1. Post Me-Too… feeling obligated to give any woman an extremely wide-birth in terms of literal space, what you can and can’t say, what you should or shouldn’t be able to compliment, or joke about.

  2. Being expexted to deal with your issues alone. Being told to "Man up" and "Be a man" when something bad happens, when you might need professional help to recover (which is completely okay, btw). Also, not being able to be around children not thinking about if someone thinks you're a creep.

  3. Lack of empathy from others. As is often the case (as others have mentioned).. no matter what's happening in your life,. you're basically told to "man up" and accept it (even if same thing happening to anyone one else would be totally unfair and people would jump in and help immediately).

  4. My whole childhood I was taught men like me were all dumb creeps that only thought with their junk and were inevitable burdens on the women in their lives (your typical 'Homer Simpson'). I was raised feeling like my gender were monsters powerless to do anything but lust over and abuse women.

  5. Other men. Men are fucking nasty and violent about nothing, not only against women, but especially against other men. I don’t want to fight some dumbass about who said did what. But if I have to, I will take it outside to murder your ass, because there’s no reason the custodian has to clean up all the blood I will spill out of you for being such a loser. It’s better if the rain can wash it away.

  6. I would have said "nothing", but lack of empathy from others is actually a good point. The fact that this doesn't often come to a man's mind probably has to do with the fact that men eventually learn how to deal with that and keep going.

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