1. I’m interested how Assyrians justify cutting off family members who marry non-Assyrians by violating Jesus’s Golden Rule of treating others how you would want to be treated.

  2. Your definition of "Xenophobia" is Assyrians not marrying other ethnicities, right? Loving thy Neighbours does not only mean marriage,lol.

  3. Jesus have done nothing but bring problems like genocide and displacement of land to assyrians and perhaps this is a punishment for forgetting about the true God of assyrians ASSUR 𒀭𒊹

  4. Now we’re talking! Jesus was pretty solid in terms of his message of love but his fan club hasn’t always been as humble. Do the Assur-ians look down on the Christian Assyrians as a bunch of sell outs?😉

  5. I believe to stay a true Assyrian the god is Assur no jesus christianity came to late to the scene and hasn't brought any good at all the best time assyrians ever had was with Assur once that is understood Assur will bring the nation back together

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