1. If I've learned anything from having a beardie its that they have personality and are weird as hell but you'll love them for it.

  2. Beardies are fucking goofs, and seem to find the most random positions comfortable. Young ones, especially do weird shit. Wait til you see it dangling from something by one arm, without a care in the world 🤣

  3. lmaooooo ive seen ones on their backs chilling, and idk if it is true but i think they suffocate if on their stomachs for long, mine hates it if she accidentally gets flipped lol

  4. Only a true yogi can achieve levitation. Make sure to give your little friend lots of cuddles and sleepy time together!

  5. You ever see a cat contorted in some unholy position and go "that can't be comfortable?" Well it is, and this is the lizard version. They're funny little dorks but stuff like this is far from a cause for concern. Also when your weight is measured in grams, it's a lot easier to be comfortable in weird positions.

  6. My girl used to lay half in her hammock and half on her viv floor. This is normal. As normal for beardies as it gets anyway and he’s only going to get more “normal” with age.

  7. My late beardie would sleep completely vertically hugging a fake cactus with only his tail and back feet holding him up when he was young, so this is perfectly normal ☺️

  8. Before I got the setup I do now, mine would sometimes fall asleep, straight up belly on the glass, like just propped up against the wall of the tanks and I’m so mad I don’t have pics cause it was amazing 👌

  9. Sitting in weird positions - the most normal beardie behaviour of all xD you will see a lot more examples of it in the future! He is very adorable!

  10. Every beardie has its own quirks. Some like to cuddle, some sleep against the glass, mine just wants to explore the same two rooms and then play hide and seek.

  11. Mine sleeps in weird positions. I have the heat and humidity monitors that use the cords, well mine sleeps chillin on the cords....weirdo

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