1. I have a bone to pick with comedy in general. I felt that ever since the Anchorman era, we just decided that comedy movies were in the line of sketch comedy.

  2. God this is what's turned me off the MCU. it's "serious thing happens" jokejokejokejoke. I've got a friend who insists it's still good, but it's just not for me. They realised that "witty" was working but leaned far too hard into sarcasm, we ended up with the dumpster fire that is Love & Thunder.

  3. Whedonification. You can't have a single dramatic beat without immediately following it up with someone making a lame quip that undercuts the moment. Also, merely referencing things people will remember or recognize without any other commentary is not good comedy, goddamit.

  4. I used to enjoy the comedy in the MCU. Then it got to be just so, so bad. Like they had to insert a joke every 30 seconds and it just has ruined what was once good. Phase 1 of the MCU was funny, but it was sprinkled here and there and it worked. Now it's bad.

  5. The disparity in volume, explosions are so loud that they hurt and conversations are whispers... I stopped going to the cinema and started waiting for them to be available at any streaming service so I can turn it down or up and so I can enjoy it.

  6. Well, for me it sucks if you watch it at home as well. I live in an apartment building and if I decide to watch a movie around midnight, I have to be frikin Clint Eastwood with the remote around here, or else I'll wake up the neighbors because of some random jumpscare or explosion in the movie.

  7. Funny, I go to the cinema because I don't have to care about the volume being too loud there. A loud movie explosion in the cinema doesn't bother me nearly as much it does in my living room.

  8. YES. Why have they decided that whispering and mumbling is cool? Screens also tend to be really fucking dark, so I can't even read their lips. What the fuck?

  9. Some say this is a result of streaming platforms... People used to be able to take risks on movie making because if they didn't do well in theatrical release, there was still a chance for it to become a cult classic and make money with DVD sales down the road... That is no longer an option because everything is streamed for free so now making a movie that doesn't immediately appeal to a large audience is a bad investment.

  10. Im also tired of big name actors beong shoved in pur faces to get us to pay to see them. Not just leads but nowadays its like every movie has a stacked cast list simply for appeals sake. Id get it if they were genuinely best for the role but more often than not its basically jist a cameo.

  11. Not just movies but TV shows - they take a book that's got great reviews, make a poor job of translating it on screen and then flip the ending so its the opposite of what happened in the book. Proceeds to blame the audience when they pan it for being crap.

  12. Back to movies though, your comment made me remember I Am Legend. What you described is exactly what happened to that movie. What an incredible book, that the writers totally fucked up. It's like they thought the definition of legend was "cool". They made I Am Cool and dropped the entire premise of how he became the legend/monster the vampires feared.

  13. I don’t understand why so many book adaptations have failed. All you need to do is read the damn book. Why is that so fucking hard?

  14. The sound mixing. Turn up the volume to hear the dialogue and suddenly you have damaged ear drums because there was an explosion. It's insane. Looking at you Nolan.

  15. Not just that, the amount and volume of music is getting pretty bad. Iconic movie themes are iconic because they come in at very integral parts. Some movies these days have such constant music that it's hard sometimes to even hear the dialogue at times.

  16. I tend to watch most movies with the subtitles on just to catch all the dialogue...it's surprising what you miss in a background mumble 😀

  17. Yes! I recently started watching some horror movies and I have to max my volume just about to hear the words then a small door shutting is ear drum busting. I tried running closed captioning but then sometimes you get to know what is coming up because of it.

  18. How dark they are. Like literally dark. It's difficult to see what's going on, especially for those of us with vision problems.

  19. Watching Game of Dragons or whatever this season and I was like no one owns a single candle? Every outside scene was at night. Why? I'm sure I would have loved the show if I could have seen what was happening

  20. Yes this is a good observation, it left enough to the imagination to leave you feeling uneasy and wanting more, but not too much that it feels like it needs to explain it to you like you’re 9

  21. People really need to learn that some questions shouldn't be answered in stories, because no matter what the answer is it will never be as good to you as what you yourself imagined to be the case. People don't like not being told everything, though, and that's why we have what's his shit the android making the xenomorphs out of goo or whatever.

  22. Trailers. They're always about 4 minutes long, give away the entire plot, show all the best scenes and jokes and basically ruin the movie before you've even watched it.

  23. I watch a lot of movies, and I think this is actually the 'right' answer. I'm not sure what changed in trailer editing between the 90s and now, but somewhere along the line we went from 'get people excited to see the movie' to 'show people the cliffnotes and see if they want to watch the entire thing'.

  24. The overuse of cover songs. Recently been a lot of classic rock songs covered by an artist who recorded a slowed version of it.

  25. This has been bugging me lately. They do it in commercials too. The cover is slowed way down with a melancholic, reverb-heavy voice. Extra points if you take a classic "happy" song and add minor chords to it so it sounds threatening.

  26. When they aren’t “new” but an unnecessary sequel to something from 30 years ago, or a sequel to a movie that had a definitive ending and never needed a sequel. I’m looking at you, A Christmas Story Christmas.

  27. I rewatched the original Jurassic Park with the Mrs the other night. As much as I enjoyed the 2 direct sequels at the time it’s a movie that stands on its own. I didn’t need 5 sequels over 30 years and certainly not in the direction the latest ones have gone in.

  28. Meh, A Christmas Story Christmas was relatively harmless, and certainly far better than A Christmas Story 2 which was the sequel everybody forgot about because it never deserved to exist.

  29. Whenever a director like Scorsece or Tarantino shits on the MCU not being true art, they get flack for it. But they're right. It's not art. It's mass produced content from a factory that's been means-tested to death.

  30. This! This pisses me off soo much. Sometimes you can already see while watching a movie how the board members sit down at a table and discuss a checklist of things the movie needs based on their market research documents.. they look at other movies and say "we need that because people liked it" and then try to make a coherent story and plot out of several pieces of other movies and shows, that totally don't fit together like, AT ALL.

  31. So many movies today are the exact same movie, just with different visuals. It's like when 10 different students turn in the exact same essay, just with a few words replaced.

  32. I've been watching lots of older films & have been disappointed that many movies I've enjoyed from the 80s-now were actually reboots of movies from the 40s-70s. So rebootmania has been going on longer than WrestleMania.

  33. agreed! especially with the dialogue. Not a movie but I am trying to watch the new 'Wednesday" Netflix show and I feel like I could predict everything that was going to be said. It's like they wrote it out of an emo myspace journal entry.

  34. Token characters whose only purpose is representation. I’m all for having a diverse cast or even a cast where I’m not represented at all. I’m 100% down for that. But I loathe when a character represents a demographic solely for the sake of representation and offers nothing to the narrative.

  35. I feel like he star wars reboot trilogy was probably the all time worst example of this. How are you going to spend $4 Billion for rights and $200+M for each film, and not even storyboard out the trilogy ahead of time?

  36. The colour palettes of the nowadays movies. Either they have to be way too colorful which destroys the atmosphere of the movie's plot (sometimes improves it too ngl but that's just a small fraction) or maybe just way too dark which sometimes is just hard to watch and make out what's happening with the scene itself. Perfect example being most of the nowadays Netflix shows and movies, you won't make half of the scenes until the brightness is throttled all the way up to sun in your monitor. Lazy acting on their behalf for sure.

  37. Just because something was a good choice or controversial but successful thing in a film doesn't mean every other network needs to copy it. Really need to stray away from this formulative bullshit.

  38. I'm still annoyed that "strong sexual content" was just some damp bird's soggy bush. Del Toro knew DAMN WELL that everyone who walked in that theatre wanted to see the fish man hang dong!

  39. Besides other already mentioned pissy things, i really hate that movies still use the "I have something to explain to you which would solve this whole conflict but you won't let me talk [or some other shit] so i won't".

  40. Yep, the "wait, I can explain!" plot. Could be easily resolved with a text message, but instead the guy spends the rest of the movie working on grand gestures to win her back without ever even explaining the original misunderstanding.

  41. I don't mind when a lack of communication is the core of conflict, becuase a huge portion of real conflict comes down to that... but you gotta make it believable."

  42. The art of storytelling is gone, its all metrics and bullshit and hyper targeting audiences. How they are made pisses me off the most. Total lack of original anything as well because metrics tell them a sequel #8 is better.

  43. Fight and Action scenes. It took weeks of training back in the days just to get one shot. You cannot fix that with 4 cuts per second. Bad Exampe: Taken 3, Good Example: Creed or John Wick

  44. That instead of actually making gay characters that are legitimately good, and have purpose in the narrative, they just make being gay that character's entire thing. Like: "Hey look at how gay this person is. We aren't homophobic at all" This is gonna sound awful, but no representation is better than shitty representation. Just talk to a gay guy, if you need information. I'm sure you'll get a lot of insight, and it'll make what you're working on even better.

  45. Oh yeah, this kind of thing is a pet peeve of mine. It's such a shame that a lot of representation (not just gay but minorities as well) tends to mostly just be virtue signaling these days. I actually love to see really well realized characters that share different cultures, sexualities, points of view, etc as me. I think it's cool to learn about different things like that through movies. But when it's just "the gay character" or whatever all you're getting are stereotypes. It's really obvious someone is just checking off diversity boxes and it kind of takes me out of the movie. At least a few movies do actually try though.

  46. I loved that in "The Wire". There are several gay characters and for one of them the only way we know is because he is in a 2 second shot hanging out in a gay bar. Because he can be gay and not have it be his entire personality.

  47. They really do make them gay being their when personality and character arc as such and it's annoying. I call it tokenism rather than representation. I see a fellow brown person, and they are always Muslim and there will be jokes about pork, alcohol, and praying.

  48. This is a huge gripe I have with movies and tv as well. Every gay character ends up with a storyline of them being gay and facing adversity/homophobia. There’s no leeway either, it always happens. Or they’re just full of stereotypes like having a straight girl best friend or constantly terms like “girl” or “slay”

  49. And the cliche were closeted/people who don’t really know they’re gay character, they’re relationship always has to be born from an affair with a straight person. E.g the girl from atypical and her girlfriend started dating before she broke things off with her current boyfriend

  50. That most of them are the same and it's like seeing the same movie hundreds of times: same story/themes, predictable from the start, same cliches, same forced narratives because it's trendy or worked for other movies.

  51. I miss practical effects and props because it forced people to shoot more in real locations. Kept movies feeling more "real" and grounded even with more fantastical setting. I think alot of 80s 90s movies and a perfect balance of practical and computer effects.

  52. I LOVE practical effects. Whenever there's something fantastical in film today, it's CGI. Older films had to use more ingenuity and creativity. I love trying to figure out how the "trick" was done. It's like watching a magic show.

  53. The CGI of action films have made them completely unrealistic. Look at the first Die Hard, when he ran through the room with all the broken glass in bare feet and dragged himself to the bathroom you could feel it. The last one is unwatchable because it’s so ridiculous, its one explosion after another with barely a scratch. I love action films but want some degree of realism.

  54. To your second point, they even remove the edges from their own remakes. Look at the new Pinocchio. The kids on Pleasure Island don't smoke cigars or drink beer. And Pinocchio doesn't succumb to the bad behaviour and stays "good" the whole way through. Like, way to miss the whole fucking point of your own movie, guys.

  55. To me, a multiverse implies lazy writing because it throws away the rules for everything when you can simply make a new ones in a new universe

  56. Strong female character with zero weaknesses, zero character growth, zero personality (other than taking no shit from men) and zero charisma.

  57. THIS! It drives me absolutely crazy (particularly the onslaught of DULL badly written superheroes). I grew up watching buffy and would kill for a ‘strong female character’ half as interesting and nuanced as her today.

  58. James Cameron has always known how to do this properly and realistically. Anyone who does this kind of movie needs to watch T2, The Abyss and Aliens first.

  59. A similar thing is where you have a smart character who can build high-tech gadgets or solve mysteries but the movie doesn't show the process. Tony Stark is the poster boy. Tony Stark is a "genius" only in the sense that he can go into his lab and later pop out with a nifty new gadget (that is basically magic to any actual engineer), but other than that he never says anything that shows him to be anything other than average intelligence.

  60. If you read about old hollywood, I'm currently mid way through a biography of Buster Keaton, you might be surprised how much of an issue this was even when filmmaking was barely 20 years old. They have always been completely influenced by corporate shit like sponsors studio execs, and people who just have no vision whatsoever. It's just that there just was a time where creativity could still shine through in spite of all of that.

  61. The shitty writing. Years of hollywood taking writers for granted has led to utter dog shit being passed off as cinema these days. Look no further than marvels phase 4. Marvel was never peak cinema, but it was at least entertaining and fun. Even Chris Hemsworth has come out saying it bad and that he won’t return as Thor without better writing for the character. Emily blunt said she stops reading scripts if the character is described as “strong powerful female” Because it says nothing about the character. It’s a shit writers buzzword/phrase to pander to Hollywood check lists. The shit writers in Hollywood aren’t “showing” us, they are “telling” us. And that just doesn’t work in good story telling.

  62. Very few original ideas and those that are just seem to suck. We need more movie adaptations of great books. It seems that book authors are still able to produce original content, but script/movie writers don't have this ability.

  63. I agree. I’m trying to watch less holleywood movies, and more movies from smaller directors for this exact reason. Every so often, I stumble upon a gem. Makes it worth going through a ton of meh movies.

  64. That it's somehow seen as avant garde to have your actors mumble. If I can't understand what they are saying I will lose interest. Also when an entire movie is too dark to see anything. Sure, there are times it needs to be dark for the plot, the time etc, but if I have to spend the whole flick squinting, I'm not going to enjoy it.

  65. How don't understand how Timothée Chalamet keeps getting roles with his whispering in everything he does.

  66. How preachy everything is. Don't get me wrong, messages can be important to story but it takes a skilled writer not to beat the audience over the head with it and there's just not a lot of skilled writers out there it seems.

  67. I absolutely love Alien for this reason. All matte paintings, miniatures, and actual sets. The only thing that dates the movie is all the cigarette smoking in space.

  68. Worst thing is lack of logic/realism. Inconsistencies within the world movie is in. Unrealistic physics. Awful stories, dumbass `funny` scenes that have nothing to do with the story. List goes on forever.

  69. I hate the new Disney films the animated characters made to look half real half not real and they’ve made them look the same, they should make a new movie but in the old style animation like a lady and the tramp animation(without the racism obviously)

  70. It’s weird because something like Toy Story 4 works so hard to make everything look so realistic. From character movement to small design details. God that one scene of the cat in the sunlight is so well detailed and amazing but then they actively make the human characters cartoonish and a bit off. It just feels odd that they decide to make everything hyper realistic but the humans and sticks out hard with the hyper realism. Either stick with the cartoony art style for humans and everything else or make everything hyper realistic.

  71. I hate Disney/Pixar's character designs now. All of them look the same, this weird cartoons look with super round and disproportionate heads and puppy dog eyes. I miss when Pixar movies had realistic designs even if it made it age more poorly.

  72. They should make films in that style but I doubt they will. They tried to bring back hand drawn animation with Princess and the Frog and Winnie the Pooh and no one went to see them. Meanwhile Tangled was making double that money. I hope they do bring it back because I feel like the kids and parents that are around now know better than the kids/parents from the 2000s/early 2010s. They felt that CGI was the new cool thing and hand drawn was old.

  73. It’s all reused garbage with scripts a five year old child could’ve written. Nothing new, nothing original, no risk taking. Just pump out a shitty remake or adapt some poor book/video game into a movie and ruin it for all of the fans. Everything is done according to a formula to try and make as much money as physically possible.

  74. That’s what ruined the Batman v Superman movie for me. I thought they were going to fight!

  75. and always showing every part of a woman's anatomy with lingering shots and the guy might as well be fully clothed for the amount of time he's on the screen

  76. The overreliance on cgi. It just looks too plastic. CGI should be used where it makes sense, not for the whole movie.

  77. I find it crazy how the CGI from Terminator 2 still holds up today because it was used sparingly and tastefully. Where as newer films look like a cheap video game.

  78. CGI has improved so much and I understand that they're probably now cheaper than shooting on location but my eyes get so tired when the entire movie uses CGI for all the outdoor landscape. If it's in a world that doesn't exist or like in space then yea sure, but if it's just a city or jungle or something like that it gets old real fast.

  79. Awful lighting, bad color grading, frequency of cuts, and why is every movie fucking 2 hours and 45 minutes now a days? Make movies an hour and a half again, obviously I know there are exceptions to everything I said, tons of new movies come out every year that kick ass but the big budget studio features just aren't doing it for me

  80. Could be fun to make satire out of the camera shit. Imagine two dudes getting into a slap fight. Camera starts going nuts. Camera operator falls on their back. The camera on their chest pointed at their feet while having a seizure. The guys wait for an ambulance before resuming their slap fight with a new camera operator.

  81. They keep remaking already successful movies and shows. I would be less irritated by it if they gave a box office bomb a redo to see if it could become a hit. But nope that's not what happens.

  82. I miss real sets on fantasy and sci-fi films. Not saying that CGI isn't great in it's own way, but I miss real tangible effects. Two of my favorite movies is the original Blade Runner and Alien; those were real sets with real props. To me it brings something that CGI doesn't fully capture. At the same time, when done right, is awesome as well. And I'm fully aware we're never going back to the good ol' days of big sets

  83. I appreciate that blanks are dangerous and make scenes with firearms harder to film, but no CGI firearm ever looks the same on film as a real firearm using real blanks to cycle the action.

  84. It’s just Marvel movies. I’m so freaking tired of regurgitated super hero formulas. Please god just give me one morsel more of original story. Everything, Everywhere, All at Once can only go so far.

  85. I just rewatched Men in Black for the first time in years and I was so impressed by how we got an entire intro to a world and a great story in 90 min. No drawn out pointless fight scenes either. Bring that back!

  86. This is by far my biggest gripe. I agree with many of the other comments, but no matter how unoriginal or poorly-made a 90 minute movie is, at least it doesn’t take up your entire fucking evening. I can’t go to the movies as a social event anymore since it takes AT LEAST 3 hours and it’s too late at night / everyone’s too tired to do anything after it’s over.

  87. Exactly, why does every movie nowadays have to last like 3 hours, it’s all so dragged out…I mean even all of the stupid comedy flicks are at least 2 hours long?

  88. The endless quips because they don't trust their audience to be invested unless there's a joke every three seconds, but all it does is undermine every single one of the characters and the gravity of the stakes.

  89. Kind of like the shitty Red Dawn remake. Originally (believable) china was gonna be the invading force. After china whined it became (very unbelievable) North Korea.

  90. I kinda aggree with this. In universe rule breaking is kinda a big deal. Just because it’s “fiction” does not mean “everything goes”. There is a reason rules exist in those universes, breaking should either not happen or be explained in a very plausible way.

  91. I actually disagree, to a point. Every time that Disney has tried to bring back popular characters, they've failed. But things like Rebels, Rogue One, Mandalorian, and Andor are all almost peak star wars for me

  92. Being 'meta'. Like the latest matrix movie. They make so many jokes about themselves and how stupid it is to make another sequel noone is waiting for and yet, here we are. I can't take the movie seriously from minute 1

  93. Hi-def has actually ruined a lot of films for me. I love the Marvel stuff for example, but in 4k sometimes it just looks like people running around in cosplay.

  94. No budget for spec scripts. Literally, I wrote a script, a development executive at a major studio loved it, we had multiple meetings, he tried to sell it in town, but said he couldn’t make it work bc “no one will give money for IP that isn’t an established franchise these days”. That’s why everything is a marvel movie or a sequel now. RIP original ideas unless you have connections to independent finance.

  95. TV shows are guilty of this too but the bad audio mixing drives me up a fucking wall. You know where the theme song or music are LOUD AS FUCK but then you can barely make out the dialogue at the same volume. That shit needs to stop.

  96. The quips. Not every movie needs a comic relief character to make little quips, nor for the heroes to be making jokes all the time at their misfortunes with little one-liners. Why cant people ever take their situations seriously?

  97. forced inclusiveness and actors who are poorly casted for particular roles just for the sake of popularity (movies made in a boardroom). Looking at you, Mario.

  98. I can’t remember the last time a Disney/Pixar animated movie had a VILLAIN. A real scene-stealing baddie with a great song who wants to take over the world with their henchmen. Now every kids movie, the real villain is “generational trauma” or a misunderstood outcast who just needs to be loved. It’s boring.

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