1. I have been busting my a** haha to be honest and been getting offers for 110-120k, but was really hoping that current manager would notice the effort especially as we had 3 people leave and I kind of managed to take half of their work… idk if i should be grateful or not thats the thing as I always think there are people in worse situations

  2. 10% is pretty good. Says to me that your boss is fighting for you but the organisation has a rule against bigger increases.

  3. 10% is high if it's just an annual increase and not because of promotion etc. But in your other post you said you're getting offers for $110k plus. In that case, I would try and use them to leverage a better salary (if you really want to stay) or just apply for the better paid jobs. It doesn't make much sense to be paid 30k lower each year, especially if the work, potential for growth etc. is similar.

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