1. Don't worry it's not pathetic at all. I've always had trouble finding people to join my special interests. I am married now so drag my husband along and he drags me along but I still struggle with things he's just not interested in. I've stopped feeling bad for being different or finding it hard to make friends and relate to others because it's just who I am. It is hard and may take time to find "your people" but once you do it can be so nice and comforting. There's no shame in going alone. Do the things you love and show up in places where you want to be and the odds of running into like minded people will be higher.

  2. I always end up going alone. Hurt the first time until I realized how much more fun I had without needing to keep track of someone else.

  3. Omg this, I thought I HAD TO BE WITH PEOPLE in order to go do things but turns out that is just a NT social behavior that I don't have to adhere to. Sure it's nice to enjoy something with others... but the key there is ENJOY. I have brought too many people to things with me that they didn't actually enjoy or didn't enjoy to the same level I do. So never again. Next time my favorite band is in town I'll be going alone and I intend to enjoy the hell out of it because I don't have to worry about the other person/people. I'm there for me.

  4. Just as an FYi - posts like that in my town people avoid because some people buy someone a ticket and pay for the night with the expectations of paying with sexual favors or emotionally somehow.

  5. No one ever wants to go to concerts with me. I usually end up going alone. Honestly, when I go alone I feel like I can actually enjoy the music as completely as I wish. I do get disappointed when people said they would go and back out but I’ve learned that I should still go and enjoy my time.

  6. I think I would sell the extra ticket using a third party ticket selling website. I’d rather go alone to a concert than with someone who doesn’t really appreciate the music like I do.

  7. This happened to me too, a few times. Once I bought a ticket for my friend and they decided they didn't like the band anymore and didn't want to come with me. I asked everyone else in my student halls building and nobody else wanted to, either. I ended up going by myself, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be although I got quite drunk beforehand to help with my anxiety. I couldn't not go because I was in love with Twin Atlantic and needed to see them. It was both very depressing and very brave because while I achieved something I never thought I could do, which was go somewhere and do something like that independently, I'm glad I managed to, but still wince at the thought of how awkward I must've been. I sold my spare ticket to someone in the queue. I got it heavily discounted from a cashback deal and ended up making money from it.

  8. I’m probably just going to give the ticket away to anyone passing by if I can’t find anyone, usually I’m fine and meet people there to hang with, but this spare ticket just makes me feel so horrible because I’m literally just giving it away so someone will spend time with me

  9. I have no problem going alone usually, but it’s the fact I have a ticket free that I feel obligated to fill, if that makes sense

  10. This has happened to me a bunch of times, too. Going alone can be kind of lonely, but imo it's worth it. I saw Louis Tomlinson live earlier this week and I queued for 13 hours by myself (One Direction is one of my special interests haha). Honestly the wait time sucked, especially when everyone else was queuing with their friends and I had no one to talk to--I just sat and read for 13 hours--but once the show started it was totally worth it.

  11. This is a tough one. I love my friends dearly but I know I wouldn't enjoy going with them to a concert if I didn't independently like the band. Meanwhile, even if I did like the band I would be hesitant to accept a ticket from a stranger in case they turned out to be unpleasant. Sharing activities can be a great joy but it doesn't always work out, and it's not a rejection of you, just this particular activity.

  12. Don't feel pathetic! I've been to many concerts alone over the years - I'd much rather go alone than drag a friend who's not interested in the music. Concerts can be a good place to make friends who like the same music, and those friends are much more likely to want to go to future concerts with you.

  13. FWIW i go to metal gigs solo allllll the time. Sometimes I'd im lucky my partner will come out of pity lol but I've learned to enjoy going solo. It's semi common in the circles I run in anyway. I'd like to say I've made friends doing this but unfortunately no, mostly because I've never made the effort because s c a r e d. But I'm sure if I did do it, someone would be friendly.

  14. I’ve gone to a few metal gigs by my self! I have no problem going alone but it’s the extra ticket that made it very apparent that I was alone haha

  15. You seem to mix situation from personal. No replies on a post in the subreddit, has for instance nothing to do with your person. It feels like rejection, but it really isn't. Those posts are shown based on view ratings. I rarely get more than 20 likes. Let's say 30 people saw, the chance of one of those being free that night, living in the area near enough to be able to go, while wanting to go but not having tickets or plans themselves and be willing to go with a complete stranger is. Well. Zero. But that has nothing to do with you being a good concert buddy or likable human being. Zero.

  16. I completely understand the difference between personal reasons they might not go. Every person I asked had a good reason and I didn’t take it personally, and I understand why I feel the way I do, but that doesn’t make those feelings go away. I posted here more to vent rather than have my feelings explained and rationalised to me, but I appreciate your comment regardless. I wasn’t trying to say that these people must not like me, or trying to say they didn’t have valid reasons, I was just rather disappointed in myself for not being good at organising, planning, and fostering relationships. I was also upset because I had a very limited amount of people I could possible ask rather than upset with the people I did ask. I’m sorry I wasn’t clear

  17. Hey! I’m going to a concert at the end of May all alone because no one wants to see that band with me too. The thing is, (for me at least) it’s hard to get into a show when you don’t know/like the band. Plus, I know a lot of people who just don’t like gigs that much.

  18. I had this same problem so I just started going to concerts by myself and found I actually prefer it. I’m sorry you have two tickets, that would bother me too. It feels wasteful to not make use of the other ticket. I’m sorry.

  19. Exactly. It’s not the going alone by itself, it’s the extra ticket that bothers me :( I hate being wasteful and it makes it apparent that there’s someone ‘missing’. Like if there’s an empty chair it’s worse than if there’s no chair at all reserved for someone

  20. I'm sorry. I've definitely been in situations were my interests don't align with others either by interest or by scheduling. Aka a Renaissance festival or even a movie at a movie theater. It's hard to get rejected and that's exactly how it feels. I say this all to say we both aren't pathetic. I'm honestly so proud you even took the first step. I can't even go to a movie theater by myself. You got this, check out fb pages. Maybe you'll meet someone who you bond and connect with and you can go on all future concerts together.

  21. I listen to post hardcore and deathcore, so it’s really hard to get people to go to shows with me too 😞

  22. I had a person cancel on me for a concert at the last minute so I took a chance and invited a person that I had just recently met. That was ten years ago and she’s been my best friend ever since. It’s awful when you’re can’t get someone to go to things that you enjoy. I hope you can find someone online who shares your interest and you end up having a great time.

  23. I also have no one to go to concerts with me because I have no friends. I generally go by myself and 80% of the times before the concert us concert goers who have turned up alone seem to find each other and enjoy the concert together so that we are not alone. I've met a few ND people this way too.

  24. I get the feeling! You are most certainly not pathetic. There are tons of possible reasons people might have said “no”, although I doubt that will make you feel better. I’d go with you, even as a stranger. Unfortunately the chance we live in the same place is small, but please know that you’re not alone. I know that might not make you feel better, but I want to say it anyway❤️

  25. Maybe next time, first you find someone to agree on what concert and time/location and both pay for your own ticket? I once won tickets to something expensive (because I was obsessed with free give-aways I won lots of stuff I didn't actually want, I just wanted to win lol) and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find anyone to take them, even online offering it to anyone willing to pick them up on a popular website. It's really hard for people to schedule these things sometimes. I wouldn't take it so personal.

  26. I can relate to this. I have a few places I’d love to go, my husband is not interested so I don’t have anyone else to go with me. I don’t go places alone. I’ll travel alone as in getting into a plane and going, but there will be someone at my destination to be with me. I don’t force my husband to go because I don’t want to go places I’m not interested either so I understand the feeling. It’s the price of having too few people in my life. I don’t feel comfortable going anywhere alone but if you do, I’d say you should go and enjoy the music. Maybe at the entrance you’ll see someone looking for an extra ticket and you can offer it to them if you feel comfortable talking to strangers?

  27. I mostly preferred going to concerts alone. Then I don’t have to be worried about what another person is thinking and just focused on enjoying the music and dancing.

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