1. Sounds like an old dump. Pretty common in areas that are newly developed with residential properties. Could have been an old farm dump. What types of bottles are they? Is there alot of variety or alot of the same.

  2. Old whiskey bottles are what have made me the most money in reselling to collectors. Finding a small or short lived distillery ups the value. Lucky score of a backyard!

  3. I grew up in a subdivision that was developed in the 1970’s, was part of a 500 acre farm. We had two large late 1800’s-1900’s dumps that we‘d found and dug as teens around 1980. I considered them gold mines.

  4. Dirt roads were everywhere back then. People would go down a secluded road and dump trash off the sides. Super common. Also there were dedicated areas that towns or villages would dump their trash. Either way there's lots of history to uncover!

  5. How big an area are you finding them? How deep? Are you near a town that’s been around since the 1800s? You’re probably on a dump, or dumps, that a few people used, or maybe the whole town used. If you can find some old maps of the area, try to see where the roads line up with where you’re at today. Look for cemeteries, pits, or old mines on these maps. Around here, these and rail beds usually mean trash.

  6. The areas probably 10-20 foot radius with a real hot spot in the middle. It’s the woods back behind houses in my development, pretty damn close to someone’s house- almost as if they dumped them there. Some bottles were on the surface but really old, and some 5-6 inches deep. There’s so many more there, most shards. There’s an old farm built in 1856 ish maybe 10 mins walking distance away, but again, right behind a house up on a hill?

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