1. not quite yet, some say when they are 3-4 they can tell, but personally, i couldnt tell till 7 or 8 months, like i swore my guy was a girl cause he was flat as a board and didnt have femoral pores but then one day just BAM nuts

  2. The only way to tell at this age will be to hold a flashlight to the base of the tail to illuminate the internal organs. One shadow in the middle is female; two on either side of the tail that form a 'u' shape is male. You can see a few examples of the technique and what to look for

  3. Also, be careful with whatever that white plant stuff on the ground is if it's not something he can digest (which is what I'd assume but could be wrong!). They use their tongues like cats use their whiskers but more. They lick everything and will definitely ingest some through that in addition to unintentionally when eating and possibly on purpose mistaking it for food! If it's not digestible it could be super dangerous and even kill if they have enough to cause impaction. If it is then sorry for the blurb :) personally I'd rather be safe than sorry and avoid anything loose especially because my guy tries to eat everything but that's just me

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