1. I hear its very hard for Ukraine to raise war bonds for retail investors because of regulations in all the countries - how about selling crypto war bonds for crypto investors, all over the world, who want to support by investing in Ukraine military needs? Doesnt have to be large amounts maybe .01 of a btc? Right now institutions can buy Ukrainian war bonds at 11%? How about offering it to retail crypto investors?

  2. I've been toying with some code to receive signed transactions as a digital radio signal and broadcast them (to the BTC network). You could also attempt to send back a confirmation to the person who tra nsmitted the transaction.

  3. I think that the legalization of bitcoin is the right step to preserve and maintain the economy. I think it is also necessary to legalize Tether as a legal tender.

  4. I dont think starlink is perminant censorship resistant solution. What happens when it is possible to region block or cave to pressure from the state? More like mesh networks being the answer.

  5. So wrong so false… Fucking wars destroys everything and fucking “ investors “ get rich in the back of people. And here it is a discussion about how good it is… Adopting crypto as it is, is not the fucking future !!!

  6. Alternatively: virtually every modern country has turned to individual people and institutions to borrow money to finance their defense. They do that in the form of war bonds, and there were times when it was a big deal for people to buy their own country's war bonds as a way to participate in the war effort.

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