1. I wonder if the rarity is a technicality. Like- she'll be in line with the other rainbow large cruisers, but she had to be gold because they don't want to put rainbows in collabs for consistency.

  2. There’s Congress (I think that’s it’s name) in WOWS as a potential SR large cruiser, as well as a proposed 18,000-20,000 ton British large cruiser with six 12-inch guns that never left the drawing board, although there’s really no need for that unless they get desperate for a tanky ship.

  3. Before UR bulins (and before UR events started being cranked up), I would have wanted Alaska being SSR for availability, excusing Azuma being DR as a WG thing, but now, with the increased rate of UR events, and more DR CBs and UR Kronshtadt, I do not wish SSR on Alaska because things have changed since.

  4. Do hope so but time will tell if that holds true, Kronstadht being a UR large cruiser instead of a DR one is a surprise for me back then

  5. I could see them doing it for cases where there's a different hull type they can retrofit them into, unless they want to just release them in those forms instead (e.g. Hawaii into a CBG). Same goes for other hull conversions for different hull types aside from Large Cruisers, like Kentucky's BBG conversion (assuming there won't be a rarity above URs, it would have to either be a Super Rare into UR Retrofit or released as a BBG from the start). Could be a good excuse to add more missile types / ships that use them...

  6. Where did you get the pictures of Kala, Patricia and Serri? I'm looking for the other three and I can't find them. I really want Klaudia's!

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