1. I just found another dump spit about 200 ft away. Yestefay I found one of the blue vicks bottle just under the leaves. I dug around today, not very deep but around a lot of space. And found the little brown Vicks bottle. Tons of metal , a marble and an old door handle. And sooooo much broken glass. How deep do you usually dig?

  2. Yes! I have one plant that’s been I. There for months. I will just clip the roots back a bit and it’s on a shelf. I won’t replant it. I will leave it. They have plants, feathers, bird eggs, ect in them. I LOVE my jars!

  3. Absolutely fantastic display. Dig deeper! Love the ink, white-milky, and cobalt bottles. Not sure if you should possess red-tail hawk feathers though……

  4. Oops. I “hunt” in the woods for feathers and bones, skulls (and now glass) so I just grab what I find and have many feathers. Thanks for the tip though. I forget there are laws about these things.

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