1. DnB- still ironing out kinks. I had to amplify in Audacity as I’m still working on my gain staging (I record on a separate dedicated PC). I had a few mistakes in the transitions (forgot to cut Call The Ball but the effect was still on and kinda saved it) including mismatched gains. Big improvement from where I was though.

  2. [House, Tech House] Beginning an experience as a DJ has been something that I always looked forward to. Hope you enjoy this little mix I made for everyone to enjoy.

  3. Very smooth indeed. I’m still listening but I love the Latin style tech house up front. The only thing I hear early in that I would give as constructive criticism is phrasing. You’re doing good but for example the transition between Critical and Disconnected, it feels like there could be some extra “pop” if you kept Critical going a little longer and took it out right when the female vocal says “disconnect”. As I listen I’ll edit and add more if need be. Also as a disclaimer any criticism I give is criticism I give myself. I’m much better with DnB phrasing and I transition too soon with House myself so that will stand out to me since that’s what I catch in my own recordings.

  4. Second ever recorded mix (using Serato and a numark controller). I can hear where I messed up on some EQing when transitioning into some songs but would really appreciate someone else’s critique - still learning!

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this mix start until finish :) I'd say the length of tracks are perfect! Can I ask, do you use any key detecting software for example Mixed in Key? Or do you just go with your ears? I'm impressed!

  6. Very nice! Nice selection of tracks, the only thing I noticed was it sounded (at least to me) like you were off a bit off when you mixed in Saw You For The First Time. But could be also just the nature of the tracks

  7. Big thing I noticed, overall, the sound levels are very low. The looping thing is new to me! I'm going to try to figure out how to do this, thanks. Everything else sounds smooth 👍

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