1. it reminds me of a 90s Barbie horse PC game I played as a kid!! But also, Dolly Parton vibes! I like it a lot 😳

  2. As a makeup enthusiast that also lives on a farm and raises animals, I think this is cute lol. There are definitely things I'd change, but I'm considering picking up the blushes (maybe the palette, I want to see more pictures first)

  3. I grew up on a cattle ranch and I'm in love with this collection. I do think there's a little too much pink but that won't stop me from buying it lol

  4. I feel the same! when I first saw it I actually thought it would be a Barbie equestrian collab, little disappointed its not😅

  5. How do I explain that I find this so tacky in all the right ways? It's ridiculous but adorable.

  6. Are they throwing shade at Jeffree Star? Hot pinks, embossing on the blushes, his failed Star Ranch palette...

  7. I looked up the star ranch palette(on incognito mode so it doesn’t get advertised to me LOL) and holy shit that palette is so fucking ugly. I like the blues but all those browns are like the most unflattering shades of brown/tan you can put together

  8. I thought the same thing! The eyeshadow palette also reminded me of the new Mannymua Lunar Beauty Nude Prism palette, not in terms of shades but the layout and finishes of the shadow 🤔

  9. It's giving Madonna "Don't Tell Me" era when we all decided we were going to wear oversized belt buckles and western inspired button ups and I'm not mad TBH

  10. The music video for that was fantastic. One of my faves from madonna in both concept and execution. I do think her colour palette from that music video has less pinks though, and her pink leotard from Hung Up comes to mind instead, lol.

  11. I actually sort of love it, but I admittedly giggled because what the heck is this collection theme 😂

  12. God I'm so glad this isn't j☆ bc he will never get my money but holy SHIT a cowgirl themed pallete. Hell yes!

  13. I’d buy the palette if it was available at ulta. What keeps me from trying this brand is collections I want not being accessible.

  14. Colourpop is so random with their collections last month they dropped the star wars one and now we get some random yeehaw one? Wtf😂

  15. The orange blush is pretty interesting! I don't think they have another shade quite like that out right now.

  16. Ooooh I’m for sure picking up the shadow palette - I’m a tacky Texas girl at heart and this is just calling my name

  17. What fucking colour is the blush? Every photo I see is different. I hate how much brands and pages edit the images.

  18. Ofc the one color scheme I fully love from colourpop in a while comes in the exact theme I hate the most 😫. Ig I’ll just have to wait for when they reuse it entirely with something aesthetically better lol

  19. The hot pink isn't my style, so i just won't pick it up lol. I can probably find some colours in my stash that i feel would fit the cowbow theme in my mind so i might work on that. 🤠 If people like the colour combos itself then it's perfectly fine to like this.

  20. Nah, he came out with another perverse palette about “bananas.” It only has like three yellows though; rest is random shit.

  21. I wonder what the shades actually look like. There's some seriously aggressive filtering going on & it seems like the saturation is up crazy high in these photos...

  22. Somebody should make a palette called “Yeehaw Barbie” the front picture on the palette could be Barbie in a western hot pink shirt riding a bucking horse. The case should also be holographic and glow in the dark. Barbie and the horse should not glow .

  23. Is it just me but the packaging looks dirty...I know it's the print but the darker bits against the lighter base looks like it's dirty or something and I personally don't like that.

  24. The text on screen just made me so irrationally angry, because it's clearly from tiktok/IG and a reveal posted by the company. I hate when brands post THEIR OWN STUFF like a stunned consumer who just discovered these. "OMG these blushes!" Very "how do you do fellow kids?" vibes when they do that.

  25. Another day, another new CP collection. I was never really into CP but when they started launching a new collection every week, I pretty much tuned them out. I may have bought 5 products over the last 3+ years and only one, the That's Taupe palette, is still in my collection although I haven't used it in a long time as I prefer the Sydney Grace Coffee Talk palette instead. I just cannot imagine how anyone that isn't an influencer receiving PR keeps up with their releases, let alone buys the majority of them.

  26. Tbh this seems more on brand with Jeffree Star these days than Colourpop. Cute colour story but nothing revolutionary

  27. One picture the top middle shade of the palette looks like an icy blue in the pic and the next looks bronze. Can’t tell what it actually is.

  28. Could this be a divine rose dupe? I read that there are 3 duochomes in the palette, and the pinks and browns/neutrals really remind me of PML

  29. This palette is so cute! It’s all the things I don’t like — hot pink, shimmer heavy, too many browns — but I can still appreciate it.

  30. It’s giving Hannah Montana. It’s giving 2005 Horse girl realness. It’s giving Disney Channel layered cardigan fashion. It’s giving me both nothing and also EVERYTHINGGG

  31. Gosh that's fun, I'm not one for hot pinks and glitter but I appreciate the theme. At first glance it doesn't appear to have any of those awful mattes-but-with-a-fart-of-glitter either unless the picture's just not picking it up. It's very cute.

  32. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the glittery obsessed pots or any of their pressed glitters and that's probably my least favorite part of the collection. They are way too chunky and I wish Colourpop would either just stop making them or change the formula (taking them out of palettes regardless)

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