1. First brisket I did I had that problem. I cubed it and slow cooked it into chili so far the best chili I have every made.

  2. Man that would be great, I'm really limited on what foods I can eat so chili isn't an option :/. But it sounds like slow cooking with liquid is the way to go

  3. They're in thin slices, I've only done burnt ends in cubes and didn't know what difference the cooking would be.

  4. I always use leftover brisket to make tacos. Cut up and tossed into the pan. It’s always fatty enough to not need any oil. It my favorite thing to make with brisket even if it wasn’t my best cook

  5. I find slooooow reheating in a tightly covered frying pan, some fat on the bottom if you can (tallow, bacon fat, whatever) and then the odd spritz of water (tiny pours of beef stock should be same, but might cook down and scorch), makes leftover brisket even more tender than day one. Never tried with a tough brisket but I've had them go from 7/10 to 9/10

  6. I've done insta tendering in an instapot/pressure cooker with OK results in just 10 min. But it wasn't sliced so it would be an experiment.

  7. Chilli is a way of going, alternatively if you have sous vide that would solve your issues with it in it's current form.

  8. You can also make some excellent beef and vegetables soup with it. Just need more cooking with liquid.

  9. Slice it up and throw it in large casserole dish with onions, bell peppers, garlic, maybe mushrooms. Add beef broth and some red wine, cover with foil and bake till beef is tender. Salt and pepper to taste. Stuff it in a hoagie.

  10. My first couple of failures I sliced really thin and fried like bacon. Best thing in a soft white roll with a runny fried egg.

  11. I would totally add it into a slow cooker and some beef broth or beefy soup. If you have a souve vide and still want brisket, try to sous vide it. I guess overall just cook it as leftovers in some liquid.

  12. Chopped up it will make great tacos. You can also warm it in a hearty gravy the serve over mashed potatoes( my favorite). Vegetable soup with smoked meat is amazing. You said you can’t eat chili but that’s a good way to use it also.

  13. Brisket Chili, Brisket beef stew, bolognese…you can do a lot with it as long as it simmers with some acidic additives or liquid

  14. I’ve done really well reheating my first brisket that was tough and already sliced. I placed a few strips in my air fryer and reheated to about 203

  15. Put it in a slow cooker with some broth. Cover. Heat until tender. You can use the broth after cooking to make some great gravy or au jus.

  16. Dice it up really fine and make a brisket salad….. brisket tacos…. Or mix some of with pasta…And if you really wanna get deep…. Freeze dry it into a fine powder and capsulize it…. You could make brisket vitamins…. You would be the worlds first at it.🤣( I know the brisket vitamin is over kill but I plan to do this with beef liver..)

  17. I offered to cook it, being just an overall better cook but he refused help and ignored all my suggestions. Even cooked it fat side down when I suggested up. He ruined a good, expensive cut of meat and refused help from a more experienced cook.

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