1. Yes this!!! Why can't I download the game once and then play it offline if it's a single player game??? Why I the fuckin hell do you need internet connection for single player games?????

  2. Not so much that but how's about them lowering wifi prices and being more accessible everywhere. You shouldnt not be able to only have one internet provider when 40 minutes from your house there's 100 that could easily reach

  3. Yes! And the fact that disks are only 1/2 the game for consoles. I get irrationally mad when I start a game in steam and it brings me to Ubisoft or Orgin sign in screen.

  4. One company told me after the interview that if I didn't get the job they will not contact me. But if I got a job, they will call me.

  5. "We'll let you know something by monday", that was yesterday and my familymember still hasn't heard anything of them. That's the same as showing no respect in my books.

  6. I applied for a job MONTHS ago within the company I work at. The only reason I know I didn’t get it is because my coworker friend got it instead. I feel I dodged a bullet

  7. Working yourself to death. There is a difference between putting in the hours to be proud of your work, and being taken advantage of. Taking a break or vacation shouldn’t be a bad thing

  8. I’ve never understood this - I have peers that brag about working 60+ hrs a week. Some make 200k+ a year but their work is literally their life.

  9. It’s funny. I supervise a group of 8 people. And it always amazes me that when they tell me they want to take sick time or annual time (I have to input it into the system) it’s like they feel bad or always feel the need to justify why their taking it. Im always like man it’s YOUR time you can do whatevr you want with it. If your sick great (we’ll not great but lol) use your time. If you’re not and just need a day off that’s great too. It literally doesn’t matter to me and I would rather run short than have a guy there who doesn’t want to be there and needed a break.

  10. My current job has me working 4x10 shifts and I get 4 days off each rotation. I never feel burnt out anymore. It's fucking amazing and I don't know how I would ever go back to a 5x2 schedule.

  11. Yep! I used to work 60 hour weeks to try and get extra money. But it wasn’t worth it. I was exhausted with no energy. I now work only 40hrs. It gives me more time to focus on things I care about. While I don’t get that extra money, I am much happier.

  12. Acting like there is a thin hard line between child and adult, and that that line is always and for everyone at midnight on their 18th birthday. Growing up is waaaaay more complicated than that.

  13. Honestly, there’s a lot about what we expect of adults that needs to be addressed. For one, interests. I was doing clinicals and this patient in his 40’s-50’s came in. One of his goals was that he wanted to be able to return to video games. My instructor audibly judged him for it. Within reasonable bounds, why are adults so concerned how other adults spend their off time?

  14. Seriously. I actually remember the day I finally felt like an adult. There wasn't anything special going on nor was I carrying out any particularly adult task. I was just hanging out at home after work. Kids weren't in school yet so were running around being loud. Wife was doing the dishes. I was just sitting there thinking about how much my back hurt and suddenly I just got this overwhelming feeling of being old and that my youth was gone. I finally felt like a grownup. I was 26.

  15. I turned 33 this year and felt really weird about it. I felt like I hadn’t even begun to come to grips with being 30, and here I was 3 years later like “oh so time is just gonna go like that”. My mom turned 70 this year and I asked her how it felt and she said “mentally, I don’t feel any different than I did when you were born”. Aging is a purely physical process. Any mental effects are related to physical changes. Once we hit physical maturity, most changes to our behavior are a result of social fabrications and cultural constructs. The reason people seem to “mature” at different rates is primarily due to how they have responded to social pressures and expectations. Im not saying age is always “only a number”, but I will say that often times…it is. No one should feel like they are lagging behind in life because they don’t feel as old as they are “supposed” to feel. That’s absurd.

  16. Oh god yeah....the reason your not happy folks is you just haven't read my book yet..."The 12 ways to live your life and be successful"....I fucking can't stand toxic positivity 🤦‍♂️

  17. The Venn diagram between these people and the ones who post themselves drinking chlorophyll water claiming they cured their hormone imbalances/mold toxicity is a circle.

  18. There shouldn't be any healthcare professional working a shift longer than 12 hours without at least a 1 hour mandated break in there to rest for a few minutes and eat properly, and the opportunity to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

  19. This. Nobody talks about the logic of that. Or how many deaths are due to medical errors every year. How can healthcare be so expensive yet doctors work such long hours? Makes no sense.

  20. At the schools in my area, it’s also extremely common for professors to have published their own book (textbook or otherwise) and require it for their own class. Almost every time I’ve heard of this happening, I’ve also heard the complaint that the book wasn’t used even a single time in that same class. It’s an abuse of power.

  21. Since I stopped drinking i have really opened my eyes to how shitty it is. I’ve also noticed that besides the very obviously alcoholics I have had in my life, pretty much no one I know has a healthy relationship with booze.

  22. Alcohol is a huge problem. People do not get designated drivers. People can't go out without drinking even with their kids. I have friends who crack tallboys starting at 9am for months and is adamant they don't have a problem.

  23. Very unpopular opinion but I feel boundaries are being incorrectly used and society has gone from unhealthy codependent to now unhealthily hyper individualistic. Society requires compromise and a social contract to function. It can’t be all about you and your needs and preferences all the time. I DO think we should use boundaries to protect ourselves and our interests.. but if we only think about ourselves it can also have negative consequences. I think it’s a natural part of learning though, and a happy medium will be found!

  24. Or that you are obligated to spend time with them. My family loves to talk shit about each other all year, and then get together for a holiday party where everyone acts like they don’t hate each other.

  25. I didn't realize how toxic my family was until I moved away right after college, but then moved back home a few years later. Coming back really showed me just how codependent and mean everyone was to each other. Then my grandma died and me and my uncle had an argument. That caused a family rift and I'm now the black sheep that lives two hours away in a different state. Best thing to ever happen to me.

  26. Hustle culture, I honestly despise that shit. Don't try to shame me just because I want to actually have an enjoyable life instead of sucking the joy out of everything to make a shred of extra money.

  27. Too right. I’m in a well paid job, I could do better but I don’t want to. Happy with my job, they treat me well. Not knocking anyone who does but for me it’s totally pointless

  28. Not allowing employees to discuss their pay. Companies I’ve worked for that don’t allow it had the rule in place because then it would expose the fact that there is no proper pay structure.

  29. at least in the US, it is illegal to prohibit employees from discussing salaries. If you ever work for these companies and you live in america, tell them they have to let you talk about your salary.

  30. Which is also federally illegal if you're in the US (and plenty of other countries but a lot of people here are from the US). You can't forbid people from discussing pay there. So if you are in such a country and they're stupid enough to put that rule in writing, take a pic.

  31. Alcohol in general has a slew of problems that people don't want to address. I'm not against alcohol itself but the codependency and overall abuse and neglect people treat it with us not ok. I don't know many people who actually get a DD unless they plan on getting very drunk and I think a lot more people are alcoholics than they want to admit.

  32. Going to work while sick. Corona years did somewhat improve this but it's all going back to normal again it seems.

  33. Fuck that. I refuse to work sick anymore. I had the flu recently and I took two weeks off. I was ok after one week but I still felt sick.

  34. yes it is, especially at school. when i'm sick i usually wear a mask bc we have an attendance policy, but people are like yeah i might have covid like right infront of me not wearing a mask and being in class. like i get it but why are you risking the health for everyone around you

  35. Treating elections like a sports game where people care more about whether their side would win without actually knowing the intentions and proposed platforms of the people they are voting for

  36. I’m also very uncomfortable when people idolize political figures as if they’re a pop star with a lot of Stans and not a government official doing their job.

  37. This! 🙌🏽 More than my own suffering in this life, this is the one thing that causes me the most mental anguish. It’s heartbreaking and absolutely despicable.

  38. Bulletproof backpacks for school children. To think a company saw a gap in the market for a product like that says a lot about a culture. Totally normal. Wtf.

  39. Not only has it ruined working in general as shitty managers try to spin working you to death as "grinding" but it's also ruined so many hobbies for people because it's basically twisted them into a pseudo job that sucks the fun out of it for anyone wanting to do it casually.

  40. "sorry. We can't pay you more beyond the .2% annual adjustment. We are very thankful for you taking on the responsibility of your 5 other coworkers who left due to burnout but we just can't afford to replace them or pay you more."

  41. The only time I can justify ghosting is if the person your taking off on is a clear and present danger to your life( abusers for example) other than that, there's no reason to just up and disappear on anyone.It's weak and cowardly.

  42. The need to have an excuse to not want to do something. If I don't want to go to whatever you've invited me to, I'm just saying no, I'm not making up an excuse to protect your feelings....

  43. We have a friend who makes up any excuse they can to not do something when they clearly just... don't want to do it. Literally we get more annoyed at all the random bullshit they make up, rather than going, "hey I don't want to", which is infinitely easier...

  44. I literally had to tell a teen that there is a such thing as being too old to care and that they too will someday “cringe at cringe culture” and I think it made them malfunction.

  45. Large company's can't stop milking "COVID-19" and displaying it on their websites as reasons for slow customer service responses.

  46. It's still directly impacting a lot of industries. Though not because people are sick, it's because people realized during the pandemic it wasn't worth taking shit at a terrible job for no pay, so they walked away.

  47. Very little repercussion for rapists. Women don't even bother reporting now because we just know how it is and know nothing will be done about it.

  48. Rapists and violence in general. I had two violent relationships and just got scared when it came down to filing the charges. Officers were always amazing and would contact me after to make sure I was ok but the thought of going to court and dealing w it and knowing the way they lied I was just afraid of dealing w the torture of it.

  49. Toxic positivity, when things are shit we only have to admit it and go on because if we constantly think positive it can become like an obsession and it can distance ourselves from the true reality

  50. Sending out 100 resumes. Dressing and going to the first interview. Finding past employers to agree to speak positively about you. Going to the second interview where they try to chop you down a little and you stick up for yourself and your credentials. Then they don’t even offer you the job, or even worse, they low ball you and try to make you feel like you don’t deserve better. Fuck you HR people.

  51. Alcohol consumption is seen as normal. But its a poisonous drug that has destroyed lives and families 🤷‍♂️

  52. I think many people don’t realize there’s a difference between drinking normally and abusing alcohol. Unfortunately many can’t admit they have a problem.

  53. If you're talking about movie theatres, I agree. But if you're trying to smuggle snacks in a stage play that is just a no-go. Not eating and drinking anything except water while watching a stage play is a rule for a reason.

  54. Personally, I've never met a prof that glorified all-nighters. All my profs are the opposite, they really encourage school-life balance. My program is very intense, and while the profs can't explicitly say "don't have a job while in this program", they visibly cringe when I tell them I work overnights as a nurse.

  55. My professors didn't ask for assignments from one day to another. If I had to pull an all nighter that was my fault for not being more wise with my time

  56. I got my undergrad and stopped there because college was just taking too much of a toll on me mentally. (If I do something, I want to get it done right.)

  57. Being cheated on. So many people walk around like it's not a big deal that you've been cheated on and act like it's a perfectly normal thing to experience and that it doesn't have any effect on how you deal with issues in a relationship. And it not normal. You shouldn't have to feel like this. It's not something you should have to just deal with.

  58. Kids in general. My value as a human being was reduced to my virginity when I was only around 11 years old, and a lot of hyper sexualization started when I was in elementary school. My high school years were honestly less sexualized than when I was in elementary or middle school.

  59. Telling women/girls that they “mature” faster and it’s normal for them to like older men/boys. This always creeped me out growing up and I feel like it normalizes really concerning age gaps.

  60. Working 5/7 days a week. Spending .5-1 day getting your shit together as a result of working all week (think of cleaning,administration etc) and 1 - 1.5 days of freedom IF you’re lucky. What a (horrible) way to live.

  61. Potentially hot take but, I think there's a time and place for self dx but only to the extent of saying like "I THINK I have x but I can't get a formal dx for y reason". At least where I am, allied health is having a really hard time and so people are struggling to get in to see psychiatrists or psychologists to even attempt formal dx. Even if you could get in, it can be really hard to get a dx.

  62. It’s amazing how far an employee will go for an employer when they’re treated with care and respect. I travel 12 miles into work every weekday on bus, that costs me almost £100 a month. But I’ll do it because my employers treat me incredibly well. The travel and expense of said travel is more than worth it

  63. Rich people, telling the rest of us why we are not rich and how we just need to work more because rich people do not stop working after 8 hours.

  64. Hate these people, I mentioned I used to work at a Walmart, one of my current coworkers was like "I hate that one, they don't let me bring my dog in" and had to explain that one was doing it's job, people are genuinely so stupid they don't understand that you don't get to bring your doggie with you everywhere.

  65. Child pageantry. Circumcision. 50 grams of sugar in soda. Government Stimulus. Tanning Salons. Tipping. Cars being manufactured to go over the speed limit(seriously why??). Ghosting.

  66. Awards for having lots of 'followers'. "Congratulations, narcissist. Here's a trophy to celebrate your online cult."

  67. The struggle of just being able to earn money and live your life. Aside from most people being underpaid, even when things settle and folk are getting into a comfortable position to just be content, the government hit out with another war, another recession, an energy crisis (this seems more greed than crisis). Leading to us the public who just wanna get on with our dull little lives having to struggle.

  68. I could be wrong here but I get the sense that some people like to romanticise “starting your own business”. I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t but what I am saying is that I get the sense that a good chunk of people are doing to solely to “stick it to the man” so to speak and have no idea how to even run their own business or what it takes, it’s more of im doing this so I don’t have to do that rather than I actually want to do this.

  69. Buying a physical book. And then having to pay nearly the full amount to buy a Kindle. And then separately for an audiobook. You’ve now paid 3x for exactly the same content

  70. Cheating. There's a bazillion jokes out there and people commenting "respect" under people helping their friends hide infidelity. Shit's fucked and if you are aware of that happening, there is a moral obligation to inform the victim ASAP.

  71. Looking at news and information WITHOUT context! I'm guilty as much as the next person but damn people. Stop, dig a little deeper, realize EVERYTHING is monetized, and look for sources.

  72. Recording people in public without asking permission, you will see this done a lot by various "influencers" and "social media people"

  73. The standard go to college, meet person, get engaged, get married, buy a house, have kids, retire, die or travel first then die whatever… 😂. Everyone is different. Every life is different. We should normalize everyone having a different path and doing it the way that works best for them.

  74. Employers having the expectation that an employee without children should put out more work/time/energy and be more passionate about their jobs JUST because they think we have more free time.

  75. The USA way of waitresses making money based on tips. I used to get paid $2.12/hr at a new, local restaurant. On a slow sunday from 8am-4pm, I made a total of $7 because 1 table came in and didn't order much. My boss felt so bad he gave me another $7. Pay people a minimum wage, at least.

  76. Unpopular opinion but… family bonds. Trust and respect are won by behavior and not because of “same blood”. Putting this out there because there are lot of toxic relationships being sustained due to family bonds.

  77. Emotionally unavailable parents. Narcissistic parents. ‘That’s just how they are.’ And therefore that’s how I am. Normalize cutting off ties.

  78. Billionaires. There is no way it should be a normal thing for one person to accumulate, hoard that much wealth.

  79. Needing a university degree for entry-level positions. There are many fields where advanced education is important. Medicine is one good example.

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