1. Wasn’t it a hot flint off a rock from a dozier or something like that which caused the grass to catch in the Bastrop forest fires? So crazy…

  2. Fun tip I learned while camping if you are a smoker -- carry a mint tin in your pocket or your bag and put your butts in it. Then you can dispose of them later in a trash bin at your convenience.

  3. I smoke. It's a disgusting habit, I need to quit, I'm a terrible person, etc. I get it alright. But I put my buts out in an energy drink can in my cup holder. Its really not hard to do. Fellow nicotine fiends: throwing your butt out the window isn't hiding the smell. Everyone knows, everyone can tell. Put it out in a can or ashtray and save the fire department some time and effort please.

  4. I smoked like 2 packs a day for almost a decade. Cold Turkey is the only way to go. And think of cigs as an ex lover. You love them but they fucked you over and are toxic and they dont love you back. How you get over an ex is how you quit cigs. Use that perspective.

  5. Nobody said that your a terrible person. It is a disgusting habit however. And I'm sure I speak for several when I say thank you for not littering your cigarettes!

  6. Anyone who calls you a terrible person for just smoking cigarettes are straight up just holier than thou jack asses and you shouldn't take them seriously.

  7. Here’s to the only person in here that considered more than one possibility and didn’t feel the need to talk shit about “smokers” 👏

  8. I thought cigarettes didn’t burn unless you keep sucking on them. Could have started by trailer changes, tire blow out, bbq trailer traveling down the road etc.

  9. I smoke. I do not liter under any circumstances, even on interstate. But I find it rare there is socially aware smokers. Agree, don't litter or smoke next to folks who care.

  10. I for one definitely appreciate this. And I have came across many like you, that when they can tell that I or others are bothered by the smoke, have no problem separating themselves while smoking.

  11. On April 12th I saw a small fire at Amherst & Parmer Ln from a cigarette being thrown out the window. The very following day on the 13th I saw an even BIGGER fire in the exact same spot; pictured here.

  12. There was a fairly large fire on McNeil at Parmer just a few weeks ago as well. I cannot believe how many people just don’t give a shit about potentially starting these when they flick their butts out of their car.

  13. I quit smoking when the pandemic began and I often remember throwing butts out of my car as if it didn’t count as litter?! So stupid!

  14. Smokers are like proto-antimaskers. Despite the numerous threats they pose to public health, we've bent over backwards because their "freedom" to poison other people is precious. To rub it in, they throw their used butts everywhere and sometimes start fires.

  15. Here's something funny, I worked in Iraq for a few years. During sandstorms we wore mask because that shit was unhealthy. So ofcourse walking you see a silhouette of someone walking up smoking, moving their mask to the side to take a drag... I have no prob with smokers but shit was just stupid.

  16. You would've loved the jackass sitting at the gas pump smoking and when finished tossed his butt out onto the ground. Mensa material.

  17. I left a cigarette butt in a wooden tree stump when I was 18 and it burned down a large section of woods near my house. Until you do it, you have no idea. Then you learn the hard way.

  18. Research shows that the best way to convince people to change their behavior is by calling them idiots. /s

  19. Do you have any other ideas? We have had the Don't mess with Texas campaign for a long time, but public spaces are still pretty trash-filled.

  20. the problem is that if they don't respect their own interior, how can they be expected to respect the world outside themselves?

  21. Had an old roommate of mine who was a firefighter at the time, who told me he always flicked his butts out in tall dead grass hoping it would catch so he would have something fun to do on shift.

  22. Hey smokers, why do you roll your windows down when you're smoking in your car? Don't you enjoy your cigs? Keep them windows rolled up, nobody wants to smell that shit.

  23. Yeah, it is kind of funny seeing all the internet tough guys pounding their chests over how upset they are about smelling something they don't like. Oh, the humanity.

  24. Why do people think it's okay to litter cigarette butts? I know people who are adamantly against littering and never do it... Unless it is a cigarette butt. IMO it is way worse than most other things you could litter. It starts fires. It is toxic, which can get into water supplies, dogs or kids can find it and put it in their mouth. It's so frustrating to see people flick cigarette butts out of their car windows. I want to throw it back in their window.

  25. Ohhhh if I had a nickel for every urge I've gotten to get out of the car and toss in back into their vehicle with it hopefully still lit, I'd be a bajillionaire

  26. But most pot smokers don't toss their one hitter out the window when they're done. Or the roach. Or the bong. Or the baggie of edibles.

  27. You seem to have forgotten that it isn’t legal to smoke pot while driving, even in states where marijuana is legal.

  28. pretty sure that pot doesn't come rolled with filters. however, i agree that if it is legalized, they shouldn't make boxed cigarettes with it.

  29. Could have also been clear glass bottle that started it. Or trailer chains. Does anyone have an article or shred of proof that this was from cigarettes?

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