1. Any sudden one like Kobe Bryant and Paul walker, but imo Chris Cornell taking his own life came as a great shock to me. It never occurred to me that a man with such a successful and great music career could feel that way in his 50s

  2. I was not expecting David Bowie. He died like the same day as an album release and didn’t tell the world he was sick. I named my cat Bowie that year.

  3. There was quite a funny misunderstanding on the British version of Big Brother. They had on Angela Bowie and David Guest. David Guest got the flu and laid down. Then David Bowie died and they called Angela into the diary room and told her. She came back out and told everyone David had died, but they all thought she meant David Guest. They checked on him and he was very much alive and they didn't appreciate her sick joke. David might have enjoyed all that back and forth

  4. I recently decided to give King of the Hill a rewatch and realized that Brittany Murphy voices Luanne. Was a nice moment of remembrance once I noticed. Loved her as an actress.

  5. A person I know used to hold auditions for the Non-Equity(union) Theatre Company in NYC when it existed. Getting in was a big career maker. So, he was walking into the audition room, walking past all of these actors ready for the audition. They're all very clean cut. Black tees and jeans. Except one kid-- looks like he hasn't slept in 3 days, his jeans are ripped. Not in the fashionable way, like they got caught on a nail or something. He thought to himself upon seeing him in the waiting room "I hope he's good, because he sure is interesting". Shitty actor after shifty actor auditions. Until this one kid. That interesting, strikingly blonde kid. That was Phillip Seymour Hoffman. He knew what he was doing, backwards, forwards, and in 25 different languages (not really, but he was just super fucking good). He credited this person I know for starting his career. He says that anybody with half a brain would have accepted PSH. After his death, he knew why he looked the way he did. That was such a cool story-- him just being some disheveled mad genius, but it turns out he was just coming down off heroin.

  6. Remember kids, if you are a long time drug user who got clean and end up relapsing, your body can’t handle the size of the does you took before getting sober. That’s how you OD.

  7. I remember when 8 Simple Rules aired that episode where he died. Such a sad episode. I was much younger at that time and it was so hard to recover from.

  8. We had tickets to see our first Foo Fighters show last summer. My husband and I decided to go because we’d heard over and over again that they were amazing live…

  9. Same. Such a funny, genuine, sweetheart of a man. I am happy that he was having such a bright time in his career and frankly that a tiny gay kid from Tennessee made it big. He deserved it.

  10. I was shocked and saddened for days after, I've never felt that for a celeb before. He just had that presence 😭

  11. Phil Hartman, a little further back. At the time, I was a tremendous fan and found it difficult to accept the news. Hell, that still makes me so depressed.

  12. Hi I'm Troy McClure and you might remember me from such self-help films as, "Smoke Yourself Thin" and "Get Confident Stupid."

  13. We were robbed of a great talent. He was primed to be Zapp Branigan, too. Just imagine how great that would have been. Billy West did a great job in place of him, but that character was written for Phil.

  14. This is the only celebrity death where I actually gasped and felt my stomach drop. It was just so unexpected since he seemed healthy and young.

  15. I as never a fan of Glee or Naya Rivera, but the way she died is so beyond tragic. Making the ultimate sacrifice to save her little boy...Hers is one of the few celebrity deaths that has stayed with me.

  16. I was glued to the TV and internet that day. I held out so much hope even though I knew from the time it was announced that she was missing what the end result would be.

  17. Her being missing was so surreal. I was getting updates constantly. I was devastated when the news broke that she passed. So so sad.

  18. God this hit me. I was always a glee fan and a big Santana fan overall. Her death came absolutely out of the blue and I don't think I'll ever fully get over it. Imagine how her own family and friends must feel. It was so tragic the way she was taken away from the world...

  19. Chadwick Boseman. Was going on about my life and saw an article that he had passed due to cancer. I was starstruck. I was like what? He had cancer? He DIED? Probably one of the most confused times of my life. Rip Chadwick. And the poor man was receiving criticism in the near last few times of his life due to how skinny he was. What a cruel world at times…

  20. Friendly reminder to all: there are cheap and easy ways to get screened for colon cancer. Ask your PCP about FIT testing and be aware of your colon health. Colorectal cancer is one of the top beatable cancers if caught early.

  21. The fact that he had cystic fibrosis too for some reason makes it so much sadder, even though it wasn’t connected to his death. Life really fricked this man.

  22. Yes, that one hit me particularly hard. I thought the Star Trek reboot was the best Star Trek movie particularly in that the cast perfectly captured the younger versions of all the main characters in the original series. Yelchin was perfectly cast and I was so looking forward to more.

  23. I came here to say this. I was a massive fan of his and still am. I went to search him up to see if he had any more movies out and it was announced that he had just died. I really thought that it was a hoax.

  24. Fuckin brain aneurysms…can happen to anyone, out of the blue, for absolutely no reason other than simply existing.

  25. the whole skit that i can't reference because it'll get you put on a watchlist and instantly banned from reddit was the funniest shit ever

  26. Yup exactly. It was just super unexpected because they had just started making a comeback after a few years of not doing anything and then suddenly he's gone

  27. This one was definitely wild. Like anything accidental is always shocking. The suicide ones are also shocking but like at least someone saw it coming. Trevor, Kobe, Sophie, Michael Schumacher (kinda, he’s still technically alive) those were just outta left field.

  28. Remember bingeing WKUK clips on YouTube with my best friend when I was a kid. Definitely had a big impact on my humor growing up, and remembering to never take life or myself too seriously.

  29. In recent memory, Helen Mccrory. I'm a big peaky blinders fan and it was shocking how she died within the filming period before season 6 released. She wasnt very old at all rip.

  30. The fact that he shot her while she was going to hug him just haunts me. Absolutely senseless. I feel terrible for her brother that was there and had to witness it all.

  31. 4 or 5 years ago, I found this song called Just a Dream in a Nightcore play list, and it was a great reinterpretation of Nellie song. So I search out the original source, and it's fantastic. Kurt made a great arrangement, this Sam Tsui has a great voice, but I really want to hear some more stuff by this Christina Grimme kid...

  32. When i read he stabbed himself with a wine bottle he broke, i cried for hours. I was never a huge fan, but i know that level of loneliness and sadness. That just broke me for some reason even though I never was super into his music. It's just so sad :(

  33. Actually it’s worse. He died in January 2008. The Dark Knight didn’t come out in theaters till July. He never got to see how well received he was as the Joker.

  34. He was also in the middle of filming one of my favorites of his; The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus. They ended up changing the film around because he was one of the main characters.

  35. I think this is especially true for the younger crowd. When child stars die the whole target audience, many of whom haven’t had to deal with death yet, mourns a kid.

  36. I know he was sick, but Alex Trebek. Really sucked. I kind of thought he would just live forever. And watching the last episodes where he would be tearing up at the thought of having to leave the show really got me in the feels.

  37. This was the one that got me the most. He started off slaving in the kitchen to being able to travel the world and eat food and talk about life with people while being paid well to do it. At the same time, you realize how lonely it must've been for him to be away from the people he loved the most. He was by no means a saint either and I recommend anyone to watch the documentary that was made on him.

  38. He’s the only celebrity I’ve ever cried over. I was pretty sad about Art Bell and (going back further) Joe Strummer, but when I woke up and saw the AP alert my first thought was “Man, whoever accidentally sent this out is going to be fired as fuck.”

  39. I remember waking up, opening reddit and reading that Robin Williams had commited suicide. I had to scratch my eyes to make sure I read that right.

  40. Yeah, and I go back to the days when he came on the scene as Mork. I had never seen such a naturally uninhibited actor on TV. I was in the press box at a minor league baseball game when someone came in and said "Robin Williams dies". It didn't even register to me that it was the actor. I figured it was some guy I didn't know. It took me a while to comprehend.

  41. i couldn’t believe it when i read she had died. i was so sad. i loved the cranberries as a kid. i think it was the first band i ever loved.

  42. Selena Quintanilla Pérez. Before her murder, she got real famous in the states for "dreaming of you". I bought the CD, playing it over and over, singing and dancing along. Her music made me sooo happy. Afterwards, I would still listen, but would just cry endlessly. I never wanted vengence on a person like I did with Yolanda. I was only 11 or 12.

  43. I haven't watched a second of his shows since he died. It went from bringing me so much comfort and hope to being quite literally the opposite.

  44. “I should’ve died in my 20s. I became successful in my 40s. I became a dad in my 50s. I feel like I’ve stolen a car – a really nice car – and I keep looking in the rearview mirror for flashing lights.” - Anthony Bourdain

  45. Worst part about Selena is if the shot was a few millimetres off, they could’ve saved her. Truly senseless bloodshed. I miss her.

  46. I was working at a radio station in El Paso when Selena was killed. We didn't play her music yet (as we weren't a Spanish station) but she was huge in the community. Everyone was in shock.

  47. I remember it so clearly. I worked nights at the time and right before I went to work, I saw the news bulletin that she'd been in a serious car accident, but the initial report was that she'd been injured and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed had been killed. I got out of work shortly after 4am, stopped a local convenience store to buy snacks and a newspaper like I did most days when I finished work back then and I saw the headline in huge black letters "DIANA DIES IN CRASH". I was absolutely stunned.

  48. Kurt Cobain. I knew he was a drug addict, hated fame and was depressed but being a middle school kid, I didn’t really understand all that. I was a huge fan so it was a massive shock and my first experience w grief really.

  49. Definitely was one of those figures you kind of just expect to always be there for your lifetime, and to have him just gone so suddenly and violently, no build up of disease or anything like that, and Gigi gone with him….it was just so sudden and out of left field.

  50. His death was one of those that was shocking even for people who didn’t give a shit about sports. Like even my mom and sister were in shock about it even though they don’t watch basketball. Shows how much impact that man had in American culture

  51. Those of you saying that JDF just "played" Tommy Oliver, you don't get that in real life, this guy was a very advanced martial artist and invented his own style later on in life, and in 2010 was professional for a time, set a world record for board breaks in one kick (I think?) and lived a fairly clean life? Yeah the idea of Power Rangers is always a great inspiration, but he inspired far more outside the role because he backed it up with his own skills and always encouraged people to not give up, to get up and try again. He was the inspiration for my two and a half years of Tae Kwon Do several years ago. He inspired millions, and was genuinely a nice guy.

  52. How true his circle must have been to him that not even a RUMOR leaked about his illness. Nothing. People made fun of his being thin toward the end, but I don't remember even hearing speculation that he was sick.

  53. He immediately came to mind. He was only 43, and we all thought he was in good health. And then boom- gone.

  54. When I first saw the reddit post title, I thought "someone with the same name as black panther died?"

  55. I think about this one a lot. Because she was up and talking and called her husband and said, “I’ve bumped my noggin and I’m going in to hospital so they can have a look.” And the next thing is the family being called in to say goodbye to her while she is completely unconscious.

  56. I went to a pre premier showing of a movie he was in when I was 16 during the early 2010’s. At the after party I was ordering a shirley temple and ran into him at the bar. He was wearing cowboy boots, hat and a bolo tie with a Texas clasp. I’m also an overly the top proud Texan and struck up conversation and he talked to me for about 45 minutes. I didn’t realize until years later how much that spoke of his character that he gave some kid the time of day and was so kind. His death still breaks my heart.

  57. Even his close friends/Black Panther co-stars thought it was a prank at first. Letitia Wright did an interview earlier this month about how she just kept calling his phone over and over when she first heard the news, and it broke my heart.

  58. I guess Brandon Lee for me. I remember I was fucking around in the house making something to eat with MTV on in the back ground. And MTV news came on to tell us all he was dead. It was mad. His star was just rising. He was starting to move out from under his fathers shadow. But instead, he left a legacy similar to his father.

  59. I think Brandon Lee would've had a career similar to Keanu Reeves, I could even see them co-starring in movies together.

  60. This one hit me really hard. She’d just done a press tour for Star Wars in Europe so we went from watching her on a talk show to her dying. Her poor daughter didn’t deserve the week she had

  61. Bro, too far down for the villain. Still hurts me to this day, so much on the vault we'll probably never get, and his life was pretty rough to begin with.

  62. My dream since I was like 15 was to see norm live. Imagine my surprise last year when I innocently checked my phone after one of my classes to see, “SNL alum Norm Macdonald dead at 61.” Fucked my day up. RIP to the old hunk of coal.

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