1. Her whole look is just such a clusterfuck. The individual pieces are very beautiful, but they DO NOT mesh together well.

  2. I hate everything from the armpits up - the Hot Topic weird gloves, the veil, the Marie Antoinette 'let 'em eat cake' hairdo. It's so odd to see a 50yo woman dress herself for her party like a teenager would.

  3. I put money on her choice of a white veil against a light pink dress is so everyone could read the ridiculous sempre insieme and the 2 hearts sewn on to the train of it.

  4. All she had to do was watch a few episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress" to see that they have veils that match the dresses. If she did a pale pink blush dress (and by the way, LOVE IT, it's a beautiful color), then she could have had a veil dyed to match it. The wedding industry can do almost anything, and with what she probably paid for it, you'd better believe they could do that.

  5. i feel like the episode of the office where stanley is yelling at michael about how when he does something stupid, stanley thinks there’s no way michael can top it, and then michael always goes ahead and finds a way to top the last stupid thing.

  6. As a Scrantonian, I’m always astounded how the Office always finds a way to makes an appearance in every group I’m in, even recipe groups ffs😂

  7. Oooh I love that. Why not just go for it, ya know? My mom had a pale pink wedding dress.

  8. I know it’s off topic… BUT I wonder how long there marriage will last??? Has anybody thought about that I mean seriously🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  9. I sincerely hope he is good to her and her children. Someone posted on another site ‘now the beatings begin’.

  10. Pink dress, white gloves/sleeves (idk what the hell they are), the crown, hair to heaven, a white veil, and off white flowers… the look just did not flow together at all. Her makeup looked stunning per usual, but I don’t think she hit the mark anywhere else. The dress itself was gorgeous and looked amazing on her, but with it being pink and mixing it with white and off whites took so much away from it. She could’ve done so much better!!!!

  11. Unfortunately it gets EVEN worse. Teresa was quoted in this article to E! News saying “I know my mom and my dad sent my boyfriend to me.” “I asked them to send me an amazing person and then I met him a few weeks later on the same street.”

  12. I like the color. It’s always cringing when a bride that’s been married previously wears white again. Her dress wasn’t anything special. Her second dress was a hot mess. I found the bridesmaids dresses to be much more prettier than hers. The gloves and the hair were atrocious. The veil was meh.

  13. I think I may have looked at the pictures for so long I just totally lost my mind, but I kind of like the pink.... (as a concept, still a zero for execution)

  14. The pink dress, the white sleeves/gloves (idk what the hell they are), the white veil, the crown, the hair to heaven, and the off white flower bouquet.. Everything clashes! It reminds me of an outfit for a school dance, where you put together any accessories you can find. It’s so confusing because she does have good style in her everyday wear and event wear, and she has 4 daughters to give her advice/criticism. But maybe this look was exactly what she wanted. She still looked extremely beautiful.

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