1. Black beard, glass surfing, and a incredibly small cage for a dragon his size. Breaks my heart. People should be fined for this.

  2. Conditions for all animals in the store were bad, my brother and I didn’t stay more than around ten minutes because of it, all around got gtfo vibes

  3. Poor thing. I know I know everyone hates when people buy the animals, but you’re literally saving that one animal. I would buy it. Poor thing.

  4. I can see both sides. On one hand, I want to rescue all the babies. On the other hand, I realize that my purchase is just an incentive for them to keep doing it...

  5. I was just saying to my boyfriend that if I had the money/space, I’d talk those people down to a more reasonable price just for the purpose of rescuing that poor baby. Shit is sickening. :(

  6. I live in the UK, and over here it's harder to find pet shops with bad conditions because all of the vivs have to be a size suited to their species, and if a viv isn't they take away the animal or shut down the store. Also, you should call and complain to animal control

  7. Wish OP could tell us where to call and "check" on him and the rest of the critters here! I'd like to recommend some things....

  8. Black beards often are shown when the lizards are stressed out, either from poor living conditions like this or the sight of another lizard that they are not a fan of. Had to put my boys in different rooms because one would trip out all the time if he saw his counterpart from across the room.

  9. You know the stickers on the cages that have basic husbandry info? At a countryman today they listed the bearded dragon tank size requirement at 10 gallons. Wtf? They were also selling easter chicks. I hoped the f out

  10. He’s clearly upset from listening to Stevie Nicks. Even the reptilian brain knows Fleetwood Mac is torture. Poor little peanut. I’d be trying to claw through the glass too. His nails scratching against the glass probably sounds better than listening to another verse of ‘Dreams’.

  11. Wow this is so wrong someone should buy Him ASAP just to get him out of those conditions I really hope so!!!😠😠😠

  12. Poor guy! I honestly love my pet store they take amazing care of the animals so honestly I haven't seen this in person but sorry for you to see thiss

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  14. So sad that as babies they sell them for $60-100 and then when they're surrendered as adults they automatically sell them for ridiculous amounts of money. I would love to adopt a beardie when mine passes away in the far future, but my lack of experience made me nervous and go for a baby one this time. I didn't want to unknowingly adopt one that had MBD and other health issues.

  15. Genuine question, I don’t have any reptiles and I don’t plan to ever have any replies. This just popped up on my feed and I’m curious.

  16. As much as you want to save the animal doing so keeps these shit holes in business its better if no one shops there and they fail and shut down

  17. If somebody sees his comment correct me if I'm wrong but isn't keeping animals in less than desirable condition could be considered animal abuse. With how small that enclosure looked I'd say it's equivalent of locking a person inside of a small bathroom

  18. it's... almost 300 dollars, I think as sad as it is just thinking OP should buy them and take them home (also encouraging this behavior from the pet shop) is a bit much....

  19. Never buy from those places. It’s heartbreaking I know but every time you buy from them, they get another one to abuse. The longer they stay "stuck" with an animal they less likely they are to have more to sell.

  20. Shouldn't you just leave it be period? Besrdies are incredibly smart animals... most of the time, so putting your hand near it or just being around for a couple minutes might think it's leaving if other beardies have done it. Of course, don't take it home. Ever. Unfortunately, some reptiles have to be left in order to save even more. Buying it only keeps more of them coming to the store.

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