1. A picture of the bottom and the markings will be the best way to determine the age of the bottle. Depending on the manufacturer that should tell you. Also the wording would date it from 1940s-1960s. If you don't know much about dating by manufacturer marks you can send me a pic of the bottom and I can tell you to the best of my ability. Super cool find!!

  2. I have one at the very end of the picture collage. Someone else said 1957 because there’s “57” on the bottom, and that’s probably right but I haven’t found a forum that can confirm what all the number placements mean. But it’s within the date range I expected.

  3. Screw tops, on whiskeys especially, can date earlier than 1930. When talking about blown bottles, ground lip screw tops were used as early as 1890. Other bottles similarly had screw tops (albeit usually in rare cases) dating back pretty early. Starting in the 1910s there was a large movement towards machine made screw tops, as well.

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