1. I’m not very interested in those. I have 3. I’ll see if any of my friends want them but otherwise I’ll leave them. I also left a few others…maybe ketchup bottles? Idk but I didn’t want those either.

  2. I agree: collect what you like, not what others say is valuable. What makes them valuable is that you found/dug them. I also favor small bottles, because I enjoy their shapes, plus I’ve more room for little than big.

  3. I like the smaller ones too. I grow lots of flowers With dainty stems and use them for vases around the house or give them to a friend with flowers in them. Also cut clippings from my plants and use them for long term propagation. Not in it for money. Just enjoy finding them and then researching them.

  4. This isn’t about money. I’m not selling them. I Perfer the non-milk bottles. 90 percent of them will be given to friends who like them anyway.

  5. Yup! We all like different things. I’ll collect them if any friends want them, if not, Maybe someone else will come across them. I’ve already got three of them and that’s enough for Me.

  6. The second bottle, back row from the left is Alka Seltzer, probably 30s/40s. Check the bottom, if it has an A-S then thats it! The bayer next to it is an aspirin bottle most likely from the 50s. I have a few of both of those!!

  7. Yes. That must be it. Thanks. I hadn’t researched that one yet. The bayer bottle looks like (if I read everything correctly with the makers mark and numbers in the bottom) , 1936 model. I found an old add that showed the same design, as well. The red cap one is a Hines honey and almond cream. Also dates to the early 30’s. Little brown one has no makers mark with seam to top so also in the 1900’s. Likely same time period. The tall Skinny bottles (one with lid one without) has a patent request made for that bottle in 1937 so those can age anywhere from that time on. I love researching these!

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