1. In still trying to recover from no shit September and to be honest my body isn't up for any of these challenges again so, sorry but count me out

  2. Yup. The supreme irony of the Reboot/NNN folks is that what they're doing is actually less healthy than being sane and normal about it.

  3. This is what I've been telling people over and over again when they say they'll participate in No Nut November.

  4. This challenge is open to all sexes, btw! Ladies, gents and everyone inbetween and adjacent may join us in this celebration of eroticism and joy!

  5. November is "Prostate Cancer Month". So apparently men don't nut out of solidarity. That is how it started. Over the years it became a meme/joke and many forgot the meaning behind NNN.

  6. I have participated in no nut novemember many times. And every time i do i make it a point to get guys horny and make them fail while i sit on my high horse and dont touch myself at all! Lmao

  7. This is no different from my regular routine. I do it first thing in the morning after waking up, and last thing before going to bed in the evening.

  8. Every year I’ve been doing this challenge called 9 gallons of nut November. I get two 5 gallon buckets from Lowe’s, yes specifically Lowe’s because those blue colored buckets are nice. And everytime, if it’s solo or not, I shoot the nut in the buckets. I’ve never even filled 1 of them half way, but I still try every November.

  9. My wife and I committed to at least one orgasm per day throughout our marriage. We have missed prolly 30 or 40 due to illness in the last 22 yrs.

  10. Just so you know, the community around it typically calls it Nonstop Nut November, so it can still be NNN, but I don't think a subreddit is actually there for it. Maybe I'll make one. There are many including myself who join you on that journey.

  11. As a lady, hell yeah. Why deny yourself the purest form of human esctasy? I will stand before you and take it on the chin to defend your right to cum.

  12. Probably one of the easiest challenges ever if you ask me. I usually edge one out once or twice a day to relieve some stress or cause I'm bored, lol.

  13. What was the intention behind no nut November? Wasn’t it prostate cancer awareness? If so- more orgasms actually decrease the likelihood of developing prostate cancer. Not hurting for a month seems counterproductive to that.

  14. Shit.... I already blow at least two loads a day now as it is. I'll strive for 3 loads a day November, lol. Easy peasy lol

  15. I already do that every month. I’m gonna try nnn just for some variety, especially with trying edging as I edged yesterday and this morning finally came and it was really intense and so I’m wondering how it would be for a whole month.

  16. NNN IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! November is the month when all your cum grows so if you nut throughout November you won't have any left for the rest of the year.

  17. Going to visit my GF in November (we're still long distance for now). I guarantee that every day I am with her, it'll be a minimum of 3 times a day. -wink-

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