1. I know it sounds a little silly but I’m a bit skittish to do them despite needing to. I’m new and feel like everyone stares. I’m also always afraid the staff are going to say something but I suppose that’s also silly considering there’s a few teenagers lobbing house balls next to me while I’m overthinking the entire situation

  2. It’s tough, but after the first time, you won’t think twice about it. People will see you practicing, but 50% will walk and ask for advice, since they see you’re taking it seriously. The other 50% couldn’t care less, they’re just trying to have a good time.

  3. I pop in my airpods and go to town. If you don't have headphones or earbuds, just trying going to the alley when it's not busy if you're worried about other people staring. I'm also new and not good, so the drills are necessary. I find that doing 5 frames of no step drills and 5 frames of 3 still drills gets me ready to actually throw some real games.

  4. Yeah, it can feel silly, but it really helps. A few years ago I was in a casual league and one night my timing was totally screwed up, and I just couldn't get it together. Anyway, for maybe 3-4 frames I just did foul line or 1 step drills. The other bowlers looked at me a little funny, but it got me back where I wanted to be, and the rest of the night was good. Don't worry what others think; do what helps you best.

  5. But why do effective drills when I can just focus on how hard I throw and how many revs I have so I can post my stats and ask people what ball I should get?

  6. I do something similar. Except I do 4-5 games. 1st game I do a few frames of foul line then 1 step for a few then 2-3 for a few.

  7. Don't shoot strike after getting the 10 or the 7, go for the other one on the second shot, even if it's fallen. Otherwise you are just shooting 5 10s and 5 7s, instead of 10 each. There's plenty of time to work on the strike ball, that's what drills are for, and spares make 90% of today's game: on the long run, the winner is not the one who strikes the most but who makes their spares. We can all shoot a ton of strikes, but if you have a 5 bagger what's gonna matter is the spare.

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