1. We lived peacefully as humble Christian people in northern Iraq, Turkey, all the way to urmia. Seyfo led us all to the brink of extinction, and spreading the remainder all over the world. The absolute MAIN culprits being kurds. Moreover, we continue to disappear because of assimilation.

  2. khon/ahun, I agree with you lol, should I have mentioned that I was being sarcastic in the second part of my post

  3. No, it’s not racism for the sheer reason that they are our oppressors, and have been since at least the 19th century when they started stealing our lands and forcing us to work our own lands for their benefit. It was slave labor. I’m not even going to get into the massacres and genocides they’ve participated in against us. We all know about those. And we know what’s going on currently in the KRG.

  4. Lmao no but the Kurdish situation is so ironic it’s beautiful help the Turks do genocide only to end up living under the Turks with no independence to be treated like less than rats

  5. Do you think its uncommon to see anti assyrian sentiment which is overwhelmingly pushed by kurds on social media? why do you thank that is? if it doesnt reflect reality as I am assuming you believe, why is it 9/10 times kurds that do it? you dont see it nearly as much with turks nor arabs.

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