1. Assuming you went to see Ween. Friends just sat outside the venue, brought their own beer, said it wasn’t the worst audio wise.

  2. Yeah I thought the Moody amphitheater was the big one but I’m gathering from the comments it’s Waterloo park. Why would they name3 central Austin venues the same. Imagine if you were coming from out of town and didn’t know there were a bunch.

  3. Fvck StubHub! 🤬 Will never use them again! Bought a few 3 day tix before covid hit for a concert in 2020 and they changed their cash back guarantee (that they charge those HIGH FEES for). Had a class action lawsuit over this

  4. not to be a dick but i was in the pit last night and it rawked. loud. bass vibrations. but, i agree the sound production was imperfect. but, so was the band. lol. whatever. was fun up there.

  5. They need to open the pit. Why tf is there so many seats. It’s not like anybody is sitting during a concert. They should’ve designed it like red rocks and integrated seats as steps into a down slope towards the stage (like an actual amphitheater).

  6. Saw Bon Iver a few weeks back. Sat on the green and had trouble hearing lyrics for about half of the show. Also you can only see half of the stage if you sit back left (looking at the stage). Had a free ticket so I can't really complain

  7. I was at that show as well. Literally couldn't hear shit. Just sounded like muffled sound. Admittedly I was all the way to the right (looking from the stage) but had a clear line of sight to the stage and should be able to hear the music clearly.

  8. Agreed. I went to Ween and the wind was blowing toward the stage most of the night, when the wind did stop or shift the sound became noticeably louder and cleaner.

  9. Ticketmaster has turned into this hellbeast of a ticketing system since COVID. It was always bad, but now they do this pricing tier system for tickets based on "demand." So like a popular concert can easily be SUPER expensive for decent seats. I checked out tickets for Kraftwerk at ACL live when they first went on sale and the tickets were like $350 each. I do find that if you wait until the last minute, the prices seem to actually decrease, if they have any left, that is.

  10. Fuck ticketmaster. Scalper-enabling assholes who are scalpers themselves with their dynamic pricing and add-on fees. Ticket selling monopoly needs to be broken up.

  11. Saw Gary Clark Jr. and Asleep at the Wheel there. Both shows were great, including audio quality. Concessions at all venues are over priced.

  12. I’ve never been one to sneak booze into a place but as I get older I really don’t think I’m above going to get one of those plastic bag flasks from specs and sticking it in my pants. Although popping an edible before a show usually does the trick and I don’t want to drink at all.

  13. An edible and some surprise mushrooms did the trick last night. There were also a lot of babies there last night. We were trying to figure out how many were flasks.

  14. I am going to a show on Monday and just bought two of them from total wine yesterday 😂. Can buy a somewhat reasonably priced coke and pour the happy juice in it too so you don’t have to be stealthy

  15. Who’s brilliant bloody idea was it to name all of the theaters the same goddamn name. I get it rich family bla bla no one gives a shit. I had no idea I was buying a ticket to the moody center, wanted to be outside at amphitheater. What is wrong with these people. Get a new name

  16. Saw billy strings there last week and the sound was fine where I was sitting. Sucks to hear it wasn’t good last night.

  17. I was on the lawn for Billy and the sound was great. I was between the forward facing speaker and the side speaker so it had every right to suck, but it was great. Billy has some extraordinary sound crew working for him, though

  18. I was at Billy and also there last night. Didn't notice a discernible difference in sound. But I'm not particularly familiar with Ween's catalogue so not sure what the songs were supposed to sound like exactly.

  19. The Waller Creek Conservancy could be blamed for only booking C3/LiveNation shows. The promoter is responsible for making sure that the PA sounds good. If the touring FOH engineers are fucking it up, it still is the responsibility of the promoter to get it right, and by extension, the venue's operators. IMO.

  20. Most here are saying the opposite actually. This is only show anyone says sounded bad except some at Bon Iver who was not loud enough.

  21. Production hands over control of the PA to the touring engineer. Production advances are very strict and state that the act has full control of all aspects of sound reinforcement until they cause damage to our equipment. For context, I work for the production company that provides PA for Moody Amp

  22. ive seen some other shows there including ween. My opinion is that they are overly worried about noise and they dont have a proper PA system. They had a smaller than required set of line arrays every time ive been there, imo. It does sound good up close and to me it sounded fine freq wise but was greatly lacking in amplification. And a band like ween needs that. But maybe they overly worried about blasting ween idk. It was very tame once you got to the weird lawn area (right field) but at least they have some reinforcement speakers out there. the venue is nice looking but im really not a fan. Its nice and better than the sketchy old park was though. also expensive shit nachos.

  23. I wanted to go to BJM so bad for the music but I just can't stomach Anton between songs anymore. Such an absolute egomaniac prick. Its completely ruined the experience for me every time I've seen them.

  24. had the same experience when i saw them at psych fest several years ago. it was disgusting and i vowed to never see them again.

  25. I was at this show and I mean compared to when I saw him in SLC a couple years back, he seemed downright nice….i thought they were just playing around a bit? Now I feel weird

  26. Saw Bon Iver and sound was great. Think it was probably the sound engineers in this instance. Idk if I have to choose between the amphitheater and COTA it has to be the amphitheater 10/10 times. COTA can suck it. Agree concessions are overpriced, but getting out of the venue was a breeze. I’ll pay a little extra elsewhere for that

  27. And I thought a 4pack of Electric Jellyfish for $18 at HEB as bad....$18 for a single at the Moody Center.

  28. it honestly depends on FOH sound engineers. I've heard bands suck shit at both Emo's and Stubb's. Its not because their PA is incapable its because the bands were mixed like shit. Some of the best sounding shows and worst i've heard were at both venues. There is also the bands gear too and not every band is dialed in with amps and tuned drums et. at least not to my preference. Beartooth at Stubbs was so sonically tight I couldn't believe their PA system could sound as loud and crisp as it did

  29. Stubbs is known to have the worst sound in Austin if you’re not in the first 7 rows of people. So I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  30. Saw Bon Iver there and the sound sucked the first half. The venue isn’t incapable of good sound. It was likely the sound engineer. Going to MMJ tonight and hoping for the best.

  31. Not my experience at all, except overpriced tickets and concessions of course. I thought the show and venue was great and the sound was decent for an outdoor show. Easy to get in and out. There was even a lady handing out towels in the bathroom. We thought the seat numbers were not well marked, but there were staff everywhere eager to direct.

  32. the beer was a rip off and ticketmaster sucks. i thought the sound was better than the last time i saw them at stubbs. the venue was set up nicely.

  33. As someone who has moved here from NJ and got spoiled by NY I have to say I haven't been to a single venue here so far that has a decent sound system. Empire, Concourse, Moody, Emo's, they all need to step their game up.

  34. What you were hearing was the effect of the wind on the PA, and the “skills” of the band’s engineers. I work for the production company that provides PA for Moody Amp, and I can assure you that we have one of the absolute best systems and engineers in the market

  35. What many people don’t know is that the City has very strict rules on spl limits around Moody Amp, and we’ve noticed that some of the touring engineers are having difficulty getting nice, even distribution across the space. We went as far as to add outfill and delays with subs in the lawn to help combat this

  36. Seems like as venues go it's just a normal shitty overpriced venue. The real crime is what was taken away and what it replaced. A public park like that should be replaced with an accessible and not-overpriced facility that everyone can enjoy

  37. I went last night to see MMJ, and the amount of people talking during the show was fucking mind blowing. It was worse than Stubbs.

  38. about an hour before Billy Strings the other day my buddy and I got 3rd row tickets for $30 bucks on stubhub when ticket master was at least $60 for bad seats, 100+ for where we were. So many people no-showed/scalpers didn't sell that we just walked over and stood in an empty seat and nobody said anything. Agree with OP - also saw Gary Clark Jr and the lawn could barely even hear the vocals at all.

  39. Billy was the same night as Phish's rescheduled NYE run, that might have contributed to cheap tickets. They were much harder to grab at the ACL show in December

  40. If only there were a bunch of more intimate, local venues that addressed the pricing and noise concerns you listed here! :) Went to ween, had a blast. Nice part about Austin is you don’t have to go back to Moody Ampitheater if you don’t want to

  41. They took a popular public park known for hosting relatively inexpensive festivals away from us and gave us this expensive, elitist shit in return. It's a big fail that can and should be corrected.

  42. Ween had a great set list, playing several rarities as well as hits, and their execution was on point. Dean even fucked around with a cover of "Gimme Three Steps" by Skynyrd that was a joke at first and then he got egged on to finish it.

  43. i have almost the same seats for a concert in a couple weeks.. were you guys able to move closer ? and was there a barricade in the front ?

  44. I was in the reserved seating area for Ween, and while they were on point (when aren’t they? always so good live!), the sound wasn’t. I couldn’t determine if it was the venue itself (hello holes in the ceiling) or the sound tech (another poster mentioned C3 being ultimately responsible-I hadn’t thought of that!) I kind of concluded that they’re brand new/trying to get it right. But I dunno-I’ve been to plenty of outdoor venues in my time and the sound wasn’t what I expected.

  45. No, they bring in their own sound engineers. (The production company I work for brings in the PA every week)

  46. Obviously you didn’t go to Bieber. It was great. Bon Jovi sound could be better you’re’ right. Maybe that’s just because he’s old

  47. That's Moody Center, not the Moody Amphitheatre (also not to be confused with Moody Theater, or the 100 other Moody things around town)

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