1. Agreed. At least let us retire meta ships we don’t want. Or even better, keep the meta ships docked in the meta page instead of our main dock.

  2. At this point I'm actually convinced that the only purpose of Elite META ships is to occupy dock space to make us buy dock expansions. At least the SR ones are decent and can be used for clearing content.

  3. There was one game I used to play that essentially had a “cold storage” where you could put an infinite amount of characters in there but in order to get them out you had to pay a decently steep price

  4. Nah. BDSM is a pretty common kink. The fact it's treated like taboo makes it worse since it makes people ashamed to research into it and do it responsibly.

  5. and I just want Windforcelan and mkiiiii to be given a ur ship or two to illustrate cause let's be frank: ASK's Vanguard flopped badly in terms of popularity.

  6. Chains...perhaps as in being Chained to their Past and being unable to leave it behind, unlike those who have "Turned their Past to Ashes" and have left it behind....certainly you could say it about "Flickering Light", but I'd say they're consumed by their past, not bound by it.....

  7. I sometimes don't understand how they align themselves with the Sirens, yes, I know you can get them, but it's Canon (I think) they are fighting with the Sirens, despite them being the ones that took their Commanders away.

  8. Here's the answer, albeit a long one (CN's dialogue tends to be a bit more consistent with the story / reveal more) but should explain everything...

  9. I'm glad to see a META destroyer. Just wish we had another light armor META fight sometime soon, the medium armor grind is getting abit boring, it'd be nice to shake it up.

  10. I never have any issue finishing those missions before the pass ends, just keep up with 1-3 daily light builds. It would be a good two birds, one stone situation, but they're not very challenging missions if you stick to the game regularly.

  11. lovely. it's nice that the less popular girls get those, i have had renown and fortune among ships i really like that dont ever get anything and now both have metas so :D

  12. Okay, so I know people are annoyed about dock space, but I like this design, only have 3 META girls so I am excited about this.

  13. Remember how you could get Graf Super by doing Sp3 60 Times ? Well this Time it's similar but you're limited to 2 runs per day and you have 3 months to complete it

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