1. I’ve been taking lithium for almost a year now for my dual diagnosis of bipolar and borderline. Honestly, it’s pretty great. I am a lot more stable, I hardly ever have suicidal thoughts anymore, and it even helps with borderline symptoms like splitting/being toxic towards my bf. There are seriously no bad side effects, of course there’s the issue of your kidney or liver, but that’s also why you get blood tested. It’s one of the most popular and safe drugs because of how effective it is with little to no bad symptoms and honestly if you wanna try it out I say go for it, but it’s important to know that everyone reacts differently to it and it might or might not be the right one for you. Only thing is you need to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated! Just for context i’m taking 900 mg. If you have any questions or anything feel free to DM me :)

  2. Many of my relatives have been on it and they all told me it made them feel extremely numb, like it the takes the caps off of the emotions. You still feel them but they are far less fragrant. Has that been an issue for you?

  3. I literally woke up this morning and one of my first thoughts was omg I love lithium. I was put on a very low dose last October when I was in the psych ward for SI and it helped so much. I’m on some other things too but this is by far the most helpful. I started having a lot of bad days and asked my psych provider if I could increase a little and we went from 150 twice a day to 300 twice a day. It’s still a low enough dose that I don’t have to get my levels checked but it’s soooo helpful. It seems to have very few side effects for me too, other than now my extremely pin-straight hair has been growing in slightly wavy. It’s not crazy but it’s a huge change for me. I kind of like it but I really wasn’t expecting it.

  4. I’m noticing a lot of people saying they’re both BPD and Bipolar while taking lithium. I’m only BPD and it’s been fucking great. I’ve been on it for a few months and it’s kicked my depression. I don’t know how well it’s worked for the BPD, I don’t really have a before and after comparison but I can tell a huge difference with my depression.

  5. This has been my experience as well. I’m not current diagnosed bipolar but I was before. I’m only diagnosed with BPD and lithium really helps the mood instability. Emotions feel manageable.

  6. it helped me a lot for a little while, i just got off of it tho. i was on latuda, lamictyl (idk how to spell it), and lithium for my bpd and bipolar and it worked great when i needed it :) it made me a bit zombified but i was on a high dosage.

  7. Does lithium give you energy ? Because I’m on Zyprexa and reading about that it makes you groggy and sleepy . I’m worried That these medications will just make me more tired and sad and miserable even though I’m already feeling that way not on them lol I just want something that’ll give me pep in my step make me normal

  8. hey guys! nurse here. i’m not a nurse that deals with lithium however, i learned a lot about it! can be very toxic if not monitored frequently! just remember to increase ur sodium intake! too much sodium makes lithium ineffective but too little sodium makes lithium toxic! so increase ur sodium and fluid intake! also please remember to where a condom if engaging in any sexual activity because lithium is very toxic to the fetus. and please make sure to watch out for any toxic effects like vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, etc. i’m sure all of you have been discussing this with ur health care provider but just wanted to make some extra pointers and keep everyone safe! always talk to ur provider if you feel uncomfortable or have any questions! i have heard great things about this medication and has worked for so many people but don’t feel discouraged if it doesn’t work for you! also remember to give it time to start being effective!! :))

  9. also to add to that, lithium is a sodium wasting medication which is why an increase in sodium is important! and having an adequate intake of water is also important! the medication will make you very thirsty and will make you urinate a lot which is why the sodium intake is important!

  10. The only sensations I felt on lithium were crippling nihilism and adhedonia, which led to my only sincere suicide attempt. -100/10, personally wouldn't recommend if it were the last med available.

  11. Lithium is a great option! I would recommend though checking liver and kidney values at least every 4-6 months as lithium can be hard on the liver and kidneys, especially when playing around with dosing. In the meantime, I hope it works for you! Please keep us updated on how it's going!

  12. i was on lithium for 3 years. i’m now discontinuing its use (with the help of my psych). it helped for a while but all my medication tends to plateau.

  13. i can’t take it because of medications i’m on for IIH. it’s important to look at what meds interact badly with it.. the list is very long.

  14. I took Lithium for a year after seeing other doctor. What can I say is Lithium didn’t do anything much to me especially in helping me to regulate my moods. I feel the same with or without Lithium. That’s how I know I have BPD alone, not comorbid Bipolar.

  15. I’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience. Lithium can help BPD symptoms. I’m not currently diagnosed bipolar at all. I’m on it for BPD mood instability and it helps me

  16. Made us so fucking thirsssttyyy Chugged like 3 gallons a day and pissed like 15 times a day on it. Didn't work for us, but the thing is meds affect everyone different. Your doc/a toxicologist/ pharmacist would be able to estimat3 dosage bestest for you. Good luck love

  17. Been taking it for about two years. Has helped SI a little bit but that's about it. But then again it's the only drug to have any positive effect on me. Peeing a lot is annoying so are the blood tests

  18. I've been asking my mom if I should try Lithium for years but she says it's extremely strong so I'm apprehensive...Idk, I'm kinda like to try it though. Prozac doesn't do much for me these days. That being said, I'm shit at remembering to take my meds.

  19. I took it for three months. Worked well for my moods but I gained 60lbs in that time and had to get off of it for that reason.

  20. Increased my dosage slowly over 2 months and it's finally starting to work. I also take it with viibrid now. No side effects other than nausea from the viibrid and peeing from the lithium. Try the lithium for at least a couple months if it's doing nothing for you because that's how long it took for it to help me.

  21. I have taken it before. It gave me a tremor and made my psycho motor agitation worse. So I stopped taking it. I think maybe it improved my mood a bit but wasn’t worth it cuz of the other stuff.

  22. Please always take your lithium with food. I didn’t and now i have long term gastritis. Also drink A LOT of water because its literally salt!! Mentally it made me a lot angrier and im not usually someone who gets so angry, i struggle more with sadness and anxiety. Had to come off it after a few months.

  23. I took it for almost a year. I already felt positive effects after a couple of weeks - less mood swings, a lot calmer, more stable and HAPPIER. It really helped me tbh, I liked it a lot. I went off it after like 10 months because I did gain some weight and I couldn't stand looking at myself im the mirror anymore (I used to be anorexic so maybe that doesn't help either) and my hair started falling out really bad and my hands were constantly shaking which sucked because I'm a nurse and have to do a lot of like precise manual work. But if it wasn't for the side effects it would be really good stuff!

  24. By no means I want to discourage you but my experience with Lithium was pretty shit. It did help with the symptoms of BPD at first but in the end it numbed me down to the point I would hardly feel anything at all.

  25. I took it for three months with valproate. Made me numb as heck but ended (for the most part) my suicidal ideation.

  26. i loved it but i got lithium toxicity. i thought it was bc i accidentally took 2 pills in one day but my psych said that wouldn't happen so i'm not really sure how i went toxic. i am on lamictol now and i feel pretty much as stable/good as i did on lithium.

  27. Been on it before Make sure you drink water and if you drink caffeine or alcohol(yes I know don’t drink with psych meds) make sure you drink enough water. You might get/notice a mild tremor, drink more water. I’m sure they went over the warning signs for toxicity. And don’t be afraid to advocate for your blood tests to make sure you’re in a good range for therapeutic dose. My psych wasn’t great so I had advocate for myself for blood tests. It can be really helpful for mood stabilizer. Helped me short term for suicidal thoughts and stuff too, long term (like 3 years in) it stopped being as helpful and we even upped the dose as far as we could so don’t be afraid to speak if it’s not helping or you fall back down a hole.

  28. LOVE IT! I’ve tried every single mood stabilizer, at least 6 antipsychotics, and it’s working really well for me. Of course I still have symptoms but it’s more manageable. Some side effects but nothing too severe. STAY ON TOP OF BLOOD WORK! Make sure your doctor does regular blood work (1-3 months, it’ll be more frequent in the beginning when starting). Also stay hydrated and if you workout or sweat a lot, drink electrolyte beverages.

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