1. She did the best. We had a really close call with her last spring and then our other Boston passed away almost exactly a year ago. I don’t think I could have live with losing both of them so close together. She fought so hard to stay with us when we really needed her.

  2. Oh nooooo, Spunkie💔 🥺🥺 I am so very sorry for your loss, I know you knew that time was precious but it’s always seems fast and unexpected 😢😢 I really enjoyed her posts and appreciate you sharing her life with us all. So many hugs your way and lots of prayers for peace and comfort during this sad time 💔🥲🙏🏻

  3. Dancing over the rainbow until ur paths cross again… head only up. I know it’s hard but I truly believe no BT would want their ma or pa to be sad. Head only up so she may shine brightly down on you. She was beautiful!

  4. I’m so sorry. I just joined for healing as we lost ours this morning. 14 years old. May your baby cross the rainbow bridge and enjoy everlasting peace.

  5. I’m so sorry. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone but it does bring me comfort to know others understand the immense weight of it. What was your pupper’s name? How lucky were we both to get 14 wonderful years.

  6. We lost our first Boston, who was also born in 2007, in 2014. I am happy to see that you had 15 years of memories with Spunkie!

  7. I know how lucky we were to get it that age. We had a few close calls with her over the years and I knew every day she still was able to be with us was an absolute gift. We were so lucky.

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