1. I keep telling people, they are coming for birth control next. BC was illegal up until the early 70s. On the way they may pause at reinstating the Mann Act or restoring miscegenation laws. Coming soon to restrooms and drinking fountains near you ...

  2. I keep telling people, they are coming for birth control next. BC was illegal up until the early 70s. On the way they may pause at reinstating the Mann Act or restoring miscegenation laws. Coming soon to restrooms and drinking fountains near you ...

  3. Unless you have an ectopic pregnancy. Or you don’t want kids/more kids. Or you don’t have a miscarriage. Because miscarriage is about to become a murder offense in my state (yay for LA HB 813!)

  4. The thing is the don't actually want women to stop having sex they just want to shame them when they do do it.

  5. I think they see it as a win-win. More STDs mean more money spent on meds/medical care. More children mean a larger exploitable workforce. The economy can only benefit, right? Smh

  6. This is the real reason. They will make a ton more money treating STDs than preventing them. Plus, it’s just another life obstacle to put in front of poor people to keep the them poor and the rich rich.

  7. From a moral standpoint, they believe that the only people who will get STDs are dirty sinners, and that it’s some form of divine judgment. They want people to get sick and die.

  8. Their voters believe this. The people in control literally dont give a shit about any religion. It’s about power and control.

  9. Might be our last shot at voting and having it matter at all. They’re coming after voting rights too.

  10. Lol the democrats are much, much better. They don’t even have to be good to achieve that, it’s like choosing between plain white rice and arsenic pills.

  11. There is no sexually transmitted disease in Ba-Sing se. sending thoughts and prayers out for stds. Now I know why Prince was warning us that 1999 was the end of the world. The clock is going back and let’s go crazy.

  12. Remember when the Gardasil (HPV) vaccine was introduced? Some of these nuts twats honestly said they will not have their daughters get the vaccine bc it would promote promiscuity in teens. How the fucking much do you hate your children that you’d think the possibility of them developing HPV-induced cancer is a just punishment you think of as just for having sex. And did it ever cross their mind that not every sexual encounter is consensual? I despise these ppl with a passion.

  13. I had a former coworker just randomly tell me that he'd never let his daughter get the HPV vaccine because he said it was inappropriate and would make her infertile and it was a conspiracy to wipe out black folks. Later on in this convo that I did not sign up for, he let me know that it's ridiculous that some women think they can say no to sex once they're in the bedroom. Later, he tried to ask me if I wanted to go out with him :|

  14. And the hardcore christians wonder why people hate them, trying to drag the entire country into being their idealist judeo christian state by force

  15. I’m not gonna be surprised when they say that tying your tubes will be illegal too. Are they not concerned about overpopulation & shit??

  16. We aren't having enough kids to support their spending so they need more people to tax. Social security took a big hit due to "early" retirement from the pandemic so things just get worse really. Who knows, one day we might get taxed for not having a kid.

  17. They think declining birth rates are a plot to commit genocide of white people so that’s where their concern is at.

  18. Not really. Overpopulation isn’t a thing and it never really was. It stems from the misconception that every country started their industrial clock at the same time. They all didn’t. America had its baby boom back in the 40s & 50s, other underdeveloped countries are having their baby booms now-ish. People who study population for a living have generally said that the human population will level off at around 10-12 billion because as countries develop, their birth rates often tend to drop. It’s why you see some Americans freaking out that people aren’t having enough kids and in some countries, I can’t remember which off the top of my head, they had incentive programs that were trying to pay people to have kids. And as for food, we ALREADY produce enough food now to feed about 10-12 billion, the problem is that now, we end up just throwing a lot of it away because the main problem isn’t producing it, it’s transporting it. We don’t really need to worry about population, the real issue is probably going to be more “how are we gonna meet the energy demands of all those people”, and not “where are they gonna go and can we feed em.”

  19. So glad the white house press secretary told people not to protest at these peoples' houses, instead of sending a message of a fucking plan to fight this. I promise you I'm not carrying a baby, I will witch chemist that thing to heaven.

  20. They will outlaw sex outside of marriage if they get the chance. Vote blue, even if the blue candidate sucks, because you don't want to reward red this year.

  21. Western Christian sex values. It's all to control people's sex lives. Learned it all the way through Catholic school when I was younger. Non-procreational sex to them is the devil's work so they want to outlaw any kind of sex that doesn't result in childbirth.

  22. Just saying here cause I hope someone sees this. Should it come to pass anyone can PM me for a pack of condoms and I will send them to you NO QUESTIONS ASKED. I live in California and feel pretty safe that this will be a stronghold for reproductive rights.

  23. The thought process is that people with STDs are tainted and anyone who would have sex with a tainted person deserves an STD. You must save yourself for your spouse and you better be a virgin. Don't try to apply your own intelligence or compassion to any of their actions.

  24. A lot of comments here but I haven't seen one say that this is seriously a thing, with any legs outside of this tweet

  25. What the hell is going on in the USA? Seriously, lately everything your so called "leaders" are doing seems to be great examples of things bot to do in a functioning democratic society.

  26. They'd never ban condoms because men choose to wear them and we are entitled to as many sexual partners as we wish in their eyes. They'd ban the pill, IUDs, and any other methods women use because they are harlots like Bathsheba whose beauty tempted David. They must be punished for using their bodies to illicit uncontrollable emotions from men and if we are forced to rape them then they should suffer the natural consequences of such Jezebel-like behavior.

  27. Women of America, do you really need a man to satisfy your sexual needs? And aren’t there better ways, without the risk of std’s. Buy a sex toy😉

  28. It really is crazy that they’re trying to erode private citizens private decisions about their own reproductive health. The party of small government is just reaching way too far.

  29. They want AIDs to become rampant again and wipe out gay people. They want more babies to be popped out. They want us to become poorer, so they will drown us in medical debt.

  30. so to combat national infrastructure issues, the environment issues we’re facing due to over population, and the defunct government/scotus, the US is now trying to push US to a baby/STD riddled state of being? backed by conservative christian zealots? so we just decided that the separation of church and state is no longer plausible?

  31. The idea is to prevent people from having non-procreational sex. Anything done along the lines to get there should not surprise people. I imagine the next step would be to either criminalize unmarried sex or lower the age of consent for marriage.

  32. It’s all fun and games until someone’s daughter gets pregnant and has to go away for an ‘extended trip’ to get an abortion

  33. I just wanna know what their end game is here. They wanna ban birth control and condoms and abortion. But men are allowed to walk away from kids they made because they “never wanted a baby”. Like what?

  34. "if you don't have any sexual contact outside a honest monogamous relationship you won't get an STD and if you have a STD outside this narrow specific definition then you shouldn't be giving it to anyone else."

  35. These dumb fucks are just saying things to get people all fired up. Like the post about women don’t need sex so we should keep our legs closed to not get pregnant. Sure let’s do that and see domestic violence go through the roof. But they don’t care anyway. Sad sad time we are living.

  36. I get my birth control from an app and they have sent me a few emails about emergency birth controls and all that stuff since this mess has been going on. I live in New York and I know I'm fine but I still feel the need to hit them up and ask for plan b just for comforts sake.

  37. If you have sex with more than one partner in your life then you're clearly a whore and deserve to die. Gotta punish anuone who doesn't live those Christian conservative values!

  38. Running low on wage slaves. Force everyone to have kids so when they can't afford them they just go into the neat little system and grow up in jail or low wage earner with low education. Win win for the rich.

  39. Maybe consider the opposite so our descendants will be able to defend themselves competently when the country go full mad max?

  40. The thing is they don’t care. Don’t think that they care if people get STDs, or if women die, they don’t care. They would rather have control than worry about the health of others because they know any ban would not effect them. Anyone with enough money is not effected by any law.

  41. They are some of the dumbest entities imaginable. They have the thought process of a spoiled can of condensed milk and are just as useful.

  42. Ain’t anti-biotic resistant syphilis on the rise too? Guess I’m gonna truly have to find a way into Canada.

  43. Wait, what? How do you ban condoms but not guns? I'm sorry but if I'm getting arrested for having contraband condoms, I might get killed for fighting that bullshit.

  44. Wait hold ladies and gents im lost and havent kept up with current events. Are they really considering banning condoms?

  45. Their logic is you don’t have to worry about STDs if you are only having sex within the confines of marriage. STDs are a fair punishment for fornication in their minds.

  46. According to my Christian education, you only get STDs from unmarried or gay sex and condoms don’t work half the time anyway. Add a little “women are property” thinking and getting rid of condoms still doesn’t make sense but it’s close enough to a reason for some people.

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