1. "Once you move westward in the U.S., several small snake species occur that break this “rule.” These include the multi-colored and patterned ground snakes (Sonora semiannulata), the sand snakes (Chilomeniscus stramineus) and the shovel-nosed snakes (Chionactis occipitalis and C. palarostris). All are small, seldom exceeding 12 inches in length, and co-exist side-by-side with the small Arizona coral snake (Micruroides euryxanthus)."

  2. I know it as Red and Yellow kill a fellow, red and black poison lack. These snakes are not aggressive though so he has that going for him at least

  3. This is the correct answer. All the other ones saying to hug Red and Yellow are going to die if they play with that Coral Snake.

  4. Exactly. Unless on your gravestone you want it to read "Shouldn't have touched that" in order to serve as an example.

  5. Yes. That’s a coral snake. It’s beautiful. Bites are very rare. Leave it alone. If it’s around your kids or dogs, just spray it gently with a water hose and it will move along.

  6. Because people suck. Everytime I have ever gone diving anywhere on planet earth and there is an eel or crate or whatever some dumb mother fucker has to touch it, poke it, or annoy it. Like they have to or they’ll die.

  7. Red and yellow, kill a fella. That means when the yellow is on both sides of red on a snake, that is a coral snake. Yes they are poisonous. Only thing is the has small mouths and got to bite on skin between your toes or loose skin. Yes it will kill your butt quickly.

  8. I've been having fun chilling with the Rio Grande Chirping Frogs lately. They pee in my hand 100% of the time but I put them closer to water each time. Cool frogs.

  9. “coral snake is the one with the tiny head that will do everything in its power to get away from you and basically only bites when you grab it” doesn’t rhyme as well

  10. I am no expert but I think the technical rhyme is "red touches yellow, we only have one of those kinds in Austin so don't touch it."

  11. Brings to mind the time I pulled into my driveway and stepped out of the car within inches of a little coiled up copperhead that had been sunning itself out there.

  12. Growing up, I heard, "Red-black, friend of Jack. Red-yellow, kill a fellow." But I agree, why tempt fate? Leave the critters be.

  13. "Red touch yellow, kill the fellow; red touch black, poison lack" - very useful when I watered my FL garden too enthusiatically & caused a coral snake to show himself & escape the area.

  14. I believe it's: If it's sweet and yella, you got juice there, fella. If it's tangy and brown, you're in cider town.

  15. I’m told that nothing lives around here that looks remotely like a coral snake but isn’t. So, if it looks like a coral snake in Austin, then it is.

  16. That Neurotoxin causes death by paralysis. It doesn't have to bite you. It only needs to rub it's teeth on your skin. Poking it is about as smart as slapping a bear.

  17. That rhyme doesn't apply to snakes in Texas. The blunt, black head with a short snout is the most easily identifiable feature of coral snakes, aside from the bright, ringed pattern, that may or may not have red touching yellow.

  18. I'm guessing you're not a native of those parts if you're walking around in tall grass, in the dark no less, with flip-flops on.

  19. When I was in middle school, 8th grade I think, I did a project on Coral snakes. At the time they were rated as one of the most venomous in the world (granted this was about 27 years ago), but the appropriate rhyme seemed to be:

  20. No. Fuck no. Red touches yellow, kill a fellow, red touches black, friend of Jack. And it's correct. I mean yes, you should just avoid them, but so you know, the red touching yellows are true coral snakes.

  21. The snake was not threatened and was moving on, i knew the gentle tap would just cause it to skooch along a little quicker. Don’t try that with a rattlesnake though.

  22. I mean just don’t fuck with it. Coral snakes are not especially know for being aggressive and the mouth design limits what it can do. Just leave it be and it’s all good…. Now moccasins should all be murdered on the spot.

  23. I haven’t seen any cottonmouths in austin yet. I’m not saying they’re not here, just haven’t seen one in person yet.

  24. The saying goes… If red touches yellow you are a dead fellow. If red touches black he’s your friend Jack.

  25. My understanding is that you typically want to base the species on their snout. Coral snakes should have a short, stubby, black snout. Whereas, I believe, that the king snake has more of an elongated snout that isn't always black.

  26. a neighbor’s dog walked right over one yesterday and it didn’t strike or make a fuss. the neighbor told me about it and i found the same snake just kinda snaking around in the rock mulch. I didn’t touch it ;)

  27. Red touches yellow let it mellow, red touches black stay the fuck back. Don't poke random animals folks unless you're trying to win at the Darwin Awards this year yeah???

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