1. This is going to be a crazy ride. Put your buy order in at a stop loss area, and hope some stop hunter pops it for you. Ya never know.

  2. I told everyone I know that BBBY was a good buy at $4.XX and none of them bought in and I am kicking myself for not scooping up more shares at that price.

  3. There wasn’t any hype around GME around that time. This time around there is FOMO + option chain + BBBY announcement. FUCKKKKKKKK

  4. Im thinking of buying for 7k more at opening, just because we hit reg sho list. I mean it will probably short squeeze soon?

  5. Thankfully I have call options, gonna sell peak day tmr make big profit and buy the dip the next morning. I’d exercise the option if I had the money😅

  6. That is so encouraging. I lost 75 percent of my account between feb 2021 and June 2022. I had done okay for a while then started following YouTube experts and made investment in a sure thing reverse merger. I am praying to earn it back by trading break outs, the set up type that I do okay with as I get in and out and settle for less as opposed to trying to time the perfect exit. You gave me hope. Thanks…

  7. Anyone here use vanguard? I have a margin account but I’m not sure if I should do a regular funds transfer or a wire. I assume they’d let me use my $ immediately on margin, doing a regular transfer, right? Not trying to take my chances though. I plan on calling first thing tomorrow regardless. TIA

  8. Not on margin but they will allow you to use funds immediately if it's less than 50% of long settled value in your account. Still may have a two day transfer time from your bank though.

  9. Nothing like the feeling of wanting to fall asleep just to be able to wake up to watch pre market. Soon maybe I’ll will be sleeping on a king sized bed from bed bath and beyond 😴 do they sell big race car beds?

  10. I am working nightshift I usually go to bed around 4am. Man it's so hard to not watch the premarket action! My body wakes up naturally at 9h30 now so I can check the opening lmayo.

  11. So this high volume today.. can someone explain how that works? They sold 387M shares? 4x the float?

  12. Including after hours they sold about 5x outstanding shares. Float is lower than outstanding so this is a big fucking deal

  13. Why do people think this is a squeeze play of GME proportions? The SI is not over 100% of the float like it was with GME; so why would it go up 300%+ when SI can cover at any time?

  14. I'm picking their pockets as we go. Today was my first day doing some actual picking and it was a blast. I can't just sit and wait, this is too much fun. Gotta make sure I keep a base position though, just in case we do for when we rocket to $300+. No way am I missing that.

  15. Retard here. If we see similar price action like today later in the month, is it better to hold onto call options for the long run or to sell some during run ups and buy back in towards the bottom through shares? Guess it comes down to personal thresholds for risk/profit.

  16. Depends on the strike and the current price, but I tend to set limit sells and get my initial investment back and ride the rest. I also set limit buys when the price is dropping.

  17. Personal financial decisions. I personally take profits on calls and buy shares on many stocks. But that is entirely up to you

  18. This seems to have some legs. I think a good morning again followed by a pullback again in the afternoon. Close to tomorrow at around 30.

  19. So RC caused a gamma squeeze by buying by buying way otm calls several months before the runup, which shortly after the stock started to go down in price? Zerohedge is such a fucking clown

  20. Question: if RC’s percentage has gone up to 11% that means all other institutional holders etc have gone up too unless they’ve sold. We know 89% of the float was held by RC et al before the buyback, are we seeing the hedge funds scrambling because effectively the float is now locked due to the buyback and everyone’s % having effectively increased to lock the float?

  21. Sold off 1k of other stock to throw more in after hours and trying to buy 50 more shares and they just won't fill. Wondering how long it's going to take to fill.

  22. I'm a proper regard. Did not turn on after hours trades. Need to buy 2 more shares to hit 69 shares for the memes

  23. Break on through to the other side riders on the storm into this world were thrown like a dog without a bone an actor out on loan theirs a killer on the road riders on the storm

  24. Just a new investor just trying use this to buy some tires for winter, and soon Ill have that money. Y’all have taught me so much 💪🔥

  25. Dude RC bought $80 calls for Jan 2023. Also $40 and $60 IIRC. That cool cat has an idea about business, I'm in with him. Why NOT hold for a while? Costs nothing to hold and whooooo knows what might happen

  26. If you expect a moass, you should buy as soon as possible regardless of the price. You might see dips burn once it moasses, it won't matter. *Not financial advice!

  27. Few things make me more bullish on this stonk than this kind of AH movement that shows that there are major institutions who see exactly what we see.

  28. Lol I literally sold everything i had for a loss today & put it on BBBY at $29... SMH fidelity screwed me with market order.. only 700 shares... think we can take this to $100-$200?

  29. I was expecting one today. And it happenned. Price was like -2% in the first minutes and I was "hmmm... I'm so smart". I waited, and waited, and waited... and finally bought late

  30. Cramer having a fit all day on Twitter and CNBC, talking shit on Sue Gove, Ryan Cohen, and BBBY board. SUE GOVE and RC deserve medals if they pull this off, standing up for free markets and companies they believe in. Cramer can sugma

  31. Well. F-it. I'm in at about $21 lol. Oh well. I got into GME at $30 and still hodl....lets see how she does!

  32. Today was good practice for what to expect coming up. A 40% drop with a borrowing fee of 50%+ cost shorts A LOT Today. Buckle up.

  33. Im guessing they will drive the price down tomorrow like they did when we pushed from 5-6 to 11-12 ish Opening at 22 but close at around 16-17. Next take of to 30 again

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