1. That is the weirdest expression of racism I think I’ve ever seen. Almost like her brain was “Oh shoot, a camera! Time to be racist! How do I do this again?” And then crap just came out of her mouth.

  2. It feels like stand up comedy but the objective is to make everyone dislike you? Haha again people not my fault there are 4 in Santa Barbra to the folks on YouTube am I right

  3. He handled it really well. Staying quiet and doing everything you can not to provoke them with give the video maximum power against this Karen if it goes to court.

  4. Not only is him being black not the issue, but she even had to catch herself the last time she addressed the man from saying the n word.

  5. I feel bad but that was fun. She had some really interesting phrases I really like the whole “4 black people” bit and the “African American fishing”.

  6. I know I wouldn't be able to deal with that kind of temperature all the time since I'm very much adjusted to windy, rainy and cold.

  7. This is exactly how my ex-neighbor talked. She wasn’t racist (that I’m aware), but the overly emotional, stunted speech, eager to be upset by everything. She’s one of the reasons we moved, especially when she started talking shit to my kid.

  8. Lol she said “… that’s not true” then immediately she starts to malfunction “oh!? Really!? We’ll-ah-how-ah-bleh-wha wha-um- wow”

  9. Well she probably just wants to see white people. Because, and I think that I can support this claim with some real evidence, she is a daft cunt

  10. She's a shut-in pill head that married rich and doesn't see very many black people in her exclusive circles probably

  11. So are there 4 or 3 African Americans living in Santa Barbara? I'm confused. Did something happen in the last 29 years since I lived there? That number seems awful low to me. I don't believe it...

  12. It’s like she invented a stereotype to be more racist… ha! Don’t you have any fish to catch, black man??? I bet after this you’re gonna go eat a tuna fish sandwich with all the other 4

  13. As far as I can tell the blonde lady is some kind of manager at that business and they were were keeping her ID for some reason. At the end the crazy lady got it back and quickly fucked off.

  14. Is it impossible for some people to engage in civilized discourse? Is outrage always their go to in the hopes that others will simply give in?

  15. God bless the cameraman and that manager. They were both absolute saints. No way I could've bit my tongue like that.

  16. I think she actually gave it back to her at the end and told her they took a photocopy of it so they would have record that she could never come back just to get her to leave.

  17. It’s so crazy she reminds me so much of a horrible entitled woman I used to work for I think it might be her! Mary, is that you?!?

  18. "It's not your fault you're black" just wow. What the fuck, I know I shouldn't be surprised but somehow I am.

  19. People like this need like, one good punch to the side of the head. Not because it’ll make them think properly… just because.

  20. What relevance is the man behind the camera’s race? None. She feels superior to him because she is white, and for no other reason. The fact that this is where she goes in an argument speaks volumes towards her biases.

  21. Wow at first I thought it was just blonde vs brunette.. (who would be shocked at this point?) But then there's a black camera man there filming for liability purposes and racist Karen verbally attacks him for doing something sensible..

  22. She overall seems to a lot of notions in her head fighting to get out, and they have a 3 or 4 way tie when she opens her mouth.

  23. Imagine being able to freely vocalize violent intent and later saying that the man filming “saved her life” by being there documenting the ordeal.

  24. She’s definitely a massive racist cunt but at least has the awareness of how ridiculous she is. I wonder what prompted them to take her ID.

  25. I’m imagining Samuel Jackson, Oprah,Forest Whitaker and Madea being on a dinghy together with fishing poles in hand.

  26. Is this one of those escapees from a rehab Spas in SC? Mental Illness events all over America these days. Maybe it’s a result of COVID lockdown s

  27. There are a multitude of entertaining ways to prevent/resolve such "frustration," were that the case. This is a person who chooses to be miserable.

  28. Lol what a bitch, lord have mercy on her significant other. She looks like she hasn’t had a good dickin in years. That or she has some of that santa monica beach sand in her vagina.

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