1. Fourth owner of a Boston which was just passed around, even if there is a struggle and even if it takes a year to get some small level of trust; It is worth it. These guys when passed around will not trust but it's okay thankfully your's isn't biting (mine did) so you are in a good place.

  2. I’m the third owner of a Boston who is wonderful. She’s changed so much since I got her; and I feel like sometimes she’s finally the dog she is meant to be.

  3. Oreo is the only male among our 3 females dogs and cat. All my animals are rescues in one form or another (i have 2 guinea pigs as well). He has been snapping at the girls but slowly but surely is settling down. He hasn't bitten my husband and I.

  4. We have a third time rescue Boston. Seven years old. Bebop (original name) was a stud dog for a backyard breeder. Scared of everything, trusting no one. Four months since adoption, he still refuses close contact. Hope one day he will learn to trust us. If not, we will love and care for him always. Damn the people that made him so frightened.

  5. I’m the 3rd home of my baby girl(2-3) bandita she stole my heart at first sight. We needed each other we have matched perfectly

  6. His first owner crate trained him so as far as I know he slept in a crate at night - not sure if indoors or outside. Second owner had him sleeping outside, his canine brother was a Ridgeback. This being on a farm. Cold climate (though no snow). I was told he didn't get along with the Ridgeback and they were always fighting. I do know the previous owner (though not too well) so offered to take him when she let me know that she was looking for a new home for him. He's so sweet. A bit skittish but I know he'll settle in nicely. All my animals sleep inside and have their own pile of blankets and beds (2 of which have orthopedic beds due to spine issues). The only way he will ever leave this family is when it's his time to cross over the rainbow. This is now his forever home ❤️

  7. Poor little feller....take good care of him he'll be your friend for life.... we had a rescued female. She was a biter. She didn't like some people but she turned out to be a damn good dog. She died of old age last year. RIP Zoey....

  8. Oh look at this sweet boy!!! He’s so cute!! I wanna give him kisses on the head!! I love his brindling

  9. I love Oreo. It’s sad that he’s had 2 families already. I know that my Bostons have really bonded with me, and though they like other people, they are sort of one person dogs. Finn likes my boyfriend, but just prefers me. Poor Oreo having a person and losing his person.

  10. That is soooo sad how could anyone not be head over heals in love with this little pooch 😍😍So glad you will give him all the hugs belly rubs and kisses. Enjoy your new home and comfy bed Oreo!

  11. Not sure about the first home, but the second one he didn't get along with his Ridgeback brother - they fought a lot, so much so that one or both got hurt/drew blood. Glad he's here now. Only thing he'll be drawing is attention 🤞😅❤️

  12. My zo was a third owner Boston. Her first owner left her alone because he had a stroke right after he got her so she was in a crate 24/7 for about 4 months. Her second owner didn’t believe I’m crates and he couldn’t get her to quit peeing on the floor and scratching up stuff. She was always a little skiddish to me but loved my husband after she got situated! !!! It took months before we could trust her not to run off though and she would snap at you if you tried to get her out from under tables and such.

  13. He is the sweetest looking little boy!! 🥹🥹 thank you for giving him his furever home, all our well wishes are with you that he settles in fabulously 🙏🏻💙😍

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