1. So glad his welts went down. My one Boston always has a reaction to the Lyme vacinne and his face will swell up

  2. So glad things are better! One of the puppies in my girl’s litter didn’t survive an allergic reaction to her 8 week vaccines. Apparently bostons are at a slightly higher risk to allergic reactions to vaccines (I don’t know why, or the specifics.) but again, so so glad your boy is feeling better!

  3. My older dog is allergic to the Lepto vaccine so they give Benadryl before his shots now. We also waiting until Kessler was a year old before doing his Lepto vaccine

  4. One of my old Bostons had this problem several years ago. We had to start getting her pre-treated before her vaccines. Vet thought it was probably the Bordatella that did it.

  5. Same thing happens to my poor sweet girl with that combination of vaccines but it happens within minutes. Now we only do one at a time with a dose of Benadryl before.

  6. My boy also had a reaction to the bordatella immunization. Did your dog get the nasal spray? That’s what mine got. Glad he’s recovering!

  7. My Boston has this reaction with the distemper vaccine. When he gets them, we always do a Benadryl injection along with it and he’s good to go.

  8. Ours had the same reaction from her one year vaccine shots. They think it was the lepto. Poor baby looked identical in that last picture! It’s scary

  9. Oh my goodness, poor buddy, so glad he’s okay! My girl has a had hives before but not from vaccines; we never did find the source. So happy to see you feeling better cute boy! 💙💙

  10. My Boston had the same reaction to the 1 year vaccines. She gets a preemptive shot of Benadryl before vaccines now.

  11. This happens with one of my girls everytime she gets shots it's horrible, dangerous hives everywhere. The vet now gives her a pre- shot cocktail of benadryl and prednisone, we wait 15 minutes before any injections. Then she gets puppy vaccines vs adult vaccines and she gets them separately a week or so apart. A friend of mine also has a BT with horrible reactions, her vet said it's the Lepto in the vaccines that some breeds are highly reactive to and she was able to "opt out" of getting the Lepto in her vaccines. It helped her dog not have bad reactions this last time. Not sure if this will help you next time around, but hopefully it's a 1 time thing for your lil baby.

  12. My girl is allergic to vaccines as well. We give her half of a 25 mg Benadryl 30 minutes before her vaccine appointments. I request the vaccines be given first then the rest of the exam in case she does react we’d likely still be at the office and they could give her IV Benadryl which thankfully has only happened once.

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