1. Whoa! Russell is more than double the size of our Boston. He is 20 lbs and feels like he weighs 200lbs when he stands on my chest demanding pets, I can't imagine Russell standing on me, it would crush me 😁. Russell is adorable. Good job on the 6lb weight loss big guy, but he's perfect the way he is!

  2. Russel Russel the love muscle! Man! He is double my boy weight, about same size though. My boy Velcro has had his metabolism changing her as an older buddy boy. He has gone up 2 notches in his collar since we got our baby girl Boston. He eat her food and gets more treats so he doesn’t feel like we love the pup more. He is getting chubber chubs.

  3. aww, this reminds me of my old girl so much its making me a bit teary. I thought she was big at 27 lbs but Russell would dwarf her! what a tank lol. reading the comments, it seems Russel has the same issue of being overweight + naturally big frame. sounds like you're having good progress! wishing you luck on his weight loss regiment!

  4. Whoa...and I thought my boy Louis (RIP) was a thick one at 26lbs. He dwarfs our dainty boy Tux who is 13lbs @ 3yrs old.

  5. he is on a diet, but he also just has a big frame. he used to be about 56lbs but he’s lost 6lbs! hopefully we can get him down to 45lbs.

  6. Yes you speak truth. He is unhealthy and that is a condition that will hurt him. BUT chonko and chubber chubs and pudgerino potato are cute words. And he is so cute still. Poster you need to feed him one cup of kibble in the morning and one cup at night. I have been free feeding Velcro his entire life. Velcro is 8 and his metabolism is changing and I have taken away the endless food bowl and he gets. 2 feedings a day now like i mentioned. We want pics and updates please

  7. If the weight wasn't mentioned then I doubt you'd make a point to call him a mix. Point out specific conformation that is NOT Boston Terrier as everything on this dog outside of stated weight conforms to a pet quality Boston.

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