1. Me who lives in Australia (already the 1st here): The list is in, all we want is a hug and to be told we're worthy. Also, lots and lots of sex.

  2. Last time I attended the CAME conference was when they taught me to do the sad dog face for when I’ve been naughty. Worth every penny

  3. My husband is usually all about getting a Blowjob or some butt stuff lol… he don’t care about material things… just give him the booty!

  4. I try to give sincere compliments all year to as many men as possible after hearing how little they get complimented. I also try to thank my husband as often as I can. Other ladies need to do this as well.

  5. I'm a woman and when I've said this to partners in very real, earnest way, they never believe me. And then when I'm not over-the-moon about some tchotchke as a gift, he's disappointed.

  6. Same, and my wife and family get mad when I tell them “I don’t need anything this year”. Always end up getting me something when honestly a nice relaxing dinner together is all I need

  7. A hand-drawn, personalized, made with love, illustrated coupon book of chores you'll take off his plate or favors you'll--

  8. Still cringing at that coupon book I made for my inappropriatelyolderthanme boyfriend when I was 19. Pretty sure Cosmo told me it would make me WILD and EXCITING.

  9. In all seriousness, I’ve had multiple exes tell me they were going to do a drawing of us as a gift but they did something (or nothing) instead and it always left me feeling very sad. (Dated a lot of artists) I think a drawing is a really sweet, thoughtful and unique gift. If those drawings also could be traded for sexual favors, even better

  10. Yes this. I don’t need anything. I have all of the games, miniatures, and weights I could ever reasonably want. I have no time to use them. The guilt free part is important as well

  11. He gets plenty, we just had our second and our kids are accidentally very close in age, so we make sure to swap out often and give each other plenty of alone time

  12. Thank you! I scrolled down all the top comments that were completely unhelpful. "A hug". "Socks." Like, come on guys! You're all as bad as my own boyfriend who put "Socks" and "red bulls" on his Christmas list. I know guys don't want that beard oil or sandalwood candle that Amazon is always pushing for Christmas and Father's Day, so what do guys want? This was the first truly helpful comment I've found, and I had to scroll down way to far to find it. Take my upvote, hopefully you'll get more so it will be higher up. It really deserves to be top rated comment.

  13. I recommend Darn Tough socks. I wish I found them when I was active military. Best socks I have ever used and they have a set for every occasion.

  14. I got you dawg, ill even throw in a firm back pat whilst we embrace, pat back three times for a harder embrace with a little lift off floor action going down. Say "Weeeeeee" whilst in the air and ill throw a little spin move in there

  15. The danger with shopping for a hobby though is that the hobbyist likely knows much more about the field than you do, increasing the risk of getting "the wrong version". Now if he has been ogling that one rod in the store for 3 months on the other hand...

  16. Ok serious question. My partner bought calvin klein and the quality is whack. It was ripped within one month. Does anybody know a high quality boxers brand?

  17. Shit I want one too, unfortunately that’s not currently possible since we just had our second baby and he’s about to leave for school for 3 months lol

  18. My fiancée’s first OB visit for us to go as well as we hope. 37 (both of us) and our first after many, many months of trying. Fingers crossed, Reddit. You guys know before most of the people in my life.

  19. Dude, I am 34 and always ask for Lego. Like it's to the point I'm buying it for my brother's hoping they get the hint. Lego and a bottle of whiskey. That's all I want.

  20. There’s going to be at least 1 Lego set under the tree for each of us this year! Camaro for my brother, Delorian for the husband and I know there’s one for me in there too. Lego rocks 🤘

  21. I'd like a shop vac. I got a shitload of cobwebs in my basement and my son and I are too creeped out to touch them. A shop vac is my solution. 😂

  22. The greatest happiness is to vanquish your enemies, to chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth, to see those dear to them bathed in tears, to clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters. - Ghengis Khan

  23. I was gonna go with "A peaceful weekend and the sensation of feeling like I belong. To feel wanted." but now that you mention it yeah I want a sword.

  24. Typically I want like 1-2 semi-practical or hobby things I cant justify buying for myself, like a pottery wheel or a nice grill. I usually never want anything small cause I buy it on my own when I realize I need it, before Xmas, so if someone is giving me a $10-100 range gift I always prefer like a gift card to the grocery store tbh even though it’s boring as shit

  25. This might be controversial among my fellow men, but getting clothes for Christmas can actually be great. I'm not talking about your grandma buying you socks from the dollar store, or your aunt getting you an ill-fitting shirt in a style that has nothing to do with your tastes. I'm talking about getting a thoughtful piece of clothing from your significant other, where they can say "I saw this and thought of you, because it complements your [insert body part/personality/style]." A piece of clothing that demonstrates that your partner thinks about, understands, and cares about you. A piece of clothing that you wear with pride that boosts your confidence every time you put it on.

  26. I’ve gotten my bf 2 high quality sabers, both from Darkwolf Saber, and he’s been extremely happy with them.

  27. An actual healthy loving, peaceful relationship. None of the drama shit none of the games, just peace and not having to be constantly stressed.

  28. Speaking for myself, only, I do not need presents. I would like presence, though. Quality time together. My partner is not much into the Christmas spirit (and I can't blame her), so I'm not going to make any deal out of it this year.

  29. I would never asked anyone give me anything at New Year. But I would love to get a hoodie or sweater, or maybe thermos for coffee or RTX 3060ti😄

  30. Some days to collect myself between the end of work and Christmas eve. To recover from the 'get it done by Xmas' push, and the unique stresses of family. No presents for anyone who isn't a child too, to lessen that pressure.

  31. I don't know but I usually make gifts for my friends who are men and they usually enjoy it. Like a bottle of home made chili oil, or a home made candle made from a mold I made (what do you mean you don't like your traffic cone candle???), this year I've gotten into home coffee roasting, so my friends are getting freshly roasted coffee in some sort of nice container and probably a refill on their chili oil.

  32. My wife says I need a new wallet. Not sure why though as the one I have had for over 10yrs is fine, only have to replace the rubber band that holds it together one a year.

  33. I want professional kitchen knives and a set of whetstones. Not the stupid sets that come in a wooden block. The kind in a roll up pouch. I worked in kitchens for years and got very used to having the sharpest knives.

  34. Turn off the goddamn light when you leave the room! As a bonus, don’t just stand there with the fridge door open, get what you want or close the door.

  35. Dad would like nothing better than to be able to set something down and, a week later, find it exactly where he left it instead of moved around three times by different people and now nobody knows where they saw it last.

  36. /uj Everyone is different. A good option for most people is something they’ve mentioned that they wouldn’t buy for themselves. If they’ve mentioned anything giving them issues you could look into items that can resolve it. A good tool is nice.

  37. You got a lot of jokes and unhelpful recommendations so I’ll try and give you something specific. A while back I bought a new belt at the recommendation of a friend. It’s a company called groove life and they make these cool belts that have a magnetic clasp at the front. It is so damn convenient and you can micro adjust to get the perfect fit. They are pretty expensive at around $50 but they have a bogo deal going right now. I dropped enough hints I expect to get 2 more this Xmas from my wife or in-laws. Can’t recommend highly enough.

  38. A family get together, with lots of good food! Nothing better than spending time with the family, and the joy of seeing them open presents that have been chosen with thought. Would be even better if we could have all of those family members who are no longer with us join for the day...

  39. I have to work on a list all year round for my husband. I listen in on little things he mentions throughout the year and write them down.

  40. An official Red Ryder, carbine action, 200-shot, range model air rifle, with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time.

  41. If you could only get one new tool which one would be at the top of the list? He does need some new ones, but I know nothing about tools

  42. Something for one of my hobbies, something I enjoy when I have free time. This year it's quality whiskey glasses/decanter, quality car wash kit, or leather chair repair kit.

  43. My wife is horrible at surprising me with gifts. It's pretty much a game at this point. She gives the most vague clues wanting me to guess. I always get pretty close on the guesses. This year I nailed every one of them so far. She gave me one tonight actually. She got me a sweet new hunting backpack. Two weeks ago was an awesome new helmet. I'm pretty sure next week is a new hunting blind....lmfao. It's all exactly what I wanted!

  44. I really like getting neat shaving supplies. My wife gave me a stand that holds my razor and a shaving brush, and daughter got me this awesome shaving cream in a tub to use with the brush. Cologne and/or after shave also.

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