1. They're fun and are helping to keep the sport alive as all the boomers take their leave. They can make fun of me for not having a high Rev rate, and I'll make fun of them for giving up on 1H because they couldn't hook a ball in their first 2 weeks of trying because they cared more about moving a ball sideways 8in than the 60ft that actually matter.

  2. I experimented with two handed bowling for a while, and its not nearly as easy as it looks. More moving parts makes it more difficult to repeat, and can also be difficult to control if you can't match ball speed with the increased revs. I personally see nothing wrong with it. The object of the game is to knock down pins with a bowling ball and I don't think it should matter how someone does it as long as it's a legal delivery. I remember Pete Weber teaming up with Belmo for the PBA doubles tournament one year, and Weber is perfectly fine with two handers. Walter Ray is fine with two handers and even has a 300 two handed game to his credit.

  3. This. Also, if you do search through this sun for past conversations on this topic, I think the consensus is they both have their own set of challenges so they kind of met out even. I’m a two handed myself. My gf is better than me one handed with barely any revs tbh. But even tho I suck two handed, I still like it and think once I get the form down, it’ll get better. But it seems like it’s taking about as long to learn the two handed approach as it prob would learning the one handed release. If you look back, Two handers also struggle with speed. Like under 13 mph struggle. I can throw it 3 mph faster one handed. So yeah, it seems like there are trade offs to both.

  4. We joked about that, there’s prolly jealousy at play with how easy 2 handers make it look. But is that jealousy justifiable to say that they have an unfair advantage?

  5. Yeah I think the weird part for me personally is I don’t obtain any insight from such a throw. So watching pros really gets lame when it’s 2-2 handers going head to head. Which sucks because bowling viewership isn’t insanely high to begin with

  6. I mean the fact is it’s legal and it’s the fastest growing style of the sport. From an objective standpoint excluding my bias being a two handed bowler. If you take away this style then the sport will die very quickly as you will remove a lot of young good aspiring bowlers.

  7. I find it hilarious that the only people mad at 2 handed bowlers are people that are 50+ years old. Get with the times old man.

  8. I’m 56 and have no issues with it. I’m a one handed bowler. Honestly they have the same problems to overcome as a one hander. Lane conditions, hitting ur mark, ball speed etc. bowl against them often in league and they have bad nights just like anyone else and get hot just like everyone else

  9. This post happens at least once a month, search through the sub to find at least 20 this year with like 30+ comments each

  10. Ah my bad pretty new to the sub, I’ll defiantly check older posts for some opinions, if this is not allowed as a repost feel free to remove

  11. 2 handed bowlers are like single-length irons and jacked-loft game improvement irons in golf. They're relatively new developments in an old game that a lot of people have issues with for very silly reasons.

  12. Thumbless bowling cannot be banned because some people do not have thumbs lol. The only rule that I can think of to make two handed “illegal” would be to ban the use of a second hand AFTER the apex of the backswing. However the ship has sailed for any type of rule like this.

  13. Idgaf. It inspired a whole new generation of bowlers though and kind of revitalized the sport though so that’s pretty neat

  14. Seriously. I don't understand the disdain that they have for anyone who bowls "unconventionally". I've had my own run-ins with them, since I'm a 1-Hander, and no thumb.

  15. In my opinion, it is incredibly important for the sports future. Bowling can get a huge 2nd wind in popularity. Two handed lowers the entry level difficulty to get started and actually find bowling enjoyable. But on the pro level, it doesn't really make a difference, the competition stays the same. I'm curious to see how the tour changes over the next 5 to 10 years.

  16. You should try it. My son started 1H and it was working somewhat, but it was tough for a 6y.o.swinging straight. Now he is 12 , and has been doing 2H for about 2 years now. He has the 5 step down and legit form, opening up the lanes, throwing a pearl cover.He is rev dominant but is almost balanced , as he is fixing his timing and that helped increase his speed 1.5mph. Still needs to learn to flatten the hand for the 10pin with his plastic ball. His avg went from a 107 to 145. His friends see he's doing good and guess what? They started throwing 2H. I am an old school 1H with a 192avg. and gave it a try....no way in hell i can bend down and lift the way he can. I felt awkward and my hip, back and knee were screaming lol. He loves bowling even more now and now we are on an adult/child league. So bottom line is...to me, it's a great night out with my son, doing something we love together. I believe it is harder then 1H. 2H bowling is legit...it's not going away and it's fun to watch.

  17. I personally think 1 hand looks cleaner but I won’t shit on 2 handers. Unless they’re my friend ofc, but we always rag on each other

  18. Low rev boomer here. I don't like 2 handed, but that ship has sailed. The young folks certainly like it and we need the young folks on the bowling lanes to keep bowling alive. I don't like the rules about using all the holes on the ball or marking an X at the center of the grip for thumbless balls. Maybe I don't understand its purpose.

  19. It's mostly about tournament play and limitations on the number of balls you can bring. A ball with just 2 finger holes can readily be flipped over for a very different reaction, giving you the effect of 2 balls from just 1 physical ball. There's no equivalent to this strategy for traditional thumb-in bowling grips. Shortly before (and possibly triggering) the rules change there was something called a triangle layout where they'd drill three finger holes in a triangle so any two could be used for a delivery. That yielded 6 different reactions from a single ball. Search "bowling triangle layout" if you want more details.

  20. Tell your dad that he has until September 1, 2023 to submit a rule change proposal to the USBC and that it could be brought before the 2024 national convention the following spring.

  21. Doesn't mean anything to me. Honestly my 1H revs are more than most 2H's that bowl around me. The same applies for pros a lot of them are on par with each other except a few exceptions.

  22. Ask your dad if he ever heard of Mike Miller. One handed bowler with no thumb release from back in the day. Also waaaay back in the 30s, the proper release was with a ball drilled conventional grip with only the middle finger and thumb, no ring finger hole.

  23. At this point. Why even ask this question? Alot of people that have a problem with it. Doesn't seem to have the same problem with no thumb one arm bowlers. Why is that? That being said. I have no problem with it. They still got throw the ball and get it to the pocket. They have to do everything a one handed bowler gotta do. So really what's the problem? Bowl better.

  24. I'm in my 50's and still am thinking about learning to bowl two-handed. I've said this a thousand times but, I compare this to basketball. There are people who who said the slam dunk ruined the sport. Now, people complain that players shoot too many three-pointers. People tend to have a sentimental attachment to what they grew up seeing so, I take it all with a grain of salt.

  25. My wrist could not handle 1 hand, and i dont feel like wrecking my thumb everytime i try to bowl. Im gonna stick to my two hand LOL idrc

  26. He's gonna have to get used to it. My son and I 2 hand and the last tournament he bowled in, nearly half were that way. I converted to 2 hand when my son decided he wanted to try it. I have way more fun 2 hand than traditional.

  27. At the end of the day, we all have to throw an 8-16 pound bowling ball 60 feet and knock down 10 pins. How you get the ball there is your prerogative. A proper 2H release is one handed at the point of release, so they really aren't different in the end beyond not having to clear a thumb first.

  28. I mean, if it because he thinks 2 fingers and a thumb is the “traditional” and “the way it was meant to be played” then he’s wrong as well haha (no offence to your dad btw)

  29. I think fellow bowlers who think the two handed style should be banned because it’s “easy” have no idea how difficult it is to execute the approach perfectly. there is so many moving parts, your timing has to be perfect every time to have the accuracy, power, and revs. not to mention the fact that you arm can come way out to the side on the back swing (a lot of two handers run into this problem i think) leading to a lot more inconsistencies. i can go on and on about spare shooting being more difficult and about how a lot of one handed bowlers who switch to the two handed approach run into ball speed problems but to keep it short, i’ll stop here

  30. It has it's pitfalls. It masks deficiencies in people's games. It's the evolution of the sport. If 1h bowlers want to have competitors it's done a lot for that aspect of bowling. I am sure the old rubber and plastic bowlers thought the same about reactive resin too. What I notice at tournaments is the really good 2h bowlers control speed and are very accurate. I'm interested to see what the long term wear and tear is like.

  31. I started bowling a few years before the start of the 2 handed bowling trend, back then people who bowled 2 handed were just seen as a gimmick or people who prioritized Rev and hook over accuracy.

  32. I'm fine with it, as long as they are actually working on the technique and trying to refine it for them. I know a few that have great form.

  33. It looks easier for a young bowler to make a two handed delivery, so that’s good. I personally don’t like to watch though. Except Belmo that is. There’s something special about his delivery

  34. 2H made USBC take away weight/axis holes to level the playing field. At the end of the day…it’s about who knocks over the most pins with legal equipment. I’m a 1H dinosaur who has lost a few mph and revs…but what I know about playing the lanes…in my head to head league…I’ve collected some points against 2H.

  35. I used to be super against 2H bowling. I felt like it was just for people who couldn't figure out how to hook the ball 1H and had to"cheat" to win. But looking back I now just see it as an evolution of the game, I thought man this must have been how guys like Don Carter, Earl Anthony, Dick Weber, and Mark Roth must've felt going from rubber to plastic to urethane. And then the transition to reactive resin and synthetic lanes and custom oil patterns, changed the game again. As the game evolves so must the players. For me it's kind of amazing watching how it's changed the sport, for the better imho.

  36. I don't have a problem with it. On walled lanes it can feel like cheating sometimes cause it feels like they get way better carry, but on sport patterns they have to be just as accurate, and practice their spares just as much as everyone else. If they can beat me on a sport shot then they have my respect.

  37. I don't hate it, but it reminds me of the belly putter they used to use in the PGA. PGA did eventually ban their use. I wouldn't be upset to see it banned in standard leagues. It's still pretty rare to be honest. I bowl twice a week in two different houses. There is only one 2 handed bowler in either league. 100+ bowlers in each league too.

  38. Good insight, I was struggling to find a parallel in other sports but I think putting with your chin on the club is very similar

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