1. I picked up a confusing cookie cutter at a garage sale one and asked a random person "do you think this is a fox?" and she replied "no. It's a cookie cutter."

  2. Two years ago I went to a Christmas market with my dad and his girlfriend. One of the stalls sold a huge variety of cookie cutters, including a dick and balls one which my dad found very amusing, and showed to his girlfriend. She only saw it at an angle, and didn’t recognise it, then kept asking me what it was. I felt it wasn’t my place to elucidate, and my dad was no help at all, he was too busy laughing. When she finally made it round the stall to see it properly she called us both childish, but admitted that dicks are inherently funny. Both she and my dad were 82 at the time.

  3. Olaf head is another option. Turn sideways for Flounder from Finding Nemo. Cutters like these that are vague outlines are great for multiple designs.

  4. Yeah! Make a platter of cookies with all of them: the grinch face staring at a penguin who is kissing a fish who is friends with a bird sitting down on a pear tree limb 😆

  5. We actually love our nondescript cookie cutters the most because of this. It's hard to get creative with a gingerbread man (especially if they already got baked as whole men) but give me one of these Grinch penguin pear cutters and I'll give you like 10 different cookie designs.

  6. Yeah, I've seen cookie decorators get more out of their cutters by using the same shape to make several very different designs. Some are extremely clever.

  7. Practical Me: “Cookie cutters really need to have what they are labeled on the side….like imprinted into it or something.” Fun Me: “oooh…what are people gonna come up with as I have no friggin idea. Fun!”

  8. Pear, fat cat, rabbit, chick, it's one of those shapes that you can flip around and get something different depending on how you frost them. I think it might have been a chick (for Easter) originally.

  9. I think it’s a chicken/ chick. Turn slightly to right to put the straight edge down. You see the head and body and when you decorate you curve the bottom of the body, add feet and grass in the squarish area.

  10. Looks the Grinch’s face to me. But of course, I have been decorating for Christmas & binge-watching Christmas cartoons all day, so I could be hallucinating! Lol…

  11. I googled around - came to this conclusion: I think it’s a pear that can work as a grinch. Or a grinch that can work as a pear.

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