1. I love the wine train one. The one when Bob chaperones the museum field trip. Pretty much all the Halloween ones but especially the haunted house to scare Louise, and the one where Dr. Yap steals the candy. The first episode is always a classic. The one where Bob drives Edith around stealing quilt squares. The one with a cookie mole in the thunder girls troop. Honestly 75% of the show is my favorite.

  2. Ear-sy rider for sure, also happens to feature the voice of one of my favorite comedians, Kyle Kinane. "I remember it was spring because the azaleas were in bloom".

  3. I really love Bob Actually. All the story lines are super entertaining to me. I even remember my first viewing of it when Louise kissed Rudy and my jaw being completely on the floor lmao. Fantastic episode.

  4. A lot of these are in my "best of the best" list, but my number one favorite is "The Hurt Soccer". Its just perfect. It showcases the best characteristics of all five of the Belchers as well as Teddy. (Bob's devotion to kids even when confused, as well as treating them like real people; Louise's coming through for the team when she realizes they need her and her blasé attitude with the soccer star from the other team; Tina's wanting to be needed as Bob's assistant; Linda and Gene turning the restaurant into a piano bar, and Teddy trying so desperately to be part of the family.) Both stories in this ep were equally enjoyable and just a really enjoyable treat.

  5. I absolutely love the pilot. I’ve probably watched it 50 times and still laughs at the same parts. The “my crotch is itchy” , to “count how many toothpicks are on the floor game” The child molester. And the whole scene with the kids. Fat kids get molested too.

  6. I can quote almost all of S:1 E:9 ~ Spaghetti Western and Meatballs. My favourite there’s just so many funny parts in it.

  7. Dawn of the Peck is my all time favorite, the turkey baster scene was absolute gold. But it speaks to how good the show is that like 40 other people have said different episodes (at the time of this posting) with a case to be made for each one.

  8. I've only known two tv shows where the pilot is one of, if not the strongest episode: Bob's Burgers and Corner Gas

  9. Not one episode in particular, but I can’t help but love any episode where it rains. I grew up in South America and it rains a lot. Currently living in Phoenix, AZ where it’s almost always blue skies, and the rainy episodes of Bob’s Burgers somehow make me feel like back home ♥️

  10. Moody Foodie. I’ve watched it so many times and its a guaranteed laugh from beginning to end for me. I also really like Sheesh Cab Bob! and Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks.

  11. Mutiny on the windbreaker, Dawn of the Peck, the kids rob a train, The Hauntening, flu-ouise, the bleakening, last gingerbread house on the left, wolf of wharf street, land of the loft, die card or card trying

  12. I got several Tinasaurus Wrecks, The Movie, The Kids Rob a Train, Lice Things are Nice, The Secret Ceramics Room of Secrets, Into the Mild, Bob Belcher and the terrible horrible no good really bad kids, Now We're Cooking With Gas, Legends of the Mall, the movie, Taking Fun Time 1,2,3, Crawl Space, Fast Time Capsules at Wagstaff School, The Frond Files, Fort Night.

  13. I love the quirky turkey episode; Bob, actually; and crawl space as I think those are all the funniest episodes in the series

  14. Flu-ouise is so good! Kuchi Kopi is easily one of my favourites. I also really love Teddy in that episode too, Moomalooma! Gets me every time!

  15. Mines when they go to find the two butted goat. It’s such a child like adventure and gives my nostalgia from when I was younger

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