1. The internet says Audriana is 13. You know what I looked like at 13? A perm and lots of those little sparkly butterfly clips. Don’t forget the white eyeshadow. This is not fair.

  2. They could get their own spin off show and I feel like it’d be successful. More than any other HW getting a show.

  3. Gabriella literally didn’t move her feet the entire time.. nor the same smile off her face 😭 she was like, I am going to exit my body during this video because I’m so uncomfortable doing this LMAO

  4. Opposite - Gia is the far right! But yeah Gia is prob nearly 22 (I remember her 21st being posted a while ago) and Audriana is 13 but either of them could tell me they were 25 and I’d buy it. Even with heavy makeup at 13 I would’ve looked…13 😂

  5. I cannot imagine the trauma and bullshit these girls are going to endure in their relationships. Teresa and Joe are enough of a hot mess, throwing them onto TV has just made everything worse for them.

  6. they are honestly the most grounded kids I've ever seen in my life. Nobody I knew at their age was nearly as emotionally mature and stable as them. Sure they'll be fine.

  7. Can someone more current explain what is happening with the thick and seemingly rigid/heavy hem on these bridesmaid dresses?!?! What IS that?

  8. Lots of mermaid styles have that, it’s kind of a reinforced material so it makes the bottom of the dress really flare out in a circle instead of hang flat down.

  9. I feel like the girls (except Gabriella) all look like Tre at various times of her RHONJ life, Audriana is S1 Tre pre any surgery, Milania is when she got out of jail and was more pared down with the glam, and a bit more natural and Gia is her now

  10. I feel so damn old! Who else watched the episode when Audriana was born, when it aired?? They all look gorgeous, I hope they always keep their sister bond.

  11. Milania runs that house. Milania looks up to Gia and also needed Gia for rides and help. Milania is looked up to by Audriana and wants to do what Milania is doing. Milania's antics annoy Gabriella and Gia, but they can't stop her

  12. I love that Tre allows her dorters to be themselves. Gabriella has requested privacy throughout the years. Teresa and Joe have been able to meet her needs for privacy. Tre acknowledged that Gabriella is extremely intelligent. Tre and her dorters appear authentic on television. Melissa appears to force Antonia to be her little “mini me.”

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