1. Being absorbed or not is totally not shinjutsus unique property. Ninjutsu and sage jutsu are also immune to absorption if they use chakra to guide natural elements and not attack using pure chakra. Kawaki explained it well in Boros fight. Only thing thats different rn is shinjutsu doesnt require handsigns and has a larger scope of possible abilities, some thats even beyond imagination

  2. I guess shinjutsu has to be explained more, I'm guessing it's like a more advanced senjutsu type of jutsu. Ninjutsu uses your Chakra, senjutsu absorbs nature Chakra and combines with yours to make new jutsu. Shinjutsu is just nature Chakra itself? Anyways Amada didn't explain how he found shibai, u less isshiki knew about him and he used that to make eida code daemon and improve isshiki powers?

  3. Considering that you seem to get shinjutsu from eating chakra fruit from the shiju tree, I would say shinjutsu does indeed use chakra. Chakra’s just an energy source that can be utilized in various ways. Shinjutsu would just be one of those ways.

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