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  2. fucking, mailmen and women get training to deal with dogs and they don't kill hundreds of dogs a year. if they can do it, the police should too. oh, i forgot, conservatives hate the postal service for some reason (discouraging mail in voting, crippling the postal service, defunding the postal service).

  3. Why dont people sue the police department for lack of or of terrible training that caused harm/hiring unqualified individuals/promoting basically idiots on the job?

  4. Yeah they quite literally want stupid officers because they are the ones who just blindly follow orders without question

  5. 12 years ago when i was on field training i got in trouble for NOT shooting a dog that ran up to me. It wasn't showing any signs of aggression, it just wanted to smell me. This wasn't the only thing i got in trouble for not escalating. I didn't make it in law enforcement....

  6. He didn't shoot the tiny puppy. He shot the big off leash Pitbull. Google leash laws. Google Pitbull statistics. Fuck cops. Fuck pit bulls

  7. They investigated themselves in a similar case from 2 years ago and found they did nothing wrong. So precedent already says he did nothing wrong.

  8. Eugene Goodman could have let Congress get killed, but instead he used himself as bait and lured an angry mob of white supremacists away from the congressional halls.

  9. I know. Did the gun misfire or did he forget to fully load the clip? I mean he probably had at least two more bullets there. Needs to be retrained and reprimanded for not following SOP. /s

  10. “Cops in this country kill so many dogs each year that a specialist at the Department of Justice’s (“DOJ”) community-oriented program services office says it has become an “epidemic.” The DOJ estimates that around 25 to 30 dogs are killed by cops every day, with some numbers as high as 10,000 per year. The totals could, in fact, be higher, since most police agencies do not formally track officer-involved shootings involving animals.”

  11. Just another coward with a badge and extremely low IQ, exactly what the cops want. I'm training my dog to open carry and shoot at anything that is blue and anything she smells wimpy fear from sniveling cowards.

  12. Cops have non lethal options to use on humans, they could translate easily to animals like tazers, mace, clubs etc. This dog was not being aggressive. I hope this cop pays the price for his actions.

  13. I don't know dude. I've seen videos where bullets straight up bounce off pit bulls skulls. I'd go for the guaranteed option.

  14. I will never call the cops to "help" for any reason. They only make things worse. The neighbors got a dog killed over a noise complaint..

  15. Why didn't they shoot the little dog? One less pit. I'm sure they got another one from the pound the next day.

  16. Can we shoot them if we make a noise complaint of their gun shots first? Or will they just shoot each other responding?

  17. I'm so sick of these pigs. They love to kill people pets. Big tough guy. Watched a video of a K9 chew on a old man for 10 minutes because he didnt comply fast enough. When is the justice department EVER going to start to reign in these sick fucks.

  18. Just give them a reason to point a gun and something that moves and they get an instant erection. These fat pigs shouldn’t have more than pepper spray

  19. Maybe this position is a bit too mild and centrist, but I think we should just undo everyone who kills animals that aren't a threat to them.

  20. This probably even messes with the people who called the police in the first place. They probably just wanted what amounts to a wellness check because constant barking can be a sign of neglect. Jesus.

  21. I fucking hate them. Why do I hear these stories every couple weeks???? Look up what they did to a veteran Josh Rohrer and his service dog Sunshine Rae In Gastonia,NC in October…

  22. Same here. Pro tip: if you’re going to shoot my dog, I would recommend you don’t use all of your ammo. You’re gonna need some more in a second. You should probably also be wearing the heaviest plates you can get your hands on but it won’t matter. Kill my puppy, you get API.

  23. this cop is in deep sh!t, you can kill poor people all day long and no one gives a damn but killing animals will get the attention of the privileged class of people.

  24. I have never met a group of people as cowardly as cops. I'm a paintball and airsoft referee and someone mistook their 1911 for their airsoft 1911 (fucking how??) and accidentally fired a live round while trying to chrono it. If there were any cops there that guy would have definitely been shot. We just made him unload it, clear the chamber, and go put it in his car.

  25. lets talk about the POS pet owners that leave their dog outside with no food or water so neighbors can listen to it bark non stop all day , and why was that dog off leash , owners are just as bad as the cops

  26. They let the pitbull run out into the street and charge the cop, no shit they shot it. Pitbull owners are SO STUPID. They basically are the reason their dog got killed so congrats. I'd never let my dog charge a cop because I like having my dog alive

  27. Why is that gate wide open? The dog unleashed? The cop shouldn't have shot the dog, but the dog owner should be better with dogs. Don't let your dog, a pitbull, run loose.

  28. Conflicted. I know the training is terrible for this sort of thing, but I also know that this 8 month old dog is not the same as an 8 month old human. So nice try with sympathy title, not buying it for this one. It is up, running about and its a breed that can do a lot of damage. Your dog shouldn't be running around off leash and into the street. My finger would be on the trigger as well.

  29. dude it takes like, thirty minutes to learn basic dog body language. It's pretty easy to tell the disposition of a dog that's approaching you

  30. It was on their property, the officers didn't need to open the gate as much as they did to avoid the dog getting out in the first place. The breed of dog doesn't matter, at all.

  31. The yard clearly was fenced and the pigs opened the gate. Probable to tell the owners to bring the dog in because it's barking. Why would you leash a dog in a fenced yard?

  32. In Norway, two puppies were killed by cops a few years back. They were walking calmy towards the cops showing no signs of aggression, according to witnesses. The cops emptied two MP5s at close range, only 7 shots missing their targets.

  33. Oh how I wish we could advocate for harm to come to those featured in this story. Doing so however would be against sub rules.

  34. The department should be responsible for damages including emotional and mental distress, as well as the supposed cost of the dog.

  35. But you have to consider that roughly 1,000 cops were mauled to death by dogs in the US last year alone. NOT!!!!!!!!

  36. You shouldn't be. Even if you dislike a type of animal it should be pretty clear how to react when somebody's pet is murdered. Especially if murdered by member of an organization known to murder people the same way.

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