1. FYI all, these are yellow paper wasps. THESE ARE NOT YELLOWJACKETS! Yellowjackets are aggressive and territorial, and they typically live in the ground or make nests that are in something vs hanging. Fuck yellow jackets to hell.

  2. You're right they're docile. I have some that live right outside my door, they are super polite and never bother me nor my cats. I like to say goodmorning to them when I water my plants

  3. I've got a nest above my door. They're doing quite well this summer. Probably twice as big as previous year's nests.

  4. I had a GIGANTIC nest of yellow jackets on my porch last summer and I used to sit on the porch all the time. They never bugged me once. It freaked other people out though, haha.

  5. Yellow jackets are mean, and I always spray/kill them (I also swell up like crazy at the sting site, so I am mildly allergic, not shock or anything like that, but I might be in trouble if I was stung in the neck). Bees are our friends, and those red wasps flying around grassy fields are super chill, so I let them bee.

  6. I had a pretty nasty nest I took down last week after they tried to attack my kiddo walking into the house. There was like a dozen of them posted up on my front door in attack mode. The nest was on the side of the house and was covered with 50+ of those nasty wasp.

  7. Yikes. Well if it makes you feel any better we had 5 of these around our house that we had the pest control people remove 🙈

  8. These little bastards make my skin crawl, I've been battling with them all summer in an attempt to keep them from building a nest on my balcony.

  9. Same. Go out in the morning, doesn't even have to be early. Knock down with broom, they will not fly everywhere but crawl since they're sleepy so a shoe can take care of them. If you catch the nest while it's still shoe-able.

  10. We always get a nest or two up high somewhere on our front porch, and it's never been an issue. They really don't care about people, it seems.

  11. I have a pretty large nest of paper wasps on my balcony and I haven't had any issues with them so I'm leaving them alone. They'll go away at the end of summer, so in the meantime I'm cool with them sharing space with me and my cats. If they do get aggressive, I'll take down their nest and relocate them somewhere away from people.

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