1. Always a miss No exceptions, and never ok to give yourself credit for a spare you did not convert If it were me, I’d be looking for new team members for next season.

  2. It also counts towards your season average...if anything in a handicap league bowling the phantom team it's beneficial to take the miss assuming the blind is an automatic win.

  3. I bowl in a for fun(not sanctioned) league and we've made calls to allow others to get the spare in that situation.

  4. This is how i see it. If there is nothing on the line then I don't really care. I will correct my score for personal reference though

  5. You made the right call. Your team sucks if they were cool with leaving it. If they are cool with the ball bouncing out of the gutter, why not allow re-dos on the first ball? Where does the madness end?

  6. All it takes is one other bowler telling your league runner what happened and the whole team gets put on the shit list all season. If there's a formal complaint, USBC keeps that on permanent record and you can have your membership suspended.

  7. They won’t suspend you for that. I went all the way to national USBC for shitbags that we’re stealing money and they refused to do anything punitive and insisting on a “first warning”. USBC is largely a toothless waste for punishment.

  8. In any situation, bowling or otherwise, if the words "no one's ever gonna know" (or similar) are uttered, it probably means you're not doing the right thing.

  9. I would change it for myself without a second thought and I like to think anyone I bowl with would, too. Rules don't magically disappear just because you're bowling the ghost.

  10. If anyone saw a team ignore a gutter ball and count the spare like that it would get real ugly in any of the leagues that I've been in. No one likes a cheater. You were 100% right.

  11. It's an honor thing. I'm with you. It would be different if you were actually bowling the other team and they said "hey don't worry about it, just leave it marked" then that's one thing. I'm all for giving breaks when applicable.

  12. I'm sure if you guys were bowling another team and not the blind and the opposition had the exact same thing happen your team would be all over that shit.

  13. If people catch wind that your team did cheat and marked it a spare you’ll never live it down. The mark of being a cheater would always follow u and your team so good on you to squash it.

  14. So, definitely should be changed. It will affect (every so slightly) average. And on our league, you have to bowl within a certain number of your team average to win the game vs the blind.

  15. For a spare pick up 100% change it. It’s like 9-11 pins a spare. And can be the difference between winning and losing. If it’s like 1 pin, not a spare. Then I’m like who cares. But also in a usbc sanctioned league you should know what the rules are and to follow them or don’t bowl in it.

  16. Good mindset, but maybe a better way to convey it could’ve been taken. While their response was wrong and maybe coy or nonchalant, you definitely ramped it up a few notches by their reaction

  17. That's how you get the reputation as a shady team pulling crap like that and someone catches on. I assume this was during league night with all the other teams bowling? Most people assume you'll just take it out no questions. You easily could've had 3 or 4 people who saw the miss around you and just assumed you were gonna remove it. You don't and suddenly they're all telling half the league next to them you left the error. Good on you for correcting it or making them do it.

  18. Kind of… I was in a league (pre cell phone) where the asshole president kept fouling every shot because the shoelaces on his balance leg would trip the adjacent lanes foul lights. He did it about five times in a row and just told everyone to shut up and that he was fine. His team wouldn’t say anything and he was friends with half the league. Nothing happened, but the other half of the league labeled him an asshole forever and always. Some people still respect character. Who knows if anyone was paying attention… up to you on what you’re willing to accept.

  19. Def have to change it. However, there always is a part of me that believes that 'other' teams cheat when pre-bowling or bowling blind team. I know its not true -but it falls into 'every' team bowls their high game against my team. I find bowling the blind team harder mentally than a staffed team.

  20. If you’re in a handicap league and the game is already out of reach, incorrectly leaving that as a spare hurts your team because it drops your handicap. Correct thing to do is to make it zero. Always, no exceptions. If it touches the grey board it’s a miss.

  21. 3 of the 4 teammates on my team are real life friends and the 4th is a friends of two of my teammates and I've been around him before. I wouldn't call us "friends" but I am civil with him.

  22. Definitely change the score if bowling in a league, tournament or any competitive situation where opponents are involved, sanctioned or not.

  23. No, you was in the right. And you just called it how you saw it. If another team on the other pairs would have saw it. Then what would they have done? And then confront you for saying what was true. Blows my mind. Welcome to the bowling community. You will see and hear alot of this. Especially if you are the team to beat.

  24. I won't usually say anything if the other team does it, but if we throw the gutter ball we teĺl them to change it even if no one on the other team saw it.

  25. If it's something quick to correct like that, then you definitely should. Also depends if there is prize money involved. If no money is involved, and it's a situation where we're gonna have to wait a few minutes for the guy behind the counter to set a pin back up or something.....then I might look the other way. But it is cheating.

  26. My league is a fun one that is unsanctioned, so we’ll leave the spare but not allow a card pick up if playing poker

  27. You are never wrong for being honest about rules and standing up for what you believe in. Maybe your approach could have been softer but I would have probably said the same thing in that situation. I totally understand. When you are an honest person and someone forces you to be part of a dishonest situation it says as much about their character as yours.

  28. If it's a USBC sanctioned event, that's cheating. Tell your friend to suck less, make the 7 pin next time, and don't try to cheat. You have to throw a pretty violent gutter ball to get it to pop back out to hit a pin. League is supposed to be fun, no need to cheat.

  29. We team is new to a bowling leagues and had zero clue we joined a sanctioned, 34 week league. So every week we talk to the other team and tell them it’s our first league. Tell us if we are being dumb or breaking rules.

  30. Practice…take it all day. Sanctioned league…once the ball is out of play then the resulting pin fall doesn’t count. I think some people just don’t think it’s a big deal. It’s a running joke that gutters are like the sidelines in football…catch a ball out there and it doesn’t count…at least there’s no safety looking to tag you when you throw a gutter ball!!!

  31. You did the right thing. Also other teams probably did notice and you shouldn't put the burden on them to have to call you out or report you.

  32. You are correct just mark it as it is a miss. Its not really that big of a deal. Dont like the open frame? Then dont miss...

  33. Not sure how serious your league is. If it’s a serious league, you made the right call. If it’s not a serious league, then you should have let it go. Not worth the time and effort.

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