1. Well now I'm wondering why the Corvette has the most useless cup holders. From the split second of frame, is it right in front of the stick shift?

  2. Sadly, I have heard of that with a lot of cars. In older vehicles I imagine it was related to how to-go cups just weren't that tall, except I know that isn't an excuse.

  3. C5 owner here. It's a 3/4 inch deep rectangle with a flip open cover about 3 inches to the right of the shifter. If your is manual you will hit it going into 5th and possibly 6th. I use mine to hold coins. Thankfully they make an aftermarket dual cupholder that takes a whopping 10 seconds to install or remove. It has round holes that can hold a drink and not spill it even violently launching the car.

  4. well to start the c5 cup holder is square, so round things like drinks tend to dump on the floor shifter or your leg

  5. My Fox body Mustang didn’t even have cup holders, you just shoved your can between the E-brake handle and the passengers seat.. this was the only way..

  6. How is an aluminum can sticking to the magnet? How is nobody else questioning this? Are miller cans steel or something? Maybe a ferrous metal in the koozie? Am I taking crazy pills?

  7. Not sure where they are at but I think in Mississippi you can drink while driving as long as you are under the blood alcohol limit for drunk driving. If they are a big person or it's a long drive, those 3 beers might be legal.

  8. Not relevant to this car, obviously but I’ve noticed that a lot of European cars aren’t really suited to American cup sizes.

  9. I was gonna duet the original with the cupholder in my firebird which is just awful but I hated the way my voice sounded in it so I didn’t

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