1. I fucking love giving them but only when the receiver is really into it. Not enjoyable at all to be mid-orgasm and see your partner wincing and grimacing as the cum hits her face; I’d rather she just said no than attempting to please by agreeing to something she really doesn’t like (and I’d never pressure). On the other hand, pumping a big load over a girl kneeling in front of you grinning and making appreciative noises as you splatter her face is fucking amazing.

  2. I can see that for sure. I've had a few guys blow on my face, but I'd just prefer it go in my mouth, since I thoroughly enjoy that anyway. I had an ex that used to ask me to give him a facial but only because of how much and how hard I cum.

  3. I had a FWB situation with a girl who really liked it (so I did it), but it's never been my thing. Nothing beats the feel of something warm and wet gripping you as you finish...whereas giving a facial is just having a wank with extra steps 😂

  4. I'm 100% into facials I mean me laying on my naked on my back with a hot girl squatting over my face slowly grinding her puss up and down my face while I softly lick and suck her clit off gets me hot! Also porn these days is all blowing a dick then penetration same old shit us guys need to harden up and get down and dirty on our woman more yes ..

  5. I think I like the idea more than the actual thing. And I'm always caught between being all nasty and Cumming all over her face and the morality of what that'd do to her if after the fact, it turns out she actually wasn't into it. Also, who's cleaning up? Am I bursting and sitting back like go clan yourself up or I'm I cleaning up. So many questions

  6. I prefer when someone swallows mine or I swallow theirs. Cumming on someone’s body usually doesn’t appeal to me unless it’s their tits or cock in which case I love licking clean.

  7. I gave it only once. I did not like it at all. Kind of made me feel awkward tbh. Have not done it since.

  8. Please do it in my mouth, i don’t like it in my hair but i like the taste of cum just don’t tell me to swallow im not able to do that every time

  9. Giving one can be kinda hot but, I'm the kinda guy that likes to kiss and cuddle aftercare and, I'd rather not taste or get covered in my own cum.

  10. Giving them is about trading a more pleasurable orgasm for an amazing moment. The power afterwards is its own high, but the orgasm is better almost any other way.

  11. My fiance loves giving them but due to how bad he tastes I now find it completely disgusting if it's anywhere near my mouth. I used to like it when I was younger but now I don't really like it.

  12. I love getting a facial, especially when his cum is nice and warm, but sometimes it can get a bit hard to clean up.

  13. I don't mind giving one if that's what my partner wants, but it doesn't really do anything for me. And I'm definitely not into receiving them.

  14. Love both! Receiving facials is so hot! I love being covered in a mans cum, it makes me feel a little degraded but also I look cute as fuck with cum on my face. I also love giving facials too, for the same reasons that I think other people look good with my cum on their face too

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