Kandi has shouted her out and invited her to her home so I really thought they were friends. Her behavior this season has been really lame.

  7. Sheree is seriously so whack like girl, she waited for a felon for 2 hours in cold af Philly only for him to not show up. We're also 14 years into your joggers line so have some humble pie.

  8. I love Sheree but she ALWAYS gravitates to the worst people. It's not only her taste in men that is awful. She gravitated towards Kim's trash ass too.

  9. You do that as a means to introduce yourself. The proper response is to invite them to join you, or return the favor as a silent "thank you, no time to talk". They probably sent a bottle back and it just wasn't shown in the edit.

  10. The only thing I fault Ralph and Drew for is not talking to an attorney before announcing Ralph was going to adopt to ensure the father was going to terminate his rights. Other than that, I don't think it's as black and white as Marlo is making it seem. Even if Ralph isn't the father on paper, he's provided for JoJo and is raising him with Drew. It is not at all comparable to being a foster parent or a parent/guardian who gives up a child. Marlo was way over the line. She really has some nerve.

  11. Marlo is disgusting. She kicked her nephews to the curb as soon as she secured a peach. She brags about all designer clothes knowing her nephews are living in a two bedroom apartment with at least 5 other people. She offered them a stable home and then yanked it away when it was no longer convenient. She should know whah that feels like but she doesn’t care. She can’t comment on what anyone else does with their children.

  12. Marlo was trying to copy Kenya's reaction to her throwing her nephews out and she again missed the mark. She should apologize to Drew and Ralph but she will not.

  13. Marlo has no room to talk because while Ralph didn't adopt Josiah, he is still his father. Marlo accepted that responsability, sign those paper only for her to tell them to get the f out.

  14. Kandi giving Marlo the dragging she’s deserved all season... THAT’S ALL I WANTED! [insert Siggy lying down in a cross position here]

  15. Was it Sanya who was saying a few weeks back that Kenya was making Marlo throwing the nephews out about her? Is she going to hold Marlo accountable for making Josiah/Ralph/Drew situation about herself? Sorry but being a foster child is not the same as this stepparent situation.

  16. I hope Marlo realized that her nephews are the only humanizing part of her story. I get that she has a rocky past, but she’s old and successful enough to get the help she needs to become better. Now that she sent them away, she has no one cloaking the real her.

  17. But not even her sending them away.. but exposing their behavioral issues on tv is traumatizing! I strongly believe kids makes mistakes and CAN learn/grown/evolve and am worried that having Marlo continuously bring it up will stunt any of that progress.

  18. This was exhausting. Where are all the people who said Marlo deserved this peach? Sometimes a rookie can’t move to the major leagues, and each week, Marlo is proving that.

  19. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Marlo 👏🏽 needs 👏🏽 to 👏🏽stop. Coming for Ralph was not her place to do (even though his logic is flawed) and she needs to quit coming for Kandi and Kenya. Kandi only known in Atlanta?? Nah girl that’s you, only you and only ever been you. I knew Drew before I knew Marlo, knew about Shereé only cause of this show but she had more of an impact than Marlo, Kandi is DEFINITELY worldwide and so is Kenya. I’m assuming Sanya is worldwide with her medals so really what is Marlo’s claim to fame?? F**king a billionaire and not spelling a French word right?? Bitch gone, come back to the table when you do something with your life besides bussing it wide open for a dude with money

  20. Like you said they are all known and Sanya has especially been on the world stage as of late because she is now a commentator for international track meets. Marlo just attacks the people she feel that she can over speak and in essence talk about their lack of money, but we still don’t know what she does for a living.

  21. I don't think Ralph's logic is flawed. He legally cannot adopt Drew's son - the father has not terminated his rights nor has it been stripped of him by the courts. I think Ralph was intent on adopting him until the biological father communicated that he wasn't okay with it. Doesn't matter how much Ralph or Drew want him to if the biological father is saying no. IMO, it likely isn't worth pursuing legally to cause further disruption to the son.

  22. I live in France so the only two I knew before RHOA were actually Drew and Sanya. However I've been singing songs Kandi wrote for years without knowing it's from her. Kenya is also that icon so Marlo really has 0 room to talk. She is a sugar baby who hustled her way to RHOA after failing at the opportunity Kandi gave her.

  23. Marlo is blowing my mind right now ( I’m watching late)… I don’t even like Ralph but like he’s not saying he doesn’t love the kid- he’s saying the kids dad wants to be in his life ( I’m not aware- was the dad never present before this?) So he doesn’t want to step in and adopt when bio dad and kid have a relationship

  24. Todd being part of production is such an underrated interesting fact. Kandi has to be one of the most comfortable people on camera and I will not be surprised if she's going to end up as the longest tenured housewife ever, and it's so easy to forget she isn't OG, too. I wonder how much having Todd's background has helped with Kandi not letting the show take her down. So fascinating - loved being reminded of it tonight.

  25. I absolutely believe that Todd has helped Kandi’s image on rhoa. I’m not a Todd fan, but I do think their marriage has been mutually beneficial.

  26. I'm usually ambivalent about Todd/Marvin, but tonight he is my rose - along with cougar Kenya, and Kandi reminding Marlo who the fuck she is.

  27. It was shady and a lot of them act that way. However, I don’t think Kenya got soft spoken; she just acts like the happy go lucky Kenya that we occasionally see. Now with Marc, that was a different Kenya. That was Ken.

  28. Marlo is so beyond INSECURE. Ralph said something that triggered her and she instantly attacked him. When Kandi tries to remind her to be kind because of her current situation, Marlo feels humiliated and attacks Todd because she wants to even the score. Kandi one button is pushed and she goes in on Marlo not having a man because she can’t get one. Marlo is now embarrassed twice so she tried to get Todd to calm Kandi down. Todd was waiting to get even because Marlo just trashed him. Marlo ego is fully hurt and then she goes after Kandis accomplishment because she knows how much Kandi loves her legacy. And then they all jump on Marlo because Kandi is calling in her back up squad.

  29. I won’t lie when you’ve written it all out like that I feel a little bad for Marlo. She’s in over her head here.

  30. The way the women have attacked Todd's career over the years is plain weird. Yes, Kandi is a millionaire but she ventured out quite a bit from music when she got serious with Todd. He had a job before they got together and they have developed businesses as a couple. They just seem jealous that she was able to find "below her tax bracket" who isn't robbing her blind. Kandi is also more than her money so I wish everyone would leave her alone about it especially Marlo. She has no reason or right to criticize anyone. Referring to Kandi as a provider and not a mother was absolutely distasteful. She is bitter all the time from laughing about Kenya having a date for dinner to the attacks on Kandi, Ralph, and Todd. I do not agree with Ralph's logic for not adopting Josiah after he said he would BUT Marlo was once again trying to have a moment and it wasn't her place. It was also disrespectful to Drew, someone she claims to like as a friend. Please revoke her peach. Sanya only seems to be tolerable at her best and annoying at her worst. Her trip is beautiful but it was odd how she questioned Kenya about her plus one in front of everyone. I'm still living for "bitch, I'm worldwide" and Kenya wanting to go half groove because you cannot go full groove! I assumed her date was younger than 37 and I love how the drama made him flee quickly.

  31. Right! Todd was making six figures before Kandi. Granted it’s not Kandi money, but he wasn’t exactly a deadbeat. And it’s not like he just sits on his ass and mooches off Kandi. He works hard and as you mentioned has developed business with her.

  32. Plus it’s ducked up. All those women have money because their husbands were rich. Then their husbands divorced them and left them with what? Sheree was living in a townhome with air mattresses fighting Bob tooth and nail for her divorce settlement. Marlo had to date old skeletons just to get a townhouse where she eats on paper plates and probably leases her car! It’s not a flex to be with a rich man who takes care of you because that’s not sustainable. It shouldn’t matter what Todd makes because he’s Kandi’s partner. If anything it’s better she makes the money so she’s the most secure in the relationship. I hate when they try to come for her because it’s like what would you rather she do? She even mentioned once that she could and has dated men in her tax bracket, but that comes with a lot of problems! She could go be with an athlete or a musician, but they could cheat on her, never be home, etc. Todd’s not perfect but money is not the answer to everything!

  33. Drew is awful but…. I don’t think I hate her on the show. At least in group scenes. She’s like the annoying little sister that no one takes seriously. And it’s kind of amusing to watch them all dismiss her when she tries to have a “moment.”

  34. I loved the beginning of the season when they were all subtly shading Drew all the time. She’s kind of a playful punching bag on the show. It does work when it’s light and fun. I just hate when her internalized misogyny comes out, and when she tries to convince us to like Ralph while simultaneously pointing out how shady he is.

  35. Sanya: I don't want to have another child. Kenya not having a plus: why didn't you bring a plus one? BECAUSE! SHE! DOESN'T! NEED! ONE! Just like you not wanting another child.

  36. Usually when someone says "She thinks her shit don't stink," they don't mean it literally. But here we are.

  37. Am I the only that noticed that Marlo is attacking Kenya and Kandi for not being her "village" to help raise the boys? Like just because they don't want to you don't have to start a fight about it.

  38. That’s been my thing this entire season. She wants all these people around to help raise HER nephews but you constantly dogging out the main 2 you want to help. Make it make sense

  39. I’m honestly starting to dislike Sheree this season.. the way she just sits around and laughs with people who shit talk her “friends” is really fake. But as they say, a friend to all is a friend to none.

  40. Idk I like Todd. I would love to bond with everyone here over the hate for him, but I just like him. Kandi loves him and I trust her judgement. Also he’s just cool calm and collected.

  41. I also like Todd tbh. I think he’s funny and him and Kandi clearly love each other a lot. I’ve honestly liked him since him and Kandi started dating! I think he’s kinda stingy in comparison to Kandi but that’s not necessarily a bad thing…

  42. I like him, and I appreciate that they let us see their struggles in married life. I do think he’s still adjusting to “not being the bread winner”, but in general he seems like an ok dude.

  43. I like Todd, too. He has his flaws for sure, but IMO, he and Kandi seems genuinely compatible to me. I also think he has helped her expand her businesses quite a bit - she didn't do television production or restaurants prior to Todd.

  44. I’m easily manipulated so my opinion of his changes with the episode edit lol. But overall I think he and Kandi have a solid marriage and he’s a good guy, just annoying sometimes. On the scale of housewife husbands he’s definitely on the high side.

  45. All I'm going to say is that Sanya is such an hypocrite, she had such a big issue coming after Drew in front of everyone for really nothing however she doesn't say anything when she sees the way Marlo behaves. I'm so disappointed I was supposed to love her.

  46. I’m not team Marlo but I’m team DRAMA and anyone that can get Kandi to bring it like she did…. YALL I was E N👏🏽TER👏🏽TAINED👏🏽

  47. That’s why the women have been saying in interviews that Marlo even got Kandi to come to work. Lol

  48. It’s really confusing to me people who say Marlo shouldn’t have been FT. Like … I’m loving this season for the drama and it’s mostly for Marlo. I’m a huge fan. Do I want her to be the godmother to my children? No. But I definitely want to watch her on my tv screen.

  49. Like what about Drop it with Drew? Why would you openly admit to doing an unhealthy fad diet instead of you own program lol

  50. Todd has been waiting all season to remind y’all who he is. I know last episode didn’t show him in the best light, but Todd won me back. He’s not perfect but he definitely isn’t a gold digger. Him being frugal doesn’t equal being evil. Todd actually genuinely cares about his family and wants them to be successful.

  51. Being frugal *compared to Kandi, who supports her entire extended family*. Kandi needs a partner who reminds her to really think about her spending sometimes, because the woman has a HUGE heart and truly carries a village. And Todd isn't mad about it, it's just different from how he is so sometimes he needs to take moment to get onboard.

  52. Now that we have Sanya we do not need Marlo as the thirsty try-hard anymore. We have Kenya and Drew for dramatic arguments when we need them.

  53. She’s ALWAYS been incredibly bitter and envious tbh. Women like her are so unhappy with themselves that they have to try and dim the light of other women around them. She is projecting her low self value onto others and has always done so.

  54. Ugh I hate to defend Ralph but honestly I don’t see the problem with him not adopting his step son due to the conversation he had with his dad. Ralph doesn’t refer to him or treat him like a step child and the child already knows that he’s not his biological kid. It’d be one thing if the kid expressed wanting to be adopted but is a piece of paper really changing anything for the kid or is it just a matter of convenience?

  55. If Marlo knew anything about foster care, parental rights and terminating them then she would KNOW that Josiah's dad has to relinquish rights or the court has to find reason to terminate said rights. You can't just adopt your stepkid. Imagine how hurtful that would be to kids if you could just wipeout a birth parent because you want to.

  56. Am I remembering it correctly that drew and whatshisname told her son he was going to adopt him?? And now he’s backing out? Just making sure my level of disgust is correct.

  57. He can want to adopt him all he wants but if the biological father does not relinquish his rights or has not done anything egregious then the court will not allow the adoption. Courts really try to encourage family relationships with the biological parent(s).

  58. Marlo is embarrassing as hell - and always has been!! I used to like her because she was messy (almost in a Kenya way) but after rewatching a few older scenes on YT, she’s always been insecure and unable to control herself. Yikes.

  59. Dear lord, not Kenya loudly proclaiming she doesn't need a man - then hollering at the first random guy she sees and having him come to dinner with her. LOL

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