1. I also get peoples tone of voice stuck in my head like if i watch a long video of someone talking I will start hearing my thoughts in their voice

  2. i do this!! i’ve been watching a lot of Plumbella (sims youtuber<3) and i started thinking some things in her voice. oh boy!

  3. OMG this is totally me!!!! My brain is the same way. I was confirmed ADHD as well as ASD and synesthesia. I can't even fathom what people mean by "quiet mind." I don't think mine ever stops spinning.

  4. I often wake up with a completely random song in my head, like ones I haven't heard in years, and they last for days. I always wonder what the hell i was dreaming about to get something like "Truly, Madly, Deeply" or some other nonsense i haven't voluntarily listened to since high school spinning out in my brain. And then there are the repeat offenders that my brain rotates through like a playlist. Today's was Unforgettable. Though it's usually just a few words or lines over and over, rarely the whole song.

  5. YES. I can hear ONE keyword in casual conversation or see it in a line of text and BAM now a random song I haven't heard in at least a decade will move right in. And it's always something stupid like Profiteering Blues. (I had an embarrassing Don McLean special interest in high school. It was on his Favorites & Rarities album, along with other bonkers, likely drug-fueled gems like Milkman's Matinee. Somehow his rendition of On the Amazon didn't make it onto that one, also a prime earworm contender.)

  6. I also wake up with random songs stuck in my head - but they're almost always songs I hate with a passion. Like some random bad 80's song that was playing at the pharmacy or the gym the other day. ARGH. Why can't I have good 80's songs stuck in my head?

  7. me yesterday waking up with Man in the Mirror stuck in my head, when i’ve only heard the song a handful of times in my life. it just gets stuck in my head sometimes!!

  8. I get this too! But usually with songs I barely know the words too. I think that’s the part that wakes me up—trying to actively remember the words.

  9. F. Mine used to be legend of Zelda shop music but lately it’s turning into wii menu music and it’s insidious. I told my kid it’s funny now, but just wait 20 years when it’s still The default music and let’s see how they feel about it then 🤣

  10. OMG. I call mine the same thing! I can literally think of a song and it'll just start playing, almost perfectly.

  11. I always say it's like my brain is a jukebox constantly on shuffle and my dad says his is an 8-track player constantly playing, too. I don't know if it's an ASD thing or ADHD in our case, though, since he doesn't have an ASD diagnosis (nor is he suspected to have it as far as I'm aware).

  12. SAME. And the bitter irony of the lyrics being "We don't talk about Bruno, no no no!" ...As I'm BEGING my brain to stop talking about Bruno. 🤣

  13. Yes. My doctor has literally "diagnosed" me with "ear worms" 😂 I'm being 100% serious. Like, it's not an official diagnosis, but they called it an "ear worm" because I thought I was hallucinating sentences and music over and over. It has something to do with my BFRB, I also think it is my ASD brain going like "must repeat this over and over to be happy".

  14. Yeah I get this and a compulsion to repeat phrases and words that I like or have just heard somewhere, kind of like a holding zone before my brain files it somewhere - I believe called Echolalia (in itself a nice word)

  15. Earworms are neural-auditory stims. When my earworms increase, I look for reasons I might be needed to stim more. It helps.

  16. I started making a playlist that I add to every time I get a song in my head. Some recent highlights: Money Money from Cabaret, Easy Lover, and Surfin Safari

  17. Yep. The other morning I woke with a song stuck in my head that had actually been playing in the dream I'd just woken from.

  18. Haha yes. All kinds for all sorts of reasons. My husband and I will swap them back and forth with each other. I'll sing something and he'll head off down the hall and start singing it. Sometimes we don't even realize it until the other calls it out. Other times it's "argh! You did it to me again!" Lol.

  19. Constantly! I wake up with a song (or part of a song) stuck in my head and go to sleep with a song stuck in my head. I get words and phrases stuck in my head too. I don’t think there’s ever a time when I don’t have words or music stuck in my head!

  20. well mine is a weird mix of songs i listen to, straight up meme songs and WHAT THE HELL IS A CHILDREN'S SONG DOING IN MY HEAD(idk its a weird mix up here)

  21. 100% of the time. It's much worse when I'm anxious, because almost nothing can drown it out at that point, but there is always a song in my head that will surface if there isn't something else to distract me from it. Two seconds of silence and I hear it. It's currently "Angels We Have Heard on High" because who the hell knows :/

  22. For real. I said "song on my head" most of my life. I heard the term "earworm" at the age of 32 for the first time, and I stuck my finger in my ear trying to remove it.

  23. YEP. It's the reason I decided to major in music. I figured if I was getting a liberal arts (i.e. not a highly-practical specialized) degree, I might as well go with something I'd excel at since I could memorize pieces stupid easily.

  24. Yes but it happens to NT folks with the song "Candyman." If anyone decides to weaponize this information against folks who hat annoy you, I can only whisper, "It works,” as I slowly fade into the blackness like the end of I Am A Fugitive From a Chain Gang (30s film noir, very good).

  25. My partner does. I call it their radio because its constant and constantly changing from one song to another. Sometimes I wish I had that because living with non-stop constant tinnitus is not fun.

  26. Oh my, yes! The tinnitus!!! I get the tinnitus constantly and my ears "click and crackle" EVERY SINGLE TIME I swallow on top of all the songs and phrases. Maybe that's an additional reason why I get overwhelmed so quickly auditorily. Even if I find the ability to find a quiet place to try to get some peace and quiet, it's never actually quiet.

  27. This is an interesting question. From those who are Neurotypical that I know that I have spoken with about it seems they do get ear worms but no where near as often or frequently as I seem to. It definitely doesn't seem they get them daily and multiple times a day.

  28. This is an interesting question. From those who are Neurotypical that I know that I have spoken with about it seems they do get ear worms but no where near as often or frequently as I seem to. It definitely doesn't seem they get them daily and multiple times a day.

  29. pussy riot in my head rn. often its the last song i was listening to or thought about. sometimes when i pause the music (bc people wanna do conversation anyway) i often repeat most of the song already in my head and can continue where i left as if it wasnt paused for a few minutes. due to years of training i can switch the current ear worm to another one. still its always there.

  30. Yes. I love music and its my passion but I cant stand actually listening to it because the ear worms drive me insane, like quite nearly literally

  31. I don’t remember a time there isn’t a song in my head, but I’m a very musical person so that might contribute.

  32. Most of the time. And I sing along. Though the tunes can change several times a day. Only when I'm really depressed/overwhelmed. Then the music is silent, but the thoughts are not.

  33. Happens to me all the time! It's usually just a my phrase or two that ends up on repeat in my head. It's especially frustrating if I can't remember enough of the song to figure out the title. Usually playing the song helps clear it from the annals of my mind.

  34. Yeah... Sorry about that. It's a terminology I knew most people used for such a phenomenon and I debated about not using it at all. Honestly is a term that kinda bothers me for some reason. I don't like it 🤣

  35. All the time! It's mostly parts of songs and melodies. Sometimes lyrics. I go through phases when I read A LOT and sometimes I get the writing style stuck in my head, which turns my thoughts into narration based on the style of the book.

  36. I know everyone gets "ear worms," but it had come to my attention most I have expressed this to don't consistently get them multiple times daily. Family has said that the most frequently this occurs to them is a couple times a week except that occasional (usually catchy) song that sticks around for a bit. It made me curious if it was something my Neurodiverse peers experienced similarly.

  37. Sometimes I have several at once, and it's a strange mash-up in my head. Usually there's at least one rattling around in there.

  38. Every moment of every day. Songs, movie quotes, something a friend said in a funny way, etc. I also have the “hear a word or tune that leads to me having to verbally repeat the movie quote or song that pops up in my head” syndrome. Someone shorten that because damn…

  39. I wake up every morning with a random song stuck in my head. Sometimes one's I haven't heard in years. If I don't constantly have something playing in my background, I will be dealing with whatever song decides to bother me at the time.

  40. CONSTANTLY. It’s like constant background noise. The songs then morph into different songs and become mash-ups. I would be a good DJ

  41. For me uts more that I get one maybe 2 lones of a single song stuck in my head for days or occasionally weeks at a time.

  42. The damn Skyrizi song rules my life. “It’s getting clearer, I can see, ya nothing on my skin, ya that’s all me! Nothing in me goes hand in hand, nothing on mah skin, ya that’s my plan! Nothing is everything ehhhhHHHHHHHH”

  43. Not just songs for me, but all kinds of things. Especially videos like tiktoks can loop in my head for hours. I thought it was normal until I explained to my NT boyfriend lol

  44. I wake up with a song in my head. I call it my Song Of The Day. Sometimes it's a song I've heard recently, and sometimes it's one I haven't heard in years.

  45. omlll yes. that’s why i make playlist files now, so that I can control the gamble and make sure it’s something good! because it’s always a gamble which songs get stuck!

  46. Yes. My remedy is to listen to a song on repeat until I get fucking tired of it. Takes a few days, but it works for me~

  47. Yep, and it's always just a line or two from a song I've been listening to that repeats itself in my head on and off, sometimes for weeks until it fades from memory and is replaced by something else. I'll even fall asleep with it and wake up with it.

  48. when i was a child it was so bad that everytime i heard any song it would stay there and repeat for hours and hours nonstop. i also keep remembering other people's voice tone sometimes and my thoughts sound like them

  49. In high school I would listen to my iPod (lol) on the bus every morning. The whole school day would go by and I'd have a song stuck in my head on repeat.

  50. Shit. I thought that was a bipolar thing. I told my doctor about it when I was finally diagnosed with bipolar. She looked perplexed and told me that she never heard of someone hearing the same song playing for days.

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