1. Yes. I give willingly to others what I can't give myself. Don't call me to hang out spontaneously, but I'll help you move.

  2. I'm a service provider of many forms for a reason. (Sex work, hospitality, food service, catering, customer service... I have done it all.)

  3. Yes, i do love making others feel good and feel loved. I think it stems from the fact that we haven't felt genuinely loved all our life, we miss it, we want it but none would know how to give us the attention and love and care that was stolen from us and this lack of love and emotional support has heightened it's necessity for us. it's necessity for us has been increased by 100x, it's why we are able to feel empathy, love, kindness, anger, rage 10 times more than the others. Isn't that what each and everyone of us face? Too many emotions that shake us up at the slightest touch? So yes we love others and care for others too much because we know the value and importance. And we genuinely want to show them the love that we lack from everyone around us.

  4. People pleasing is when you give up your self interest and your self respect routinely for the sake of keeping people happy with you. If you feel good for helping other people and it makes you feel good about yourself, that's not people pleasing at all!

  5. Absolutely! I play this game called Warframe, and new players are nearly always in the chat asking for a bit of help with stuff, so if I've got the energy (I usually do), I'll message them and offer to help. Ngl, that one thing I was asked to help with usually ends up with me playing with them for a few hours, or with me giving them some useful mods to help them along their way, and always with me giving them some game advice in the chat :) There's also a marketplace where you can buy stuff with one of the in-game currencies, and sometimes when I've had a good time playing with someone in a squad, I'll check their profile for a wishlist and gift them something from it :3c I like the idea of them being logged off for the night and coming back to a lil surprise gift :D

  6. It's what i'm most skilled at, socializing and making people laugh, at the same time when I'm alone at home, I don't have the energy to get out and see people, lol.

  7. I love love-bombing (sometimes). And it took me a while to realize it was something that most people would find especially uncomfortable or even creepy. But I don't mean to say that's what happening with you. It was just something related to making others feel good.

  8. All the time and I think it’s the instant validation part that I get from strangers and acquaintances alike, that are at the receiving end, that makes me naturally a helper or a good listener or a resume editor or solution finder. I love it when people find me valuable or worthy to spend time with.

  9. I thrive off of making others feel good. My son was stillborn so now I help families with infant and pregnancy loss and I go to hospitals when babies pass and do photographs and make sure the families have something look back on of their baby and have love and light of meeting them despite being such a tragic event. It feels great knowing I can help ease the pain of others

  10. This is hubby's love language, acts of service. And that's hard for me because I need the touch* one, and he's always not here! (working as usual! Lol!)

  11. Yes💖💖💖 i love making others feel amazing. 🤩well i try my best too. Especially when I worked at a crisis center. There were a lot of mentally ill/addicts/homeless/jail birds who came through and i loved to do simple things for them. Knowing they were there for obvious reasons.. mental health crisis.. it made me feel good to kno I could make even the slightest positive impact on their day if i could. Even if all i could do is smile at them.

  12. I’ve been a line cook for the last 5ish years. Last year, got a job as a supervisor at a cupcake shop. I forgot how much love schmoozing with customers. I love making other women feel good about themselves with complements.

  13. Sending out this kind of love is a big part of Tonglen meditation. By sending out compassion to others, you are loosening the bonds of selfishness that comes with identity and the “I.” You become less concerned about your needs, and you see everyone as some who is suffering and who needs your compassion.

  14. As a boy, general or normal human nature — including that aspect involving one person’s pleasure derived from another’s misfortune — bewildered and scared me; as a teenager, it frustrated and tormented me.

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