1. Based on my own experience- Wellbutrin is good for energy it will get you moving and out of a black hole. However it did increase my anxiety and I couldn't sleep. I found that the most stable meds for me to be on were Viibrid and Lithium. An antidepressant plus mood stabilizer. So if you want to try Wellbutrin first and see how you do for a couple weeks and maybe add an anxiety med or mood stabilizer to help with it only if you need. I just couldn't do the Wellbutrin anymore because I couldn't sleep but I will always go back to it for severe depression and fatigue. The drugs I'm on right now are maintaining very well. Just my opinion if any of this helps you. Give it a try!

  2. Thank you for telling me your experience! I suffer from insomnia so I might ask the doctor for something I can take in the evening before going to bed. I just read so much about those meds and I feel like they could help me with many of my problems

  3. I just started lamoTRIgine and it's honestly so helpful for me. It's a mood stabilizer and I noticed times when I would otherwise be anxious and upset and with the medicine, my body would just be chill and roll with it. I know how it feels when your body just works against you and you feel so burdened. LamoTRIgine almost completely got rid of it and it leaves me with enough mental energy to solve my remaining issues. The doctor said that an overdosage will make you sleepier and there's the rare side effect of a rash but I haven't experienced either. Im really happy I could find something that works and feel normal. And whatever you end up taking, I hope you feel better soon.

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